Reviews for Mass Effect: Hearing the Call
Difdi chapter 39 . 5/4
Well, at least that very neatly solves any problems with contacting Shepard...
Difdi chapter 33 . 5/3
Well, I guess we now know what flavor of Shepard we have here. Solid Renegade.

Paragons don't suggest torture, nor do most hybrids.

There ARE classification levels beyond an N7 agent or even Admiral Hackett, but the fact she doesn't consider the possibility and jumps almost directly to requesting permission to torture a good man? That's not anything resembling a Paragon.
Difdi chapter 20 . 5/3
You have a couple technical errors in chapter 20.

First, the air tanks fire fighters use aren't pure oxygen, they're the same air people breathe every day, just compressed - carrying pure oxygen into a fire is stupid to the point of being suicidal.

Second, the tanks themselves are aluminum wrapped in carbon fiber. They can't explode. In the event of a full on tank rupture, the aluminum gives way and the contents pour out through the carbon fiber wrap like water through a strainer. If an outside explosion blows them into pieces, they could come completely apart like in the chapter, but it would be redundant - the explosion itself would be many times more damaging than the tank explosion ever could be. For that matter, in the event of an explosion like that, Chris himself was too close to survive either.
Difdi chapter 11 . 5/3
You have a typo. No one does a debriefing before a mission, that is called a briefing. Debriefing is the after-action report.
Difdi chapter 9 . 5/3
While the .50AE bullets from a Deagle might be too slow for cheap kinetic barriers, it would be bad to assume that more expensive models wouldn't be more capable.

Gun powder weapons do still exist in the Mass Effect universe, they're just a bit rare. If they were as effective on everybody's shields as that Deagle was in this chapter, assassins would be using them all the time. In fact, top of the line barriers might block relatively slow bullets for just that reason.

But here's the problem: armor works differently than barriers. Any armor that can stop a fractional-C kinetic round will stop both punches and bullets without the wearer even noticing he got hit. The armor will react to merely supersonic rounds as if they were airsoft pellets.
SB and OGMM chapter 1 . 5/1
I knew I would love this story the minute I saw your name was 'ProfFartBurger'. In accordance to the story itself? So far, the story is pretty unique and attention catching, just hope it stays that way. I cannot tell you how many stories I've read that start to sizzle out after the Prologue. Oh, and by the way, you startled a chuckle out of me with that '9001' shirt thing. Where exactly can I get one of those, anyway? I'm ready to throw my wallet at something, if need be.

Have a Nice Night
trustme3190920 chapter 40 . 3/28
I really liked this chapter but Chris seemed a little out of character. But really I'm just disappointed that this story is discontinued. But if it's not I'm still disappointed that this story is not your main priority.
trninjakiller chapter 15 . 3/24
Nope nope nope nope nope done. I wanted a si not a crossover of a crap ton of games.
Champ11 chapter 2 . 1/18
A Desert Eagle? If you are trying for some realism, stay away from using that weapon. In real battlefield conditions, it's too large, too heavy, too bulky, inaccurate, and has too low of an ammo capacity. Sure, one hit with it will knock an armored person onto their back (even if it doesn't penetrate their armor) and almost guaranteed to kill an unarmored person, but that means nothing if you can't hit them.

10 o'clock is to the left, just slightly forward, not to the right. 12 o'clock is to the front, 6 is to the rear, 3 is to the right and 9 is to the left.

If a 5.56mm round has the power to knock someone off their feet, they are about three years old. The M16/M4/AR15 style weapons do not have any heavy kick. In fact, the M203 has significantly more kick than the M4 (which you use later in the chapter, and yet the MC doesn't lose his balance then). While it can surprise you if you are not used to it, it will not knock you off your feet, unless you've already lost your balance. Having the kick of the M4 Carbine described as a kiss, is not that far off.

While pulling on the charging handle of an M16/M4 works to unlock the bolt, it's better to use the slide release which is the button on the opposite side of the magazine release. Still, thank you for knowing the difference between a clip and a magazine.

The MC gets a gut shot (of which, where was his body armor?) and heals up in a few days? That's not just quick healing, that's a miracle. Those injuries take weeks, if not months to heal. No doc in their right mind would allow a soldier to get up after one of those within two weeks, miracle healing or not.

Burning a coffin? I know a lot of military traditions when it comes to honoring the fallen members of a unit, but I've never head of burning a coffin.

Overall, I can't really add too much more that hasn't already been said. Even though this has been out for about two years, but you can never stop learning how to be a better writer, even from your oldest stories.

NOTE: All of the statements I've made come from my own military service in the US Army.
tylermech66 chapter 19 . 1/1
oh shi- I would hate to be sha'ira right now :P
Space King Wizard Duck chapter 40 . 11/18/2014
WHERE IS PART TWO? I need to know what Joke does about being impersonated, also the rest of the plot, BUT MOSTLY THE JOKER THING.
Galeiam chapter 11 . 9/22/2014
Huh...seriously who did you get to train this girl lol?
Moire chapter 1 . 9/16/2014
Hi ! To be fair, I totally skipped the six first paragraphs. I usualy don't read stories that begin by "my name is blah, I am tall/big/skinny/nice, I like bah". This is a style I associate with new/bad writers and reflect a poor narrative prowess, as opposed to the 'show, don't tell". I read one of your other fic before and was surprised to see you using an easy and cliché way.
instagib42 chapter 12 . 8/21/2014
I like how the story is going so far however there are a few things that don't add up. For starters the way Chris is too trusting. I'm not saying he should be paranoid but when dealing with something like Cerberus as well as already stating in a previous chapter that they most likely have an ulterior motive (the example you stated was stealing his DNA) it should be impossible for anyone to be stupid enough to brush of the fact he was unconscious in a Cerberus ship with a Cerberus operative and then believe nothing happened. Also if this guy liked the game so much then he must of read the codex entries at least once, meaning it would be very difficult for him to forget that Drell are so devoted to the Hanar that they are used as and I quote, "envoys, researchers, co-investors, wayfarers, ASSASSINS or otherwise and then brush off the SHADOW BROKER, the guy who pretty much knows everything, telling him to look into his roommates past. A roommate who now has a mysterious human friend who works at the Hanar embassy over while they are both dressed as the figure who saves him from Leng
that 'reminded him of the fight between Leng and Thane (an assassin)'. Being reminded suggests their are similarities, meaning the person was most likely an assassin or at the very least combat trained. There is no one stupid enough to pass any of this off, you'd have to be mentally challenged to ignore ALL of it. So you've pretty much created multiple inconsistencies with Chris. He would have to be completely stupid (which is impossible since when you ran him through CoD you pretty much narrowed his IQ to over 90 (the military's lowest accepting IQ)
so he should be smart enough to put this together) or just not know as much as he says he does about Mass Effect. ( this is also impossible since he has apparently played all of the games multiple times, so he should know how evil Cerberus.) Now I haven't continued reading so I don't know if this gets better but I know i'm not going to enjoy this as much as I could have. Thank you for reading.
ThelonewolfNT chapter 40 . 6/10/2014
This. Is. AWESOME!
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