Reviews for The Risk-Reward Ratio
CharlieAnne chapter 14 . 8/13
Rereading for the 5th time probably and top f the world by the Dixie chicks was playing while I read this chapter and it made for a hauntingly beautiful combination
somebluenovember chapter 46 . 7/28
Well. That hurt.
somebluenovember chapter 37 . 7/25
Well. I can't say I didn't see this coming, about Pansy, and who it was who violated her, but it still hurt to read. Beautiful though painful scene in the cellar, and I love the way you write Pansy, despite the dreadful situation.
somebluenovember chapter 34 . 7/25
I KNEW Ron's comment in the previous chapter was a hint about him knowing about them (I'm doing a little happydance as I'm writing this) and I'm SO SO SO glad you took this route with Ron, as opposed to the more popular "Ron goes mad and screams at Hermione, followed by sulking" option. I LOVE supportive Ron in a Dramione, it gets me almost the same fuzzy warm feelings as Draco and Harry slowly becoming friends. Honestly, I'm almost ready to do a Dramione fic-rec list "Supportive Ron" on tumblr.

The path you've dreamt up for Pansy is interesting, and I hope she'll feature in future chapters? The dialogue between Draco and Pansy - as you've asked in the notes - it feels natural. The easy connection and the sadness...and THANK YOU for not making Pansy a jealous bitch, which, again, would be the easy and more popular choice in a Dramione. I'm enjoying this story SO much and I kind of hope you are still checking reviews so you'll get at least some of my grateful positive feels : )
somebluenovember chapter 18 . 7/23
I'm really trying to review as I go, but the story has kind of sucked me into its own universe and I can't step off the train to take a break between chapters to politely thank you for the fic...sorry! It's just too good :D I still think I was a bit surprised by how quick you took Draco and Hermione from below zero to affection, but for the last few chapters everything feels perfect and this one is my favourite so far! Thank you for the story!
somebluenovember chapter 9 . 7/23
Good chapter. Draco thinking and listing the people he was involved in hurting points to him starting to see them as actual real people.
somebluenovember chapter 8 . 7/23
I know it is a finished story already, but since you asked in the notes - yes, it does feel like the romance is moving on a bit too fast to be realistic. As for the meeting of Narcissa and Draco - I think you took the better route, not making it too sweet, but rather conflicted.
somebluenovember chapter 3 . 7/23
Interesting. I don't think I've read a Dramione yet where there is some sort of permanent physical damage from the war to either of them other than the Dark Mark or Mudblood scar.
Guest chapter 6 . 7/19
Ron you F-ing asshole!
Moose chapter 22 . 7/18
WHY? WHY did Harry have to go in and ruin things! AND WHYYY DOES HE HATE DRACO! Omg. This should be a novel!
omg chapter 6 . 7/18
That was so mean Ron!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/15
I really like this story. I love how you redeemed him, but not quite redeemed. He's not this brand new Draco. And then he gets all noble... too noble for his own good lol. Your characters are raw and imperfect and rough around the edges and its very refreshing. The quality of the writing is top notch!
Ellie chapter 46 . 7/8
I'm sorry but i completely and utterly despise you. This is not how its supposed to end! I don't care if there is a sequel my heart is already broken. The story was perfect and genuine and sweet and...PERFECTION. This is the best plot i have ever read on Dramione and i really feel as if this was a part of the original series. It was believable and the characters acted just as they did in the books... And then you ruined it and oh my god i feel like you sucker punched me! I dont wanna read about them being tortured I WANT MY BLOODY HAPPY ENDING!
Iheartbooks394 chapter 23 . 5/21
Loved how you had Harry find out - i always pictured it would be on someone walking in on them! Also though it was very realistic on how she was nervous but then got annoyed and ripped him a new one. Oh and how you threw the i love you in there SNEAKY and i loved it ;)
Wondering about the dark stuff coming up and how Krum is going to complicate things
Iheartbooks394 chapter 21 . 5/21
OMG my heart is racing
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