Reviews for At The End Of All Things
Hadrian Eveningshade chapter 1 . 9/7
Like many harry potter time travel story, the methode to time travel is so complicated.
While in canon its so simple with time turner created by T Nott. Ahhahahha
ThunderSphinx chapter 4 . 9/6
Good story.

But sigh. Another person who hasn't read the books. Hermione's middle name is JEAN. Why can't people read!?
Guest chapter 22 . 9/4
Thank you for your time and efforts.I enjoy your prose as much as your fiction.I am glad you dismiss cretins.I
enjoy your stories and snipits of your life and detail gives texture to your author gave up his story because
people did not like how it ended that wassjust a prank.I appeciate what your doing and I wish people had some understaning words no matter verbal or writen can devastating consequenses.
Ada1229 chapter 14 . 9/5
Honestly I do feel super bad for the Dumbledore family, especially Albus since he doesn't know which spell hit Ari (it's not said but Aberforth may know). It doesn't excuse him leaving a baby on a doorstep, at the start of November on a night that was promised to be cold and wet, where anyone could simply walk up and take said baby (there was no distinct spell cast). Still, you can't help but feel for him
tammgrogan chapter 23 . 8/22
I want to tell you that I have so enjoyed reading your wonderful story. So I'll ask you to PLEASE, PLEASE UPDATE IT! Until then, Thank you.
Dagger-Seishin chapter 23 . 8/19
Coven not harem... I like it
Guest chapter 23 . 8/15
It's 9 months since you updated. And please go slow on the prepubescent sex while moving the story forward
brokenstrings001 chapter 3 . 6/28
Lordish with everyone with preconceived monologues. Almost every recipe for Hadrian Potter the lord god of swaggity swagger and his harem. Ugh! this makes me puke.
And most of all your Harry is so OC he might even pass up as Cormac Mclaggen. Did you think that a Harry that is married to his slut Ginny who knows he is being cheated and poured over all his time to his research would act like this? Heck no.
LtsHrIt4ThBoyz chapter 23 . 6/25
Well, even though I'm not a big fan of polyamory I'm still find myself quite enamored of your fic.
I too prefer more detail to less and do not let 'over-exuberant' descriptive passages deter my interest nor dampen my enthusiasm for wonderfully erudite tales, such as yours... I can always skip through or over any sections that are not to my taste or if I'm too eager to get to the 'meat' of a chapter to bother with social 'appetizers' ;-D.
I hope that you are well and will return to regale us with more of intriguing and most original story!
Take care, dear one and thank you for sharing your gifts with us!
omh666 chapter 23 . 6/18
Here's hoping for more chapters when/if you're able.
Ada1229 chapter 23 . 5/31
Fenrir my dear bloodthirsty maniac. I do believe you have just signed your own death certificate and that of your packmates. Good luck
Ada1229 chapter 18 . 5/31
XD OMG, I am currently trying not to laugh too loud from Harry putting the fear of the Gods into Dumbledork, there are people in my house sleeping but I can't help it, I'm wheezing
Ada1229 chapter 17 . 5/30
Squeeeeeeeeeeee, brotherhood between Harry and Collin is so sweet. I wish more fics did that.
Ada1229 chapter 15 . 5/30
Did I also mention that I love Hedwig and Minnie?
Ada1229 chapter 12 . 5/30
To be honest where I'm from people usually wait untill they're at least 15 before their first sexual encounter. Despite this I grew up in a family that raised me to believe school comes first and that you can always have sexual relations after you graduate and get a job. I didn't even have my first encounter untill I was 17. Coming from that kind of background 12 and 13 seem kind of young to me

Ok see, now there's a problem, "Nither Lord Potter nor any of his wives are permitted to cause you or your children any intentional physical, emotional, mental, or magical harm". I can see that going wrong in so many ways. I know they wouldn't cause any such harm intentionally but imagine any one of them gets into a life threatening situation intentionally (Harry tends to do that every year at least subconchisely). The others would worry which would constitute as intentional emotional AND mental harm thus breaking the contract
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