Reviews for Come Forth, Lazarus
Legendary Biologist chapter 18 . 8/20/2015
Hi again! Caught up with everything! :)

The first part at first confused me, but oh, it turns out that everything is on John's view. The descriptions of what he feels and hears are brilliant. And he just sees white. John is unconscious, so the descriptions are just fitting.

It's very heartwarming to see John finally wake up, and Molly greeting him with Happy New Year is just so heartwarming.

The scene between Sherlock and John is rather sad. Sherlock knows that he is to blame. He has caused Molly to lie to John. ["Don't hate her for it."] is a very poignant part of the scene, in addition to John hating not Molly, the fact that Molly lied.

The moment John feels hurt, Sherlock's reaction is just great. Demanding the nurse to get painkiller, and although she initially refuses, he manages to ask her to. John and Sherlock are close friends indeed.

Oh, bittersweet ending! It's a sweet one as John has been discharged from the hospital and met up with Molly again, but he has changed, making it rather bitter. John's spleen is mostly removed, and his immune system is weaker now. And then, aside from not calling Molly 'Lolly' again, he can accidentally call her Sherlock instead. Something is different with John now.

[But he was not the man she had married. She would never see that man again.] - Beautiful and melancholic. Perfectly sums up Molly's feelings. John is alive, but he is very different now.

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 17 . 8/18/2015
Hi again!

The descriptions of John's condition are just very well-written. They just make the situation sad. John is alive, but he looks dead. Greyish skin. Cold, rubbery hand. Glad that he still shows signs of neurological twinges.

The scene with Toby really makes a nice break after the grief/drama. The descriptions of him make it so cute! Fuzzy head, bat-like ears, yellow eyes, etc pop out of the bag. Very cute. :D

The moment when Molly scolds Sherlock is very sad, but she does have a point. [What did I ever do to you to deserve this?"] perfectly shows her emotional state. She's very upset at Sherlock, who is to blame, although it's not his intention.

THe suspense kicks in when Lestrate suddenly asks Sherlock to see John. ["He's dying."] Oh, no. And his condition is deteriorating. I'm hoping that John will be okay. I can feel for Sherlock when he falters at the sight of a sleeping, dying John. His speech to John is heartwarming as well. He's trying to amuse John. And the temporary increase of heart rate just makes it even more heartwarming. :D

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 16 . 8/17/2015
Hi again!

The scene is Molly gives me mixed feelings (in a good way of course). Surprising, but melancholic. Surprising because she has been keeping that secret about Sherlock (he's alive!), melancholic because she's sad. John has been shot, and still is in surgery. No other news yet.

I love Lestrade's reactions towards Molly's statement about Sherlock. Very realistic, especially when he starts to mention ["Your own husband-"]. He's shocked. But glad that Mel stops him from further asking Molly about that; otherwise, he may dishearten an already sad Molly.

The scene between Sherlock and Mycroft is a very gripping read. And the revelation is quite surprising. Mycroft has been following Sherlock all this long. And when it's about the message, the time I read about the first one at the airport, I'm very interested to know if Mycroft is also the one who leaves a similar message on the tunnel wall. And it's very satisfying to know that he's the one behind many things.

I like Mrs. Hudson character. The way she treats Harry depicts her as a motherly character, and that's just lovely. She comforts a sad Harry, and then she's aware of Harry's substance abuse and cares about it.

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 15 . 8/16/2015
Hi again!

Lestrade hitting Sherlock? I didn't see it coming! But I feel for Sherlock, especially when he starts cowering like a ten-year-old. John getting shot is his fault. And worse, John is his best friend. The emotional pressure must be hard on Sherlock.

["Because right now, I have to call Molly to tell her that her baby might not have a father."] - Sad, but true. Sherlock's act also causes collateral damage. :( It looks like Sherlock realizes it too.

Lestrade is a very understanding character. Called Mel to accompany and support Molly, because Molly is pregnant and sure to take it hard when she finds out what happened to John.

