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Drakonflight chapter 3 . 8/25
I kind of have a love/hate relationship with your fics, this one being no exception. I love them, because they're all bloody brilliant, and I utterly enjoy every single one that I read. But I also hate them, because they're all incomplete and haven't been updated in way too long. And yes, I get that authors have lives and don't always have time to write, I just don't get why you keep starting new fics without completing the ones you're already in the middle of.
TomasDark chapter 3 . 8/21
sharingang chapter 3 . 8/21
That scene with Yuurei and Minato was so good. Most stories totally screw up amazing reunions like that, but that one was freaking perfect. Although if anybody asks, I totally did NOT cry.
Rosimae chapter 3 . 8/18
Gah! I just read through this whole thing in like an hour. While pretending to work. Great story. Wish you'd continue it but if not, I say thank you for writing what you did. You have a real talent!
Dog Lover 120 chapter 3 . 8/14
Wow. Just wow. I love you and your story. It's beyond any story I have ever read. I've read some seriously good stories, but this one takes the cake. Every single time. Please update soon.
Yorozuya chapter 3 . 8/12
Goddamnit, why do I do this myself? I know I'm gonna love your work yet get hurt since you never finish your fics.

And finally, they realize who Yuurei is. Jesus christ.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/8
I have always wondered how no one realized Naruto was the Yondaime's son. They boy is carbon copy of his dad.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/8
Awesome story, please update soon
Jsomethingorother chapter 3 . 8/5
I don't entirely know why I even read you stories. Because unless it is completed, I know that I and going to fall in LOVE with said story, flaws and all, but may very likely never see its completion or know it's finale. A tragedy. I must be a masochist to put my self through that. Or your stuff is just that enjoyable. Either or.
Relena Duo chapter 3 . 8/4
Gandalf1950 chapter 1 . 8/2
Excellent! Looking forward to reading this more!
SoaringOnWings chapter 3 . 7/21
Ohmygodthisisperfect. I just-wow. This plot, I just cannot express my awe. It's way too good! I really wish there was more I could read. Like what happened to "Yuurei" in the past and what will become of Konoha and gah. I love "Yuurei" and that part with Minato? I nearly cried like shiz, my emotions are all over the place. They should make a spinoff manga off of this. This is all just so perfect. I love every part of this AU-ish Naruto fic. I can't wait to see the part where Naruto learns about "Yuurei"'s past! Please update soon!
Why chapter 1 . 7/9
if you don't update again I will find where you live, knock at your front door, and when u answer I will choke you with a hug.
Guest chapter 2 . 7/3
I feel like he is Naruto in a paradoxal way.
Yoru-no-Ookami chapter 3 . 7/4
I love this and I can't wait for the next chapter! Oh, and at that part where Sai drew that picture to cheer Naruto on I pretty much died from laughter XD You portray all of the characters very well, and I appreciate that Naruto doesn't seem dumb :)
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