Reviews for Lighthouse of My Soul
Debbie Hicks chapter 1 . 10/20/2014
Chapter 2
I met a man far more stronger he did something to me suddenly but Violently KILLED Me! Right into my heart by Ripping myself Alive! then suddenly violently Torn me into pieces all of it like a LYCAN! My parents found my brother's torn remains but were Attacked but suddenly Died here I brought them here he and myself with my family is into heaven but entered Heaven by mistake but CRACK! Broken free so fee at last peace but the bodies each both trapped here with my family reunited at long last with murdered families the more they came heaviest we gotten were a lot of deceased souls from Earth but craked open but everything's different now on Earth the plice found remains but arrested him killing and manslaughter was dead by injection it was Horrible but cruel but God made us Salmon members his Agents his Warriors and his more Powerful but strongest Weapons to against made us and made us his very strongest but gifted but all of them he created a town like our own town with things to rest eternally forever as Wanderers very Special Lindsey you have a mission wear this it was as all of killed as very way tribazillions or more monstrous and more massive as all of them then all of the friends deceased but murdered by the same then it had a Name it was Known as Judgement City but all of the sudden from the bodysuit we wore with them were the same eep I am glowing so are us I have a new mission To our race and Heaven what are you doing her we are Katras don't be frightenwed Lindsey you were Raped and killed it is your brooch my war brooch scream out Earth CRYSTAL POWER MAKE-UP! Then it hit me in the face socked like a wrestler EARTH CRYSTAL POWER MAKE-UP! My own trilling but meldious voice roared out and screamed loudest then my sister Screamed SUN CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE_UP! Suddenly I transformed into a gallant but fierce warrior Violently grabbed my planetary stick and burned into flames and gotten so hot and formed by battle uniform tiara white battlesuit and long flowing gloves and earrings onto my ears and I fiercely made my Intro speech I am the pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit of PLANT LIFE AND GROWTH In the name of the Moon KINGDOM I RIGHT Wrongs and triumph over Evil that's means YOU SUPER SAILKOR EARTH HAS ARRIVED! so goes for me I am the pretty guardian in the sailor suit of HEAT AND SUNLIGHT In the name of the Moon KINGDOM I Will Right Wrong and Triumph over that Mean's YOU I Am Super Sailor SUN Walks with a SHINING LIGHT! What is the Moon Kingdom then all of the sudden Judgement City spread like craziest could not stop spreading with more killed people I became a Guardian of Death like a Anime I'm obsessed with the paranormal since but all of the sudden all of the deceased wanted Vengeance jchosen us to t be what HELL GIRLS and Servants First I have created a webpage with a flair but Ghoulish it was known as the Afterlife Times from Beetlejuice first purge myself my eyes turned a unholiest Crimson after my murder to avenge murderers like Ai Enna Sis what Cool so my eyes too it is happening Who are you I have brought you girls you young people here you died of murder are know as the Angels of death in her manga is Guardians of Death what is it Lindsey you can see death coming what it I have a bad feeling it is coming I spoke but gasped from the brand new movie Volturi they are coming via feet lots of feet declaring in their voices it is bad girls very bad it is terrible to have visions I am Psychic but we must aid them in need of a grave crisis your hair is Shorn but freshly after your death you have very strong but more powerful ESP Visions she is what Psychic have as more books Alice Cullen she is a Vampire the murder has caused her to lose her memories but gained a gift violently has her vision like her but sees future events it is your curse God violently but bit you all of you you cannot return you are undead but became Immortal your blood faded away look your eyes turn a Shocking Golden my eyes so us then they reacted to the sunlight with myself gave up one airless gust air suddenly Hissed very furious but vicious like a very whopping but wallop but good sized but perfectly as all now as a Army of Carnivorous vampires were viciously baring our unification of fangs were into cloak but Exploding like a supernova then the humans fled screaming of our paler skins Golden eyes soul energy I must feed but violently drain like a Succbus oh my god we have become Creatures of the night I taught God to be the first Vampire to create his race of Vampires some as all of them are Werewolves but as very many more you created covens they created Packs Daughter we died yes but Lindsey Salmon is gifted in future sight and events Mom watch it dear testing my hunting skills and to get more members Dad we created our meet your adopted son dead of cancer his girlfriend is with him oh my god Lindsey yes Henry I die of hanging eep I gulped we are mates I blinked yes Henry Susan took a mate he is 16 but he is 15 then screams roared Vampires Shimnas cold ones ancient ones Immortals Momma mia T'Pran Strom it is us creating a Army oh man you created a Army us but we are undead with a Soul first hunt Animals then they were terrified what the blood gotten transferred to us then I felt blood dropping one student screamed fled to tell the nurse was terrified of our cold but hardest but stoniest but marble he transformed us into his daywalkers first but burst outside but the bodies vanished it's your mission To save heaven is grave danger but in terrible trouble that our real mission Started here but caused a lot of trouble with humans the young Vulcan female suddenly flipped a few more pages it says there Vampire women can't have kids Vampire men do produce deadlest toxic semen and sperm Henry took notes and he could her terrified voices via his brain was telepathic guarded T'Vel was a child young man yes sir you have voices in your head like what this Edward Masen Cullen he read born 1901 changed in 1918 bitten by Dr Carlisle Cullen he became smart but and serious but studious like a genius jumped three quarts of his IQ was smarter by now that was it he sent us on a serius job to guard the students from danger where are it says there Forks, Washington but we died but resurrected as the first vampire guardian of death then all of the sudden hey you folks you living on the wall watch it Garrett oh no it sent us on Earth how so undead for the rest of my life I held my breath in front of him jeez look we are lost but yes we got trouble I stepped out in my clothes so graceful but elegantly strong then spoke coldly to them lets go team yes sis I will I cleared my throat sharply but I am a Angel of death and Harry Clearwater have a fatal heart trouble he is dying but I have news to bring you a very terrible warning Heaven is more crowded again we are in grave danger I spoke gravely but sorrowful in my voice trilling like singing birds I rolled my Golden eyes the name is Lindsey I died of murder but killed but God just bit me he is my creator but my sire turn us into crap Vampires then The woman sighted me my hair she looks my deceased sister are you Alice Cullen am I not my elegantly but upswept eyebrows were arched in a fashion but myself wore new clothes I can't eat food it is blood transferred by gift it is future events and ourselves in control but tamed forced to obey the law it was true we became witnesses of the Cullens with them then all the sudden Then spread my glorious wings they are holographic oh my god she is a Angel of death warned us had both linked visions looked like Vulcan and T'Khut then suddenly a death of their father a phasing erupted of both then I began singing from the 1968 film in a amazing but glorious voice hang to me Yeow I don't have wings Garreti you sound like Jen me yes siree I do loved movies all of them of course not you are a boy I used Kira's voice lines from the Dark Crystal hang on folks Angel or BUST! ten nine eight seven six five four three two one planet falling we made elegant orbiting downwards like a Starship heading to Vulcan their planet then landed here I was right I got those stinkin' gift and It drove me nuts Sensing like one.
Searching For Wonderland chapter 1 . 1/2/2013
This was absolutely beautiful! Words cannot describe how emotionally breath-taking this one-shot was. I’m assuming it’s a one shot but if it isn’t, then you must continue it! Anyways back to the reviewing, not only was this extremely in character but it was amazingly haunting. I was left…my goodness…I was left speechless almost! This is beautiful and I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful a writer you are! Keep up the great work – I loved reading this! This was astounding for lack of a better word! This was a beauty – great job! :-)