And that just makes the call to Molly so gripping. Especially when she notices that Lestrade sounds hesitant. I'm really wondering if Lestrade may end up speaking the truth about John or Molly asks Lestrade to talk about it, but really, really glad that Molly only asks if John is alive, and Lestrade just says 'yes.' I wonder how her reaction will be when she arrives at the hospital. Curious! And still hooked. :D

Again, I feel for Sherlock. He's just wandering around the corner, looking messy and aloof. This line [Lestrade had never seen the man look so alone before.] really nails the emotion.

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 14 . 8/15/2015
Hi again!

If the past chapter is already very suspenseful, this one is even more suspenseful! It immediately picks up from John getting shot. Ouch! The descriptions of his wound and suffering just add to the tension.

And then Sherlock's character. He's very, very deep and likeable. In the previous chapters, he has been portrayed to show very little emotions. But here, after seeing an injured John, he finally loses his cool. Attacking Moran and then showing so much concern towards John (and later telling stories to comfort John) wonderfully show that Sherlock isn't that cold and stoic after all!

The scene between Mycroft and Moran is just as gripping. Keeps me wondering how Mycroft can solve this problem. The whole dialogue in which Mycroft tries to break Moran by talking keeps me wondering if this will work out. And then BAM! I can relate with Lestrade's shock upon hearing that gunshot.

It is calming down by the end, but I wonder if John will be okay. Still hooked!

["Have you got any idea how many stupid people are out there, Lestrade? How many people don't know what they're doing?"] - Sherlock's character is so consistent throughout the story, especially the voice. But this line is particularly amazing. This doesn't just convey Sherlock's usual cold, sharp, and direct voice, but it also shows that he's worried about John.

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 13 . 8/15/2015
Hi again!

Talking about suspense, this chapter is so gripping from the beginning to the end. It's especially tense when Moran starts the countdown. And not even John's words are stopping him. Good thing that the countdown stops on 'three.'

And the talk about Moriarty is very, very well-done. Keep me hooked throughout the dialogue, especially the way Sherlock talks about Moriarty. Cold, sharp, and direct. ["And the man's passing was no great loss to the world."] Sherlock's voice is so clear, and his character is very consistent throughout the story.

["I you need more proof than my word,] - Typo?

Later, again, the talk about Moriarty is a great read. Moran insists that Moriarty is good, but of course, Sherlock just replies in his usual cold, sharp, and direct way of speaking: ["I'm afraid your definition of "good" might need some work."] Really liked the way he talks. :D

WHAT A CLIFFHANGER! The cliffhanger in this chapter is even more gripping than the previous chapter! Moran shot John, Sherlock's best friend? Really? He got his revenge? Meanwhile, Sherlock is facing Moran? How will he deal with all these? I find it hard not to click on the 'next' button. ;P

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 12 . 8/15/2015
Hi again!

The whole discussion and arguments about the phone is very gripping and interesting. It flows so well and the dialogue is just very realistic. Loved how Lestrade insists that Sherlock is dead by using argument like reallocated number. Of course, as far as he knows, Sherlock is dead. Also, I enjoyed how John insists that something is very suspicious with Sherlock's phone. It's still ringing although Sherlock is known to be dead, but the phone rings twenty times. Only Sherlock's phone is like that. And then the phone is at a power station? Very intriguing.

["Oh, not without nitpicking the pieces to death."] - A nice break for the whole tension, and just fits Sherlock's character (as far as I know).

John and Lestrade deciding to locate the phone is a very tense read. That is an abandoned power station. It may not be a good idea to wander around that place.

The last part is such a twist! So, the one who has the phone is Moran? Oops. Wondering what will happen next. And the last line especially makes me want to continue reading. Moran has a gun. Ow! I wonder how John and Lestrade can get out of this!

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 11 . 8/14/2015
Hi again!

The talk about the autopsy notes is very interesting and gripping. Something sure doesn't match with the injuries. Trauma from a four-storey fall is definitely not the same with the trauma from a car accident. It's especially evident when they talk about skull and vertebrae trauma. Correct. Falling should have seriously injured the skull and backbone.

["I thought it belonged to Sherlock Holmes."] - This one line is a hooker! :D It's known that Sherlock's death is caused by falling. Is it possible that the autopsy records are switched? Gotta read on!

