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m chapter 2 . 7/26/2014
j'adore le chapitre 2 !
Madame Mermaid chapter 12 . 6/9/2013
"Impromptru hand-eye coordination and trajectory training using compacted frozen water"? - For this definition alone one has to love this little series. I hope you'll be doing something similar this year, even though it's still far off. It's going to be my advent season, which is already shaping up to be full of university work due to the courses I have to take next term, a lot more fun.
All the best,

mylady phoenix
impoeia chapter 12 . 5/28/2013
A white Christmas! What a wonderful gift and what a wonderful way to end a collection. Loved that this was from Rex's point of view. I started giggling as soon as Coric burst through that door and you had me laughing outright by the time Rex was gaping at a snow-covered base. I particularly loved that scene right in front of the mess hall, when Rex called the men to order. They are just so adorably boyish at times. I wonder if Rex ever feels like a man looking after a basket full of puppies?

Wonderful idea of Ahsoka to get the men a real midwinter feast and the banter between her and Rex, as well as that little bit of fluff was just perfect; both for their relationship and for the occasion and season. Heartwarming, thoughtful, touching and not taking itself too serious. I think this is my favorite fic of them all, with General Grievous Slaying as a close second.
impoeia chapter 11 . 5/28/2013
I just love Artoo and you've made him especially adorable in this fic. Just like a real friend, he tries to help out Ahsoka and I really think you've managed to capture his more mischievous nature. "Droid lubricant oil" indeed.

Relation wise, I'm loving the play between Ahsoka and R2 and Threepio and R2. Ahsoka and R2's friendship is clearly visible and I love the little hug she gives him. Like Anakin, she treats him more like a friend and fellow organic than a droid. Threepio is his usual stuffy self and I have to thank you for including him in this. His constant protestations had me giggling all the way.

If R2 did what I think he did, then I can't wait to read the next chapter. What a great Christmas gift idea!

And as always, this fic was wonderfully written and so clearly imagined that I could see each scene play out perfectly.
impoeia chapter 10 . 5/27/2013
What a delightful look into the darker workings of the war. You've really managed to capture the relationship between Dooku and Sidious; respect on Dooku's side, but also fear and mistrust. Loved all the little hints to previous chapters and current and future events unfolding in the series. I was also very much struck by your imagery. The idea of darkness spreading like smog - like pollution - was really great and very fitting. (Particularly because the CIS is using a droid army and I'm guessing those factories produce quite a bit of smog themselves). So trying a lot of stuff into a few sentences and then putting it against such a lovely image as the night sky filled with stars. I felt a little shiver run down my spine.

And the droids! I just want to hug them all, they are just so dopey and adorable sometimes. You've really captured their general role as comedic relief. I particularly liked their exasperation at the fact that all their hard work was for nothing. *Sigh* Poor little things. Bet the elves never get any thanks from Santa either. And I don't know why, but somehow, all this talk about the war coming to a close in collusion with midwinter set me off thinking about the song "I'll be Home for Christmas".
impoeia chapter 8 . 5/26/2013
Oh, this was lovely and so much fun. Thank you especially for including such clones as Ross, Joc, Hil and Trapper. It's just so great to see some of the clones who got such a raw deal having fun. Loved the fact that the guys were bonding over a game of bolo. And you've really managed to capture not only the atmosphere of the crowd that exists at such a game, but also the general exuberance of the players...well, the *boyish* exuberance, I should say.

The little snark and comedy in-between was fantastic; from the moment Fives got tackled, right down to where Cody and Rex started bickering, you just had me laughing along and wishing to go out, enjoy the sunshine and play a rousing game of sports. The energy in this piece and the imagery just swept me along. Go team!
impoeia chapter 7 . 5/25/2013
I agree, Grievous is not the most festive of characters, but darn if you didn't give it an amazing shot. I just love the idea of him sleighing down a snow-powdered slope on his brand-new sleigh. It was just such a classical Christmas image, the little kid going down the slope with his new Christmas gift. And in the background I hear "Jingle Bells" in heavy metal. You also did an expert job on making him sound like a kid enjoying himself, with him laughing and enjoying the speed. Great juxtaposition with his ruminations about how this compares to him fighting.

