Reviews for The Rising Dragon Champions
BeyBeyAkane chapter 65 . 6/26
I can't believe I have found this story, because this is and the first part was definitely worth the read! Very impressive reimagining :D
owaychan chapter 65 . 4/20
EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC another great story! C:
HolySheet chapter 65 . 2/1
Truly the best FT seriesvI'be read. Another masterpiece.
Anonymous Person chapter 65 . 11/9/2015
I've read over 100 fanfics for Fairy Tail now and officially this is my second favorite one. I actually cannot find fault with this story, it's just so AMAZING! Honestly the only reason why I wouldn't call it my favorite is because I find stories that deviate completely from canon more interesting but I LOVED this fic. All I can say is keep up the good work, your writing is FREAKIN' AMAZING! XD
Rougish chapter 12 . 10/13/2015
This was epicccccccccccc. *Screaming in joy* . I love the part where Gray came in and was like light out ur and he knocked her out. That was so fucking cool .
dreaddragonknight chapter 65 . 10/4/2015
levy now has 2 go through what lucy did, karma's a bitch ain it. also i loved that last part in cannon and here
dreaddragonknight chapter 64 . 10/4/2015
dreaddragonknight chapter 63 . 10/4/2015
dreaddragonknight chapter 62 . 10/4/2015
eh, that seems just like cannon, only with sting added in, same result more people
dreaddragonknight chapter 61 . 10/4/2015
dreaddragonknight chapter 60 . 10/4/2015
that's better Atlas is awesome
dreaddragonknight chapter 59 . 10/4/2015
ummm, consuming ones element when a slayer doesn't 'fill' them up they just get stronger the more they eat
dreaddragonknight chapter 58 . 10/4/2015
eh, that fight seems just like a rehash of cannon but with sting instead
dreaddragonknight chapter 57 . 10/3/2015
interesting changes
dreaddragonknight chapter 56 . 10/3/2015
i liked the 1st one better
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