Enjoyed the paragraph about Sherlock being pragmatic/mechanical about his physical needs. The word fuel really emphasizes that he is being mechanical about his physical needs.

The moment John asks Molly about Sherlock's autopsy report is tense. It sure adds to the mystery of the switched record.

The suspense is great at the last part with the phone. ["But when we do meet, do remind me that I've got something of yours you'll probably want back. Can you guess what it is?"] Very curious with what Moran has. And then, the dialogue just works very well in concealing the mystery. Sherlock just answers with a 'yes.' Eh, wait, is it Mrs. Hudson? The way Moran talks about Mrs. Hudson's condition sure is creepy. I wonder what Moran has done and how Sherlock will resolve his problem. Hooked!

And Sherlock's anger towards Moran is just portrayed very nicely through his dialogue (threatening to probably kill Moran, maybe slowly and painfully) and then Sherlock slamming the phone down.

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 10 . 8/13/2015
Hi again! I was a bit late this time because...uh, I was pretty spooked yesterday. House on fire. No real damage, but I was shaky for the whole day.

Sherlock's struggle not to be conspicuous is a great read. He struggles not to use difficult language ('indigent' sounds pretty complex, which perfectly suits Sherlock himself and may make him conspicuous). When Sherlock hesitates to accept the help, I can relate with him. He is trying his best not to be conspicuous after all. Sherlock's thorough observations of the environment and people also help break the tension of his struggle.

Lestrade visiting Sherlock's grave is a somber scene. The way Lestrade speaks hints that he's remorseful of what has happened to Sherlock. And then the lecture replaying in Lestrade's head makes it sadder, because this [Your opinion of his innocence has no bearing at all on the outcome of the case.] sounds smug and effectively declares that nothing can help Sherlock. Then his following thought [If he thought more people believed in him, maybe he would have been able to wait things out, instead of stepping off a roof.] is just as sad. Lestrade does care about Sherlock's issues.

John's scene about treating trauma caused by a fall is very gripping. Especially the dialogue, starting from the inconsistent injuries. Something is familiar with that (Sherlock's 'death'). And then John asking Molly to give out information regarding Sherlock's autopsy. That information isn't supposed to be given out whenever one wants to, but Molly finally agrees. I wonder if things will go smoothly.

The last scene with Lestrade, although starts out pretty wacky (in a good way) because of the video, it becomes sad by the time it reaches [That voice.] Sherlock is John's best friend, and Sherlock, as far as John knows, is already dead. Meanwhile, the video just brings back John's memory with him. So sad.

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 9 . 8/9/2015
Hi again!

Ah, it's a scene with John this time. I love how realistic the hospital scene is, along with the dialogue. Firstly, there's John getting sarcastic, which I sure can relate with because of the long shift. And then his dialogue with Dhaval, his colleague/superior. Dhaval trying to comfort a not-so-pleasant John is just nice to read. And the discussion about the patients and later, Dhaval's order to take the triage list, really, really show that they are working in a hospital. Amazing! :D

Sherlock's journey is a fantastic read as well. It feels like I'm walking there too. The descriptive paragraph about when it rains (especially love the [dull glow of the lights across the street.]) provides excellent visualization.

[Raucous laughter echoed down toward the darker end of the street.] - Eep. The suspense gets me. ;) And then there are two men coming towards Sherlock. Good thing that they don't do any harm; instead, they end up chatting.

What a gripping, mysterious end! The spray-painted message is mysterious, just like the letter from the past chapters. I wonder if the message is a foreshadowing. And then [Sleep flooded over him like an icy wave.] It ends there, but I wonder if sleeping there is 100% safe. Still hooked!

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 8 . 8/8/2015
Hi again!

The scene with Toby is very cute. Toby's way of getting John's attention is just so cute for a cat. Sitting on John's journal and then headbutting John's face just work.

John's 'Abrupt Major Life Changes' make it easy to sympathize with him. Love the paragraph about fatherhood thing. John doesn't seem to have prepared himself to be a father.

