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jlnorris75 chapter 1 . 6/25
Let me say I am happy to find more from you I first read champion on tth and loved it I read potters protector an loved it keep up the good work I am not a writer but a very avid reader and you are one of the better writers glad to see more stuff from you
BooksAreMyVideogames chapter 26 . 6/7
Okay, I have read two of your stories so far, and while I've enjoyed them very much, I have a serious question for you.

While you seem very willing and supportive about writing and dealing with poly relationships, even have same sex characters in the relationships interacting in intimate ways, you also appear to be very very against LGBT relationships. ToOthe point that you blatantly state in your profile that if you use an LGBT character in a central positioning you will actually change their orientation to fit your story.

This being said, here is my question. WHY? Why do you view a huge part of how I love, how I exist,and many many of your other readers as well, to the point that you will erase us from your literature, even if we canonly existed? I just can not fathom how someone could loathe an entire community of people so much that they would absolutely refuse to write them. I
I am sorry if this offends you, and I do want you to know that I love your stories a lot, I think you're an excellent writer, and I love the way you provide presentation for poly characters,and the many ways people can love as a poly person. As I am also a part of this community, I appreciate this factor in your storiessoO much. I just can't wrap my mind around how you can be soOsupportive of one community, but not of the other despite how deeply they are often entwined.

Thank you for the option to review, and for writing these stories.
-Asher (bamv)
Scott the Wanderer chapter 25 . 4/7
Your writing is good, but the ending is just wrong. Everything you have Harry end up doing flies in the face of what is Good and Just. He becomes nothing more than a tyrant and slaver, just masking it with gilded chains. Sure there are things he does correctly, but only because they stand in his path of forcing everyone to live the way he wants them to live. He's become worse than Voldemort dreamed of being.
Guest chapter 21 . 2/23
You know Athena Parthenos is that statue right? I thought her name was Pallas Athena
jdl chapter 25 . 2/3
Entertaining though not as much substance as the previous. Transferring an all powerful character into the universe was done well enough to provide entertainment. And your knowledge of the different universes is always interesting to read
Shikaku Zetsumei chapter 26 . 1/14
Good stuff. Once again, the ending was a smidge rushed and could've done well with an brief epilogue of sorts to discuss what the changes in various nations would've been like. Off to the sequel...

Shikaku Zetsumei chapter 1 . 1/11
Nice to know Harry's mildly insane after all those millennia alone. You should mark this story as finished, i was confused until I saw that this story had a sequel as well.

animelovercamcam chapter 8 . 1/2
I just wonder if harry can turn into a woman or if there is another female death for deadpool and thanos to obsess over if not... It's going to be really awkward here's how I imagi there convo
Thanos "To prove my love to death I will destroy you all!"
Harry " you're a nice guy and all really but I don't think it'll work out"
Thanos "who are you to tell me how my complicated relationship with death will work?!"
Harry " because I know death very closely"
Thanos "how?"
Harry "because ya wanker I am him!"
Thanos"what? Nooooooooooo"
Harry pulls out Lightsaber "look into your heart you know it to be true. Oh wait you don't have one" sucks out thanos' soul
can't wait to continue reading!
Rebmul chapter 25 . 11/22/2014
another master piece
Difdi chapter 24 . 10/10/2014
The judges of the supreme court wouldn't need to be in favor of Trask's crusade to step on any attempt to deny him access to the city, they'd merely need to be loyal to their oath to the constitution of the United States, and the human rights it protects.

Likewise, any attempt by government officials to deny someone their human rights is a crime punishable by ten years in prison for everyone involved in the attempt. Including passing laws that have the same effect - plus the law will be removed by the courts almost instantly. Those courts are not corrupt for doing so, quite the opposite - the corrupt government officials are the ones who attempt to silence political opponents.

Orally stating a dislike of mutants (or anyone else), even using foul language, is not a crime in the United States, it cannot be - any law that makes it a crime would be annihilated the moment a constitutional challenge to it was heard in court.

Harry says he won't fire on innocent civilians, but he will almost certainly have to. Anyone loyal to the ideals of human rights the country was founded upon is the natural, automatic enemy of any dictator that takes over the country. Harry CANNOT be the ruler of the United States AND true to the core values and highest law at the same time. By taking the actions he has, he has made every good, civilized person in the United States his deadly enemy. The only people who won't grab a rifle and hunt him down are the corrupt and the evil.
Difdi chapter 15 . 10/10/2014
Kurt doesn't really need to wait very long, since Xavier's school is in New York and the age of sexual consent in that state is 17.
Difdi chapter 14 . 10/10/2014
Violation of first amendment rights (or any constitutional, civil or statutory rights) by a public official - such as a federal agent or police officer, deputized or not - is a federal crime under Title 18, Chapter 13, Section 242 of the US Code.

Normally such a violation of rights is a misdemeanor level offense, punishable by a year in prison. But if the violation involves the threat or use of a dangerous weapon, the penalty increases to ten years in prison. Since TASERs and pepper spray count as dangerous weapons, a repulsor absolutely counts.

If two or more such officials act together to violate rights while within the territory of the United States, it violates Section 241 of the same chapter and title - violations of Section 241 follow the same pattern as 242, but start off one step more severe. Any violation of Section 241 is an automatic felony - felons are prohibited from being police of any kind.

It's worth noting that Section 242 adheres to the official, not where they are standing - while 241 only applies within the United States, 242 applies EVERYWHERE.

Ignoring the constitutionality of the Superhuman Registration Act, Tony has committed a federal felony, one that federal agents have no sovereign immunity to whatsoever, since it's a federal law and one that is all but impossible for private citizens to violate.
Difdi chapter 9 . 10/9/2014
In African mythology there is no such thing as a good witch. Witch is a gender-neutral title there. Magicals who are not evil have other titles, never witch.
Difdi chapter 4 . 10/9/2014
Nott was a soldier in a war, who killed someone almost the same age as he was. If that justifies the destruction of a soul, then Harry is going to have to destroy everyone who has ever fought in a war.

It was only murder because Harry arbitrarily defined it that way. Objectively, the only crimes Nott intended were rape and torture - and he hadn't done either of them yet to his intended victims.

By deciding trials are irrelevant, he makes himself every bit as bad as those who imprisoned Sirius without a trial. By destroying souls for mundane crimes, he makes himself far more evil than Voldemort ever was.

Aside from people who are absolutely insane, NO ONE ever wakes up in the morning and thinks "Today I will be evil." Everyone is the hero of their own story, it's a universal human trait. Evil people ALWAYS consider their actions justified, even good deeds, and consider themselves the only person capable of making 'the hard choices'. That sounds an awful lot like Harry, doesn't it?
SanitysOverrated87 chapter 26 . 9/3/2014
Very fun! I hope that you are continuing the sequel!
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