Reviews for Zebulun
Dario Argento Syndrome chapter 4 . 12/7/2007
Good job on this story so far.
Evening Pen chapter 2 . 11/29/2007

My goodnes, it's been a while, hasn't it? I just re-read this for the first time in over a year. And guess what? You still rock my socks! Please update soon. PLEASE!
idrael chapter 4 . 5/7/2007
nice story! hope you update it soon! really want to read more!
wondererx chapter 1 . 8/20/2006
whoops. sorry about that... almost forgot that it messes up at fanfiction...

here: anya290[ ] .tw

hopefully that'd show... sry about the mess-up!
Evening Pen chapter 4 . 8/16/2006
It's kompukat! Ohmygodohmygod! I loved it! It wasn't the least bit boring. I'm so glad you updated. You are doing a wonderful job with this story, and there are so many twists! so sweet and so awesome. Please keep going!
Angevar chapter 4 . 8/15/2006
IT LIVES! It-lives-it-lives-it-lives-it-lives-it-lives-it-lives-IT-LIVES!

*boogies down*

*conducting entire review for sole purpose of rejoicing the fact that it lives since her internet connection is really crappy right now and she can't read the whole thing right away, much though she would love to*
Kurosu-Chan chapter 3 . 6/13/2005
Any hope from hearing of this fic again? ;_;

Pleasee? It's awesome, I would love to hear from this again

Angevar chapter 3 . 5/9/2005
Whe! finally got my ass around to reading this (when I should have been doing my polsci project, but that's beside the oint)! XD Go me!

I could practically hear Fei squeak in the first chapter. - Got a very cute mental image of Siggy holding him about a foot above then floor and then dropping him. *giggles* Aie... This thing is making me love Kahr so much. I was already a sympathizer but now I'm just a lost cause.

And yes! Hallelujah! Bart IS intelligent! He just doesn't like work-type-work. *wishes he was there for her to hug* I hope the paperwork doesn't kill him...

Brigs: T.T *groans* The blonde-fixation-complex rears its ugly head...

*swats Brigs* Oi! You dis him, you dis yerself, capice?

Brigs: *sighs and hangs head* I can't win can I? And I was dissing you by the way, not Bart.

*swats him again*
Aubrey chapter 3 . 10/6/2004
Hello, I would just like to say that I enjoyed your story very much. It was interesting and well thought out. Xenogears is my favorite video game and it is nice to see such an excellent fanfiction of Xenogears. Thank you.
The Lorelei chapter 3 . 11/16/2003
I really like the idea of the Omnigears being intelligent and having their own personality and stuff. Very interesting story, I can't wait to see where you're going with this...I'll keep checking back for updates! _
nate chapter 3 . 10/13/2003
Really good.


p.s. what you expected more post three fics and have me review them all at once and you want me to write three good reviews. As if.
Mizu no Kokoro chapter 2 . 3/29/2003
yeah! some, or should i say ONLY fic that ever mentioned Emeralda for more than two sentences! horra for u! oh yea, Bart is just SO cute! write more about him? please?
Mizu no Kokoro chapter 1 . 3/29/2003
man, that sure beat alot of other fics i've read, definite talent! i musta say!
Naga chapter 2 . 3/20/2003
Ahh! Finally, a *good* XG fanfic! It's so hard to find one, and I greatly enjoyed this one :). The unusual focus on Sigurd, Bart and Ramsus is interesting, although Bart's POV intrigued me the most. Loved the concept of intelligent Omnigears too. Although, is Xenogears running on Zohar? I thought it's running on WE, which means it's probably not affected by the world-wide loss of power (sorry, rambling of another XG nut). I am looking forward to how the story goes, update soon please?
Green-Dream chapter 2 . 12/16/2002
Exellent fic, But I'm wonder if you'll keep writing? please? -
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