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SakuraLuck chapter 12 . 10/30
does harry know?
SakuraLuck chapter 2 . 10/30
why are there negative numbers in the money for potter's?
Samira Vongola chapter 13 . 10/25
I expect updates soon
Christine C chapter 13 . 10/1
please, continue!
Quasipsychotic chapter 13 . 8/12
Um I liked where you were going at first but that last Hermione one was too out there, if you get what I mean. The ideas are individually interesting and all but combine too many together without much prelude causes dissonance in the whole story flow...
Guest chapter 13 . 6/26
OMFG I HOPE THEY CA-NOODLE AND FALL IN LOVE AND DO ALL DEM SPICY THINGS! X3 I love this filler :3 It's updating us about my two favorite people's relationship right now and I think it's really sweet that Harrison refuses to keep anything from his mate except the thing he absolutely CANNOT deal with. I cant wait to find out about it though! X3 Please do continue to update :3 This book is amazing so far and I just completely ADORE the plot and character depictions. (/\) (I wuv dem so damn much... ). I have to say, I was a little disappointed that this chapter and the last weren't as long as I expected but thats just me being disappointed because of me pushing expectations onto you which isnt really fair. :/ Every writer has their own process and progression time so it isnt fair to compare your chapter lengths to anothers when you probably wrote yours in a week because you wanted us to at least get a little while those people probably took a MONTH a chapter. I much more prefer your way. :3 I hope you update soon and I'll be sending you recommendations whenever you ask, whenever you dont ask, and maybe when you are just sick of me and block me :3 Honestly, id probably find some elaborate way to recommend things to you still. :P Thank you for yet another fantastic read and hopefully happy writing! ;3

A fascinated reader that has just been completely eraptured in your writing skills and technique,
Name Xxxx
Guest chapter 12 . 6/26
I hope your grades get better! :) The chapter was fantastic and I cant wait for Hermione to KICK SOME DESERVING ASS. X3 It's going to be so much fun! I can't wait! I hope you update this story soon (I can see this book on has one more chapter left for me to read so im hoping for you to update eith more tantalizing chapters ;3 ) and I hope ill be able to remember the names of the books ive been trying to recommend to you! ;P I'll find them soon, I promise. :3
Guest chapter 11 . 6/26
Ill recommend some really good redo fics with Harry being flipping fabulous and learning new stuff. :3
Guest chapter 10 . 6/26
Theres one about Harry being an elf with two mates (aka Forge and Gred ;) ) but he believes they dont love him more than a brother-like figure and so he chances dying from heartbreak but then Ginny, Hermione, and Ron decide to be bitches and ruin the small happiness the twins and Harry have established away from the Weasley family (because the trio decided to run away from the Order who doesnt care about Harry's emotional health and just are focusing on how to manipulate his new abilities to their attempt to win the war) by getting Voldemort to kidnap the twins and Harry ends up going berserk and all loco on everyone. It's a fantastic read although I can't remember it's title (which ill get back to you on) but unfinished (frustratingly so because Harry just went all BADASS and in Voldy's grill x3 ). Its malexmalexmale so not the femxmalexmale you recommended but it's still really moving, the emotions the put into the story come alive, and the characters really invigorate you to either want to hug them into oblivion for being so darn cute yet stupid or strangling those who are trying to mess up the cute moments. X3 I'll get back to you about the title and author. :3 Thanks for yet another FANTASTIC chapter! :) I LOVE the humor you place in your story. (Note: Sev uses the wrong "your" (its "you're" in the "your... your right..." part). Sorry I'm kind of randomly annoyed by certain grammatical errors like this. You use the right "you're" in the next line which lessened the FURY (rawwwrrrrrr :3) of a semi-hardcore reader who has read this error too many times and still winces every single occurrence. So please, for the sake of my sanity and those who also have random spurts of the grammar nazi ways, please just edit that little part. :'( Thank you! :3 Have a fantabulous day! ;3
Guest chapter 9 . 6/26
Um.. im reading this fanfiction right so should I stop? ;P
Guest chapter 8 . 6/26
Holy shit. We have the same likes and dislikes with fanfiction X3 I HIGHLY advise you to read "Xerosis" by Batsutosai (i don't think I spelled that right...). I need to remember the names of my favorites but as soon as I do, I'll send you a comment of pm :3 Thank you for the recommendations and the amazing story!
Guest chapter 7 . 6/26
"Dan"..? Who was he about to say?
Bluebell chapter 7 . 6/24
Meh, duno if I like Hadrian spilling his whole life story to everyone like that at evry opportunity lol
Seems like lazy writing to me. Like, Voldie didn't need to know all the details from that "recap"; would he even care? Guess it may be briefly amusing, but ultimately inconsequential...
Lavonya chapter 13 . 5/10
Please write /MORE/!
Lavonya chapter 12 . 5/10
Wow... Hermione is the daughter of a dynamic criminal duo? Never saw that coming!
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