Reviews for I See Dead People
lola-cullen-salvatore chapter 28 . 6/10
I loved this story. It was funny and perfect.
Roxanne Le Fay chapter 28 . 5/23
Foi uma linda história, obrigada por escreve-la.
landapanda chapter 28 . 5/19
Wonderful story! I love how you had their relationship develop naturally, didn't have them fall in love at first sight, even though they were definitely drawn to each other. They were pulled to each other and fell in love pretty quickly, but they still didn't know each other. That's a healthy stage in a relationship and I was thrilled you included it.

I love the humor you seemingly effortlessly weave into the story, it makes it such a joy to read.

I also liked Bella's gift! I get the whole shield thing, but honestly it gets boring to read about the same gift every time, it was extremely refreshing to read about a different, well thought-out gift that fits your rendition of Bella so well.

I also thoroughly loved all the subtle, and not so subtle, references to Spuffy. They pretty much made my week, likely my whole month.

Love the story, thanks for writing, and sharing, it!
landapanda chapter 20 . 5/18
Another lovely chapter. The knife seems much more logical than pretty much all of Breaking Dawn, that book was hard to swallow.
Vwchick chapter 6 . 5/18
I love this story! I'm rereading it- again- from my Favs list! But I as much as I adore you for your fabulously written stories... I am So Annoyed that, that Stupid song is in my head! I unfortunately am one of those people who have heard that song before! You are such an evil genius! Lol!
landapanda chapter 16 . 5/18
Long live the Spuffy! Spuff's what got me into fan fiction as well. :)

I love your pacing, you tell us he story, making sure it isn't rushed but also doesn't drag. That's a difficult balance but you've hit it right on. This story is still at least 1000x better than canon. :)
landapanda chapter 1 . 5/17
Oh my gosh! This is already 1,000x better than canon!
derderxp2 chapter 28 . 4/26
So beautifully wtitten! Thank you for sharing
sailorgloom chapter 28 . 4/23
I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO START THIS REVIEW BECAUSE THERE'S SO MUCH TO SAY. GIRL. THIS IS AMAZING. I See Dead People is currently tied or slightly ahead of my favorite Jasper/Bella fic and I can't believe I hadn't come across it before! I only looked for new Jasper Bella fics to help me ignore my own writer's block and wound up settling in for two days to read this. You are fantastically talented and I can't wait to read your other fics! Seriously, superb work!
angelaroberts202 chapter 11 . 4/18
This chapter tho!
angelaroberts202 chapter 10 . 4/18
Nothing weird or emotional happens to me before during or after my period. Maybe it's just me, but I don't understand why everyone pretends that it's a fact.
angelaroberts202 chapter 3 . 4/18
Her grandma is starting to annoy me already. Is she going to be there he whole story just running her mouth?
Pathatlon chapter 28 . 4/9
Awww... Loved it. Thanks :D
Pathatlon chapter 27 . 4/9
Pathatlon chapter 22 . 4/8
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