I love all the little Christmas details hidden in here. Like the repeated mentioning of the color red, during the slaying. Not the most Christmassy occupation, but certainly a very Christmassy color. And as far as gifts go, what better gift to give to General Grievous than the chance of a good fight, a victory, and the recapturing of some of his happier moments, when he was more organic than machine. I don't hold this fic against you at all. I thought it was great.
impoeia chapter 6 . 5/25/2013
Lightsabers as Christmas lights. What a great take on a prompt! I particularly loved that last image, of all the Jedi going through their katas together. I could just picture it; those thousands of stabs of light in a room that is a little dark, so that the people wielding the lights are just that little bit shadowed. And so many colors, all moving together. *Sigh* Lovely and haunting.

And I love Petro. You really captured his brash nature and cockiness. The little rascal.
impoeia chapter 5 . 5/23/2013
Oh, I love this, really loved this. This is a great exploration of a side of Savage that most fanfic writers tend to forget; above all, he cares about family and his brothers. Although turned into a monster, he's not completely one, but still capable of deep feeling and this just captured his desire for family so wonderfully. The idea of him trying to keep his traditions alive, while trying to fill the void left by Feral a little, was deeply touching and bittersweet.

You really struck up a great balance between the man Savage was and who he became, with his musings about Feral and Maul and his burst of anger at the latter's words. There's a...a vulnerability about Savage that I can't really put my finger on, but which you captured with this fic, without deluding the strength he has gained through the dark side.

Maul's portrayal here was also fantastic. You captured his bouts of mental instability, but also his role as the teacher and 'lost brother'. Loved that he lectured Savage about control. I could picture that so perfectly, with him standing there, cooly surveying the scene. Typical Maul.

I think the idea of sharing a Christmas feast and reminiscing about the past is one of my favorite Christmas traditions and you've recreated the essence of that tradition with the Oppress brothers, but still integrating the ruins that the dark side leaves you with. This was just...just bittersweet. With the remains of the broken meal, so carefully prepared, but the warmth of remembering and learning about people in your family. Gah, words can no longer describe my enthusiasm for this chapter.
impoeia chapter 4 . 5/23/2013
Ventress and midwinter carols, what a great image. I loved that last line, her walking back into the desert of Tattooine, humming carols. What an incongruous image to end a story with. Just goes to show that the power of a good carol triumphs even in the face of Ventress-coolness.

I do admit, I sympathize with her, what with Sy Snootles massacring carols in the background. Ah, the commcercialization of Christmas and you've captured it with the line "the simple melody twisted to make it both sassy and seductive". That just doesn't work, but it is the reality of the music business. Come Christmas, every singer tries to have a bit of the fruitcake and I guess it wouldn't be different in the GFFA.

Although Ventress stole the show, I have to admit, I loved the idea of midwinter in Jabba's palace. While reading this, I just got this image stuck in my head of the palace decorated with tinsel and holly, and Jabba wearing a Santa hat, while all the bounty hunters are gathered around him like kids waiting for Santa to open his bag of gifts. Then I tried adding Cad Bane and Ventress into that and I just started smiling. What a lovely, silly, image. But great idea to put these two together to enact some of the Christmas spirit. They are the last people you'd think would get into the holiday festivities, but Ventress's line about "Think of it as a midwinter gift" really wrapped it up nicely. What better time to dole out some life-saving advice for free than midwinter? Wonder if Cad Bane might return the favor?
impoeia chapter 3 . 5/22/2013
Leave it to Ahsoka to come up with the perfect way of sneaking into someone's office. It was great how you worked in the ventilation shafts. Not only is it so very Ahsoka and a wonderfully funny situation to associate Padme with, but it's also a great nod towards the big guy in red. Getting secretly into someone's room through small crawl spaces, indeed. Wonderfully sneaky, both in wording and in the idea itself.

