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Silent Evanescence chapter 40 . 9h
Seriously? I can handle your fixation/borderline obession on Netori. It makes for a boring romance, but I can handle it. What I will not handle is eroticized blackmail and rape. This thing with Konan is messed up and serves no purpose other than to what? Appease the people who want Naruto to sleep with everyone? Rape is not cool.
Silent Evanescence chapter 18 . 11/23
Recap of chapter:
Hi my name is Naruto. Since I'm feeling so guilty about killing Kaiza, I'm going to sleep with his wife to take my mind off things. That way I don't have to think about how she will feel even more guilty when she becomes a widow.

This Naruto is quickly becoming a pretty despicable character concerning women. The encounter with Shizune? Good. He recognized that she would get attached and so he didn't sleep with her any more. Tsunade? Good. Both parties acknowledge it is purely physical. The ship lady (forgot name)? Not good. We have a married woman take some stranger to Kiri and sleep with him for some reason. Then she is so guilty by her random sex with some random guy that she tells her husband? Kind of an unbelievable encounter since there were no emotional attachments. Mei? Naruto has conflicting character here. With Shizune, Naruto recognized that she would get attached and so he didn't sleep with her. Now that he has the attention of Mei, he doesn't care as long as she knew he would leave? Naruto is an ass for this since we have already seen him do it the right way with Shizune. Now Tsunami? Too many things wrong here to list them all.

I hope the romance aspect with Izumi is coming soon. I'm becoming disgusted with how Naruto is treating these women.
Squarekiddo chapter 5 . 11/15
I would have been so interested in this story if you werent making so much time for the Harem lovers, just by chapter titles alone its obvious youre giving at least 20 chapters AT least only to satisfy Harem lovers.

Problem with that is that its all meaningless, I simply cant keep reading cause its all just meangless stuff you made to satisfy 2 groups, maybe you should write your story the way you want it, and stop trying to keep everyone happy, oil and water is never going to mix, stop trying.
chetsc chapter 98 . 11/12
This has been one hell of a ride. And I love every moment of it! Thanks for the awesome story. Hope you can continue this one though.
Guest chapter 98 . 10/20
don't forget this story
update please please please
Guest chapter 4 . 10/17
That lemon took up half the chapter LOL no complaints tho
minatokyubi chapter 98 . 10/16
I love your story we will continue the fic
if if I'm looking forward to the next chapter I hope that Naruto stay with the two inzumi and the wafer would tsunade
Guest chapter 98 . 10/13
Please please continue this story it's so good!
The Storm Master 567 chapter 97 . 10/6
Please come back and make the pairing NarutoxTsunadexIzumi. U can't just let his son grow up without his father, not cool. And it sucks u left on such an important moment.
Guest chapter 98 . 10/4
You suck for not updating. Hope you aren't an assclown who leaves his fans hanging
Guest chapter 98 . 9/21
I wish I knew if the author was ok.
blandusername chapter 98 . 9/19
Please update post a chapter telling us that you quit because I really like this story. We need closure!
LemonLime64 chapter 29 . 9/18
the relationships are way too unrealistic to continue to read. Really tsunade and naruto who's like at least 15? harems can be very good if done right and this wasn't.

The story concept was good though i liked the idea
beast man1500 chapter 98 . 9/15
You MUST update this is one of the best fics i've ever read. This is one of the deepest fanfics i've read in a while. Most just pop out cliche's with little to no character development with pointless bashing. I love this story.
Guest chapter 16 . 8/31
Wait... Isn't tsunade an earth type?
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