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Rocky chapter 5 . 10/10/2016
Hey Europa I absolutely love your enthusiasm and dedication for these stories, and honestly you are an awesome writer and I love this story. I've read all of your stories, and when I came to this one I was hooked, but realized it only had 5 chapters. I know you might not have a lot of time for fanfiction, but please continue!
Guest chapter 5 . 4/21/2014
Guest chapter 1 . 4/14/2014
may i ask why you stopped writing this story? these tributes actually seemed VERY interesting, if possible, i will really appreciate it if you would come back to this story
Insanitywriter chapter 5 . 3/23/2013
Woooooooowww... Yorrik is an interesting one! I actually like him... Though im not normally one for just taking orders no matter what, im really interested in his past and I LOVE HIM as a character lolz!... As for Fei eehhh I like her less... But punching out lani was totez bad azz! Lolz... I see D2 is taking the slient but deadly approach this yr... I like :3

I loved this chapter and thank you for getting me back in my hunger games mode! Now I can go write! :3
EvieGleek17 chapter 5 . 3/17/2013
Being the complete ditz that I am, I didn't stumble upon this story until all the tribute spots had been filled; but I'm a big fan of both of your writing styles, the characters are exceptionally 'life like' and as you said they are flawed.
With Fei I appreciate her situation, I mean going into the Hunger Games may be an extremity but she has a 'cause' and I suppose I sympathise with her on that count; I mean I love seeing D2 tributes who are obviously trained but retain a sense of humility. I love my creeps but it's nice to have a break from psychotic killing machines, yes she may have been snappy but I'm pretty sure most would be whether or not they volunteered with all that adrenaline.
I like Yorrin's almost militaristic view of the situation at first and the 'formality' you've created within the district is realistic and I like how it shaped his decision; his relationship with Petros was complex and I think I'd like to see it again. The moment of realisation though was powerful and Yorrin now has been forced to see that this isn't what his father wanted... I wonder if he'll begin to question himself and if this will change anything.
Either way I am rambling awfully, the gist of the review is that I'm excited to be reading this and that I'll return to review the other chapters later today.
Until next time,
Evie x
BTRfanMegan chapter 5 . 3/10/2013
First off, I want to appologize for taking so long to review! I've barely had time to get on, and I feel horrible for not reviewing sooner.
Fei is defiantly a different tribute, I like the fact she's Asian, and how she lives. Especially the fact that the lantern is her token, that's defiantly something different.
The reason behind her volunteering is a good one, I like the fact she just doesn't want fame and fortune but actually wants to help her family.
Yerrick's moment with his father made me really sad. :( I'm going to have such a hard time rooting for just one tribute!
Nice job with the chapter!
Larkae chapter 5 . 2/27/2013
Another pair of awesome tributes! I have a feeling I'm not going to know who to root for in these games... Beautifully written as always. You two work great together!
Smorelet4077 chapter 5 . 2/26/2013
Holy moly, I love these tributes! They're not your typical District 2 careers, which I'm sure will make for some interesting storylines later, assuming there will be a career pack (which may not happen, since it's only the 5th Games). Even if there isn't a career group, their storylines will still be interesting, of course XD I also really liked the District 1 tributes, even though I don't think I reviewed that chapter because my phone is acting stupidly - sorry about that. Anyway, fantastic job to both of you, and I can't wait for more!
nb1998 chapter 5 . 2/25/2013
Another fantastic chapter and these characters are so unique for careers, you're giving them such good back stories so that we feel sorry for them all.
Fei: I liked Fei. Her family lifestyle was unique while still realistic as for all we know asian people could have moved over not too long ago if it is only the 5th hunger games. I liked the different personalities her family held and found it interesting that they were in debt even though they seemed so sure. That was a very interesting reason for volunteering and it made some good plots for the goodbyes as well. She's skilled so she should do well and the it seems she has a lot of determination. I'm kind of wanting her to win for her friend as well...

Yorrik: You can tell there is loads more to find out about him and his past, like what has made his Dad the way he is which has also influenced Yorrik's lifestyle. His job as a miner is interesting and I like his attitude with authority. This could be good for him in getting along with what the President wants but also bad if he is to join the career pack and abide to everything they say. The way he treated Petros was nice and it showed how kind of similar he is with everyone apart from his father. I really liked his father's reaction as well. Yorrik seems to have a lot more reasons for winning than what you think at first sight.
blangreck chapter 1 . 2/24/2013

Fei seems like an extremely interesting tribute and I think her back story is touching. In fact, most of the back stories so far have made me want to root for them. And I haven't seen an Asian tribute before, her time in the arena should be interesting to watch. Yorrick is what I'd call a standard career. To be honest I like Fei better because of her unique background and personality. But the writing is awesome, as usual!

