Reviews for Loki and The Avengers
Guest chapter 11 . 9/21
that was great
Ommallaredpanda chapter 10 . 8/23
I love this! Please don't stop now, it's got so interesting and awesome! However, I did skip out the brother fluff parts cos that got a little too overwhelming, but apart from that, in my opinion, this story & your writing style is very good!
White Ithiliel chapter 7 . 8/20
Mouhahahaha, in French we DO have a word for the foxs ! We use the word "glapir" ! x)
Tekie Scythe chapter 1 . 8/3
One question. Why would Fury call Tony, "Tony." He calls him Stark.
haldirflet chapter 11 . 7/18
Finally a fan fiction that acknowledges we (the fans) are ALL a version of crazy :)) our pairings, our likes and dislikes are, all of it, utter madness.

The songs were a really nice touch, been done before but still unique...that's a huge credit.
As for perfection -what's that? None of us are unilaterally the ace of what if your music description suck :p - the emotion and bonding behind it shines too brightly

You went outside your comfort zone, you tried. Sometimes you crashed and burned but sometimes you soared so high! You started as a collaboration and found out one of the secrets in life instead - that we all end up standing alone. Guess what you nailed it! We all need someone to depend on or lean on but that's to the goal of being able to stand - alone.

the story was hard to write...because it required more of you... like life. So proud of you! All our steps take us to who we are - the good, the bad and the dirty:))) keep writing
Your getting better
mike99cat chapter 11 . 6/14
Please make another fanfic about the loki singing please
pumpkinpie5678 chapter 1 . 5/25
I think Rolling Girl (Boy in this case) would be great for Loki's past, and acceptance of the Avengers. I also love the song.
lokilookalike chapter 2 . 5/17
XD poor Steve, I guess that was just too much for him ;-D
IrrlandAlmondd chapter 11 . 5/10
This fanfiction that you wrote is truly a work of art, especially the way you used songs that seemed to fit "mot juste" into the story. The songs just floated effortlessly through the writing and matched Loki perfectly. It's also like a version of High School Musical which is AMAZING! I loved this story please keep writing you are great at it! An artist! (:
FangirlYaoiLover chapter 11 . 4/24
Avengers the musical ft loki
FangirlYaoiLover chapter 11 . 4/24
just rename the fanfic Avengers the musical
FangirlYaoiLover chapter 3 . 4/24
This is skillet. I LOVE that band
ikol chapter 2 . 4/16
Its 1:00 where I am right now, and I am trying so hard not to laugh! XD this is awesome!
Guest chapter 11 . 4/9
I love it all.
Guest chapter 6 . 4/9
This sounds like a very fun week or so in Avengers Tower.

Also, new headcanon includes a full-sized freezer full of a large assortment of various ice cream flavors in the Tower. Possibly expanding the collection to the point where there are multiple freezers, each labeled with a brand name, because organization! (And the appetites to eat that much before it can get old and freezerburned.) XD
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