Reviews for V for Vendetta: Evan Vincent
RandoSnake chapter 1 . 3/14/2015
Okay, I love the factor of "V lives" as I plan to act that in to words myself, but this really needs some work done. I'm fine with the idea that V and Evey have a child (boy 0r girl, boy in this case) together, but usually there has to be some explanation before hand. Cause implying that they had a child means that they had sex and that would mean that V actually showed Evey what he really looks like. Which you didn't really say in this chapter.

By rough calculations made from was already said, "It was November 5, a year after V's death," it makes it a little inconvenient in the story line as the process from becoming pregnant to childbirth is usually nine months and at this time the child is already three months old (equal a total of twelve months, one year) which implies that V and Evey were *cough* making love *cough* around the same night/week that the Parliament Buildings were blown up.

And there aaas one thing that I DIDN'T like was how V just randomly shows up after a year of supposedly being dead to come prancing out of the ether and be all like, "Hello Evey! Lovely weather we're having tonight. Oh, by the way I'm not dead and finally decided after a year to come out and finally tell you And, oh my Is that our son? Well since I'm a father now let me just slip back in to the ether so I can continue to watch over you both... All. Night. Long." *Cues the maniacal laugher and moonwalks back in to the ether.*

Why did he do that? Would it not have been better to just have them walk back into the Shadow Gallery and THEN end the chapter? Don't get me wrong, through all this criticism I am really showing you how much I wish for this story to continue and get better at making sense.
Probably one of the most longest reviews I have made in over two year, especially on a V For Vendetta fanfiction, I hope that you decided to write the next chapter eventually.

With love and vengeance from a fellow writer,
Brit8889 chapter 1 . 5/18/2014
Hope you'll update this story soon
Guest chapter 1 . 4/30/2013
Please continue
firefly chapter 1 . 12/15/2012
Please continue with this story! I love the fact that V and Evey have a baby, and that V is alive. Now, while Evan is just an infant, you need to bring them all together. Please continue...