Reviews for Baby Robin
Russetfire chapter 7 . 4/17
Why is this not continued?! This is to good not to be continued! You are extremely talented don't let it go to waste!
Magiccatprincess chapter 7 . 4/15
The adorableness of all this nearly killed me! I love Superboy's sense of humour!
FunnyDs1 chapter 7 . 4/9
i loved this so much, there really isn't enough fan fiction like this one
Guest chapter 7 . 1/8
mas mas
Guest chapter 7 . 12/26/2013
c'mon! don't stop now! i just discovered this fic, and it looks you haven't updated in a bit. SEIZE THE DAY!

as a late gift to all the fangirls out there, or something.
Em chapter 7 . 10/23/2013
Love the story
You should keep writing
Beauty in decay chapter 7 . 9/29/2013
Awwwww! This is so fricken adorable! You need to up date or i'll die of fluff-withdraw! :D
JohnCenaRkoFanForever chapter 7 . 9/11/2013
Love it update soon. Omg I could not stop laughing when I saw artemis and Wally's reaction to their prank that was too good. And then when Dick was causing trouble an Wally yelled Speedster down classic. It woul be great if batman wen over the survqlence o the hole day and he an the league watched how much trouble Dick caused for them.
masamune lover chapter 3 . 9/10/2013
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is so precious
LuVySoNy chapter 7 . 9/9/2013
funny and cute chapter! :-)
andysanime chapter 7 . 9/7/2013
Ha-ha awww I love little dick..., he's just so adorable XD
kimberleyblaize chapter 7 . 9/2/2013
HAHAHAHAHA! I cant breath tooooooooooo funny oh that was AWSOME!
Mirrored chapter 7 . 8/29/2013
I got as far as "Meagan" & I couldn't take anymore. Please. Megan or M'gann. Research the characters before you butcher them.
3DPhantom chapter 7 . 8/28/2013
Kesha KP color war... Nice! It's funny.

Hah, lolz! This was totally hilarious.

Poor Dickie... I'm a girl, and even I don't like make-up.

Can't wait for the next update! Plz be soon!
ArchetypoHero chapter 7 . 8/28/2013
jesus christ rollerblading on rainbow dash's back that was adorable!
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