Reviews for My only Possession
chibivargas chapter 1 . 12/20/2012
From what i read i found it very interesting that you made us a couple in this. Clearly you had a choice to make us of making us a couple, however you thought it'd be best to copy from the show itself and take the easy way out and make the storyline copy down SAO. I thought you were better than that?

By the way, get your facts right! SAO came years after Nerve Gear was created, so that was foolish thinking to bring me in getting nerve gear.

2 weeks i gave you! and all you did was copy, atleast i had the guts to be orginal in situations. I know what i messed up on, but atleast i'm able to do what i can besides making characters mad in a story. But the reader. Now tell me are you mad that i didn't try? If you we're smart enough you would know from my story had certain parts that could've changed the whole outcome of the story causing more "seriousness" but i thought it's best to get the reader going.

So don't you think i that i wasted your time, think more historiographically. I just gave ya something way better that what you gave me... gotta love the envy you have on me!
Anito Works chapter 1 . 12/17/2012
Poetry, this is exactly the reason why I love you Fyn