Reviews for I See Dead People
TheArcherInTheDark chapter 3 . 8/23
Hi! Love your story so far, it was recommended by GeeerWench on ao3. About the venom, in the books it can be sucked out again before the process begins, but that doesnt seem to be widely acknowledged in the books. I like your concept though, I've thought about it too, as it could allow the vampire to feed without killing or turning the person. Again, love your story and I very much like that you decided to leave the wolves out of it, as the triangle is horrible in the canon story. Thank you for writing! :D
LittleMeowMoo chapter 20 . 7/15
Really nice little story, especially loved your Emmett. But unfortunately, I'm going to stop here (admittedly halfway through this chapter actually...), it just doesn't seem to be going anywhere and even though I'm enjoying the interactions, I've gotten bored x.x
Sorry !
kaitlin2515 chapter 19 . 6/15
I think the phrase you're looking for is, 'Rather the Devil you know than the Devil you don't.'
skyeza chapter 28 . 6/12
This was bloody beautiful. I truly enjoyed reading this, I really loved Rose and Emmy here. Jas was just perfect. Excellent read, amazingly done
Guest chapter 28 . 6/1
Lordy lord that was fantastic
diamondkitty chapter 10 . 5/26
I hope that you're still around! This is such a good story so far, and the authors note at the end had me cracking up. "Say it."! Hahhahahahaa
Ahyah chapter 28 . 5/15
An enjoyable read
OveractiveImagination5290 chapter 28 . 4/19
I liked this story a lot. It was a very good read and I enjoyed how you wrote each of the characters.
bookslover93 chapter 28 . 3/31
Tnis story was so well writeen, I absolutely adored it!
Bellaria chapter 28 . 3/20
Oh my god, at first I wasn't sure and then I was amazed, wonderful, I loved Nan and Bella and the evolved gift.

Talent and good plot.
Sinvisigoth chapter 6 . 3/19
Ahhhhhh um humina humina this is so damn good I may have forgotten how to sentence.
Mari Wollsch chapter 28 . 3/15
great xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mari Wollsch chapter 12 . 3/14
great, will she ever tell how she new about vampres? it would be intresting because it sounds as if jasper saved nan
kat chapter 16 . 3/11
hells yeah spuffy forever! one of my all time favorite pairings, too!
futurecullen26 chapter 28 . 3/4
I absolutely adored this story :)
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