Reviews for The Risk-Reward Ratio
Trumpyhose chapter 34 . 1/15
And what's the point in keeping their relationship in secret? And what's with all the sorry and apologizing? Everyone seems to be doing that, and it's getting awfully boring and frustrated
Trumpyhose chapter 33 . 1/15
One word: Pathetic, the both of them. The whole thing is just frustrating and everything just goes round and round. I dont think i have the impatience to last through one more chapter and to put up with this whole relationship nonsense. Some chapters just drove me completely insane, they talk and talk but in the end just end up shouting at each other. Even the sex cant make up for the frustration you feel when reading.
LuceFray27 chapter 47 . 12/27/2016
No. No no no. This is not good. I cant. Where are they. What happened? My heart is already breaking!
oh. my. god.
what is happening.
they can't leave her! no no NO! HE'S NEVER GOING TO MAKE IT TO HER!
wtf? I cant. I cant.

well. now I'm broken. I didn't know this had a second part, so I'm just going to put all my hope in that. but I'm utterly broken right now. just, waaaaah!

this was so good. so bad, but so good.

xoxo luce
LuceFray27 chapter 46 . 12/27/2016
I am so effing nervous. The way this is written, memories, birthday, and mission is a relief as well as insanely cruel.
omg what is happening! I have such an awful feeling and I don't even want to read the last chapter! this cannot end well, it can't and im going to bawl my eyes out. ahhhhhhh xoxoxo luce
Guest chapter 45 . 12/27/2016
so much happiness in this chapter! I love that Draco is just one of them now. and geesh, this makes me want to read a twin fic! I need more Fred and George! I'm nervous, this is the calm before the storm. xoxo luce
LuceFray27 chapter 44 . 12/27/2016
OH MY GOD I'M GONNA CRY! in line for gas at Costco and im gonna be a crying mess! I don't even care about Ron and Cho now! omg Draco! yessssssssssss! awwwwwww! finally! omg omg omg! xoxo Luce
LuceFray27 chapter 43 . 12/27/2016
I'm getting nervous that they won't be able to aspartate out...
MY JAW IS ON THE FLOOR. snapping their wands!? Omg how are they even going to fight back now?
WHAT!? noooooo! What did they breathe in? Ahh this is awful and intense and my stomach is in knots! I knew they weren't going to be able to apparate! Shit!
Oh my gods. that was so much! ahhh! I thought for sure someone was going to die! I'm so relieved! and so sad for Kingsley! but yay for Ron and Cho! xoxo L
LuceFray27 chapter 42 . 12/27/2016
Not that I'll miss pansy, but that was rather at of her to tell Draco's birthday. I wonder what his reaction will be to whatever hernione does...OMG! LAUGHING! hernione comparing Draco to Snape and thinking it's hit!? Haha!
Oh, my poor heart! Sex isn't supposed to make you cry, but the way Draco acts after a night watching hermione with teddy rips my heart strings!
and then Draco with teddy, and that entire mind fuck you just put me through! he wants babies with Hermione but can't and waaaaah!
ugh. this mission is making me fucking nervous. I don't like this at all.
LuceFray27 chapter 41 . 12/26/2016
ugh drunk pansy is bitch pansy. I'm glad Draco stood up for Hermione but man, when she thought he was his dad? ouch. that would be a hard slap if reality. I loved that Harry and Ron were friendly with draco, and I feel like some sort of new respect was born when he didn't fight Ron back. gosh it's always one thing or another trying to drown out Hermione and Draco's relationship. with only 6 chapters left I'm getting so curious! does it last? does it work? ahhh! xoxo Luce
AJ2015 chapter 47 . 12/26/2016
Oh my! This one took me a long time to finish...Not because it wasn't good..It was fabulous! However, the angst got to me and I had to read some happy fics in between some chapters. I'm so happy I did finish though :) I'm excited to read the sequel and see how (if..But really hope how) they can get out of this and still be together. You're a master story teller and I'm so happy you graced the fandom with this.
LuceFray27 chapter 40 . 12/26/2016
ugh. no good can come of seeing Narcissa. she is often written as having a good side, or coming round to the right side, but I'm really glad so far you have kind of left her as is. it's hard to read, because she's awful, but it seems really honest. she's not a nice lady.
I feel bad that Draco has all this hope, even if he doesn't admit it, that his mom will do the 'right thing' and choose him, but she keeps choosing his dad. ugh.
still a tonks lover! I kind of feel like that was a sneaky tonks thing to do, leaving teddy with Hermione to go tell Draco the news. like maybe seeing Hermione holding a baby will make Draco want to fight as hard as possible for that future, not just give it up... great chapter! xoxo luce
LuceFray27 chapter 39 . 12/25/2016
I have a bad feeling about this plan. either the one to get the muggle gas, or the one to use the muggle gas. something is going to go wrong.
poor Pansy, too. at least she has Draco I guess, but still, what a rough situation :(
Guest chapter 38 . 12/24/2016
ugh these chalets have more and more to unpack and im feeling so bad for draco! I couldn't imagine! Hermione is right, the wizarding world is lacking a lot of things that the muggles have. ugh, I just need to know what happens! I'm nervous! xoxo luce
LuceFray27 chapter 37 . 12/24/2016
I seriously am proud of Ron! a fictional character, haha! but honestly, he did really well, not dying when he found out! lol. I was laughing so hard when he was telling Harry to just blind him! hahaha!
and then pansy. ugh. that's awful. I don't even have words. :/
and, the end...yes. just yes. I love how uninhibited genuine is with him. I think it's really good for her. he's really good for her. xoxo luce
Guest chapter 36 . 12/24/2016
so much yes in this chapter! I love that they finally just had a bit of time to BE. just together, and loving, and not a fucking mess. I loved this. but now I'm nervous! what is going to happen! ahhhhhhh! seriously, I am in love with your writing style.
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