Keep up the good work! blangreck
PoeTayToe chapter 5 . 2/24/2013
God damn it. I now genuinely like a character more than my own. Thanks, Obama! :

But seriously, Fei is great. I really like her story and am now rooting for her happy ending.

Yorrick's part was good as well, though less so because of a few grammar/spacing/spelling issues. The mistake between than/then was made a few times and it felt... hanging a bit. Nevertheless, I'm glad for another proper career tribute.

At first while I was reading about all these careers, I thought, "damn, careers this year are all quite un-career like", but I've come to an epiphany. They only seem un-career like because they have an actual backstory in HG fanfic. So, bravo to LunarWolfHunter, Cashmere67, Dnhost24 and Mockingjayguy19 for making brilliant career tributes so far. I'm looking forward to the D9 careers.
Bahrtok chapter 5 . 2/24/2013
Wow, I didn't even know this story had started, and there's already 5 chapters! Very sorry I hadn't been reading and reviewing up until now!

I love it when characters have a different culture, like Fei and all of her family's rules about honor and respect, so kudos to you guys for letting the characters have different cultures. Some authors are really strict about keeping the districts exactly like they are in the book (even the movie seemed like just a bunch of white kids running around), but I love when authors let the characters speak a different language at home, or have different customs and traditions, etc. Finally a tribute who has a normal reason for volunteering (or I guess I just mean realistic and common). Everyone's always volunteering because of a sick relative, or to impress people or because they think they're immortal gods (or the worst one - volunteering to save a relative/friend from volunteering), but I've never read about anyone volunteering because their family was about to be evicted. And with this economy in the US, it's completely relevant and relatable. Anyway, Fei is way cool and my favorite character so far - I love the way she punched Lila, and then how she was so calm and nice to her in the goodbye room. Definitely rooting for Fei!

Despite Yorrik's awesome name, he's got some serious daddy issues, and I don't particularly care for him or his father. Petros (another awesome name) was really in-your-face pushy at the end there, and that kind of made me dislike her a little. I don't know - I guess I feel lukewarm about her as of right now.

Anyways, I'm so glad this story has started and I can't wait for the next chapter!
owlchicka chapter 5 . 2/24/2013
Much too lazy to sign in XD

I really like Fei 'cause she was just so unique. I've never seen anyone tie in culture like that before, so super cool! But that was all I really got from her, but I like how it defines. Yorrik is nice too, seems like a solid tribute.

I'm loving the reapings!
Burning Stars chapter 5 . 2/24/2013
I really like Fei. Her cultural heritage definitely makes her stand out, but the combination of her strength, uncertainty, acting abilities, and determination make her a memorable character. I also like the imagery used to describe her home and the way she views District Two, and her lantern token is unique. I can see her getting very far in the arena.

As for Yorrik... alas, poor Yorrik. He may be physically strong, but weak minds do not good victors make. I don't like him so much as a character, mostly because he lacks almost all self-determination, though his desire to please his father does show that Yorrik wants to make others happy. I really want to know what happened to Yorrik's mother and sister. I have to say that Petros is my favorite character in his side of the story.
jakey121 chapter 5 . 2/24/2013
District Two, like One, is typically a District I don't enjoy. I definitely prefer the tributes from District One to these two but they were still really awesome.

Fei- I'm getting a bit sick and tired of Asian tributes. I'm not racist lol, don't get me wrong they are definitely interesting, but I see so many of them nowadays it's just a bit meh. But still I love her name, it's good job I know a bit about China so I know how to pronounce it xD She's interesting, very formal and polite but pretty blunt and holds back whatever she's feeling. Her family were very strict particularly her father but I definitely loved her grandmother, she was an interesting character.
Her reasons for volunteering were very noble but slightly stupid because if you die they're going to lose the house anyway. Hmm for that she's definitely down on my list now.

Yorrik- I know my review above for Fei may not have shown it but I definitely like her over Yorrik. He's very atypical of the usual Career considering he's not all arrogant really and only does what he is told and what he thinks is best for others, but he seems incredibly naive and for that I really don't like him. He's tough, kind of sweet at times although polite but he believed volunteering was what his father wanted and that he's the best to offer. Okay yes he is arrogant... there was bound to be other volunteers who were equally as strong if not stronger. He's a great tribute, just not as good as Fei.

Great chapter!
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