This was cute and funny, which is exactly how a secret santa should be. It's such a fun tradition and I thought it was great of you to associate it with Organa. He is very thoughtful, which a good secret santa gift is, but he can also be fun and has a wicked sense of humor, further traits of a good secret santa gift.

Putting Ahsoka and Padme together for this fic, was also a great choice. Who better to create a perfectly good little bit of Christmas silliness?
impoeia chapter 2 . 5/15/2013
Eggnog! What would be a mid-winter without a good eggnog and some mulled wine. Ah, the memories. It's May and I am getting into the Christmas spirit.

Who knew that Commander Fox could be so sweet. Uhh, I just wanted to pinch his cheeks there, when he got all red and embarrassed. *Coughing delicately* Sorry, got myself under control again. What I meant to say was, I applaud Commander Fox's dedication to his duty in ensuring the safety and well-being of the Supreme Chancellor at all times of the day, going above and beyond the call of duty by acting as a serving droid and bringing him a snack and alcoholic beverage, so that he can go back to ruling the Republic with a kind and benign hand...while in the shadows he plots the Republic's downfall. There.

Now, but seriously, this was a great look into the relationship between the Coruscant Guard and the Chancellor. Fox is such a dedicated guy and this is exactly the kind of little, thoughtful gesture that not only makes the clones wonderful people, but which is the essence of the mid-winter spirit. Small kindnesses are often the most valued. As shown by the fact that even a plotting evil genius enjoys a nice hot drink during the holidays. I loved this. Not to mention all the undercurrents and ironies that are in there, but if I go into that, this review will become a article. Let's keep it short. I love this collection!
impoeia chapter 1 . 5/15/2013
Ah, what better way to celebrate the season than to bring joy to someone who is lonely and alone? This was very sweet, particularly since it involved the younglings. There's just something about kids and Christmas, they are the best at bringing the holiday spirit, so this was a great choice for cheering up the Kawa tree. And what a great idea, to have a Force-sensitive tree that blooms like a Christmas tree when happy. ANd isn't that what the season is all about? Being happy and together when decorating the tree? Reminiscing about the past year and how far you've come?

I particularly liked how Katooni was reminded of how far she'd come by Master Yoda That is a little gift all in itself, to have someone believe in you. I don't know why, but it kind of reminded me of having my dad tell me I was old enough now to put the first ornament on the Christmas tree. A really nice moment and this was wonderfully well-written.
Eregnar chapter 12 . 2/6/2013
Aww! So cute! I really liked all of this, but this on was my favorite. The Grievous chapter was sick and wrong... but I'm not sure that's a bad thing ;)
Jade-Max chapter 12 . 1/1/2013
This is the perfect ending to your little series... part of me was half expecting you to tie them all together into this one, but I'm glad you didn't.

Having Ahsoka do this for her men, but telling it from Rex's perspective, is inspired. We get to see just how much confusion there is and not just for him, but for the members of his Company. We get to see how they react to the unexpected lock out to the mess and the snow.

A side not, I adore that he won't go into a situation unarmed :D and this exchange:

""Permission for a snowball fight later, sir?"

A slow smile spread across Rex's face. "Mess hall first, I think, Kix. Then we'll discuss some impromptu hand-eye coordination and trajectory training."

"Using compacted frozen water?" Kix quipped."

Was a total LOL moment for me :D Damn straight there has to be a snowball fight! Rex needs to learn he right terms though *grin* ;)

I find it funny how, as soon as Rex knows it's Ahsoka who has locked them out that his immediate response is information gathering. He's no longer concerned, he's just... curious, it seems. Ahsoka's explanation and gift to her men hits him with just the right amount of sentimentality.

They're not expecting it and their reactions are just priceless - as is Ahsoka's; I love that she's nervous, and visibly so, and Rex has to assure her that she's done the right thing.

The snowball fight at the end is just hilarious, with Rex and Ahsoka basically, it seems, teamed up against everyone else *laughs* Kix is such a brat ;) it was fun, it was festive, it was heart warming and it was just a lovely end to this series of Vignettes!

Well done!
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