Reviews for Naruto: What If
Spaceduck the Majestic chapter 60 . 4/21
Well...Danzo/ROOT are in for a rough day...and Konan...yeesh. can't wait for more if this man :D
JKBaller chapter 48 . 4/19
So Danzo controlled her to fuck Kakashi, huh? That's honestly just as bad, so I'll drop this story now. A shame really, since it was a good story until you decided to do this shit.
JKBaller chapter 46 . 4/19
OK, so if Sasuke actually forgives Anko and gets back together with her, I'm dropping this fic. If my girlfriend were to betray my trust and fuck someone behind my back, I'd tell that whore to get the fuck out and I'd at least slap her as hard as I could for good measure.
Cade2065 chapter 1 . 4/6
The change in personality is way to drastic, and the excuse you used as a reason is weak. Also very unrealistic, he wakes up in a fiction and is completely okay with it, no panicking, no mourning.
The main thing I disliked was that he didn't asses his situation and plan on what he is going to do for the coming events, I just felt it would have been better if you had slowly introduced the SI's personality instead of just saying "fuck it" to all precaution, you are in a village full of Ninja's... If you had done that it would have been more believable, as it is I can't take this seriously.
kumbrakarna chapter 60 . 3/31
Please tell me that you are updating this soon!
InfiniteParadigmShifts chapter 6 . 3/16
When I first read that I heard a par of "live to win" go through my head.

, your wit amuses me.
crusade1125 chapter 30 . 3/7
And naruto with a sword? Probably the last thing he should do, its like you have taken naruto and sasuke ad mixed them together, so when is naruto learning chidori and getting the sharingan?
crusade1125 chapter 30 . 3/7
Oh and now he is going to be jirayas student as well... great, its like having to narutos, i want the old sasuke back, he wasnt a copy of naruto
crusade1125 chapter 29 . 3/7
Why is sasuke learning rasengan again? Isnt chidori enough?
crusade1125 chapter 27 . 3/7
Why is kakashi, the most mentally scarred person in the universe, fucking kibas mom?
crusade1125 chapter 26 . 3/7
Why is it he is playing matchmaker again? Getting kinda weird listening to 12-year olds fuck, and i guess he gets to enjoy what kakashi left him.
crusade1125 chapter 22 . 3/7
Ice style jutsu? Last i checked you had to have a kekkei genkai for you, you know, combining two elements and all that. . Not to mention naruto hasnt shown any afinity for wind nor water, good luck combining them
crusade1125 chapter 19 . 3/7
Damn soneone us a hardcore naruto fanboy
crusade1125 chapter 18 . 3/7
A bit more ass kissing from sasuke, i seem to remember sasuke beconning the stronger of the two, and thats while missing an arm. And im a naruto fanboy if anything, this asskissing is just getting really annoying.
Crusade chapter 17 . 3/7
Naruto is not a genius, he is in fact an idiot, and that doesnt change in the entire series, even as hokage, however, he is a hard worker, and a genies at that, but thats not the same, he is still and idiot, and again, igmf lee is faster than kakashi without the gates then the word jonin has lost all meaning, and gai is three times faster? I remember gai losing to kakashi in a race... so thats bs.
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