The suspense really gets me when Donovan sees John to talk abot Sherlock's case. The report is incorrect, and Donovan tries to confirm it, but nobody believes in her.

[And now he's dead, and chasing up an administrative error won't bring him back.] - True this. Sherlock is dead, and correcting the reports won't do any good. I can see John saying this, because he believes that Sherlock is already dead.

The dialogue between Lestrade and Melissa is just as tense when it's about Sherlock. Something is off about the Bruhl kids case when Lestrades says that Sherlock would never hurt a kid in his life. I wonder what this will lead to.

[He couldn't see how going there to look at a tombstone and a rectangle of disturbed grass was going to give closure on this business with Sally Donovan.] - What a hooker! Looks like Lestrade will soon discover that Donovan is right all this long, and I wonder what will happen next! Hooked!

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 7 . 8/7/2015
Hi again!

Sherlock's observation of the airport's environment is a very fun read. He comes across as a very thorough person. Even he pays attention to the woman who has black eye and makes a couple of guesses. After that, he keeps paying attention to little things amidst the crowds... Very thorough indeed.

The content of the letter is very mysterious. I wonder what kind of foreshadowing it is. Have to read on to find out!

Oh, an additional scene. Because it's known that Sherlock is still alive, that scene makes everything more realistic. Different characters have different views on Sherlock's death. Of course Lestrade and Gregson insist that Sherlock is dead, because that's what in the files.

And Gregson's character. Still as grumpy as usual. He doesn't like it when someone calls him 'mate.' ;)

The last part is tense, and that additional scene just adds to the tension. Donovan has different views on Sherlock's death; she believes that the records are fake (which is actually true). Makes me very hooked when Donovan confronts Lestrade about the records. Now, I wonder how Donovan's work will turn out. And knowing that Gregson is a grump and thinks that Donovan is a nutter... One word: hooked!

Just a very minor pointer: knowing Malay (the origin of Indonesian language is Malay after all), I spot a mistake in Sherlock's Malay dialogue. I'm pretty sure that Sherlock wants to say 'thank you' to the boy, which is, in Malay, is 'terima kasih' instead of 'kasih.'

Well done!
Legendary Biologist chapter 6 . 8/6/2015
Hi again! It's been a while since I read this. :) I'll be including the new scenes from ch5, because I haven't read them in my previous read.


The tombstone scene is a bittersweet one. It's rather touching to see John going to the cemetery to 'tell' Sherlock about himself. They're really close friends. And then John bringing Molly along to 'tell' Sherlock about the baby is just as sweet.

The airport scene is perfectly what is expected to be seen in an airport. And Sherlock's observation of the passengers is pretty hilarious. Yeah, they are indeed, messy. I can relate with Sherlock when he thinks: [Come on, will you people just hurry up and find your seats?]

Sherlock's conversation with Shirley is very interesting. Shirley's question almost catches Sherlock off-guard, because Sherlock is using a fake identity right now. It's good that he can just avoid revealing too much by saying that he has a friend, but it's been a long time.


Love how Donovan assesses Gregson. The assessment characterizes him. Gregson does sound grumpy, as shown by how he speaks. And then, [and Donovan had occasionally wondered what would happen to Gregson's face if he smiled.] just further emphasizes that Gregson is a grumpy guy.

["Bloody obnoxious, and desperate for attention."] - Gives me chuckle, but the obnoxious part is quite true. Sherlock often comes across as cold and snarks frequently.

Sherlock is really mad after Donovan attempts to seduce him, and I can relate with him. There's the reason and depiction. Donovan does come across as audacious when she attempts to seduce Sherlock. They're supposed to investigate Moira's murder. Then, how Sherlock's anger is conveyed. Not only that he refuses Donovan's offer to drive him home and decides to walk to the nearest train station (and how he just brushes her off), but this also becomes, as realized by Donovan, a lifelong mutual grudge.

Of course Donovan doesn't really know whether Sherlock is dead or alive, but in truth, Sherlock is alive (albeit living with a fake identity). So she's right; the man on the slab isn't Sherlock. I wonder what will happen when these two happen to meet.

Well done! :)
becgate chapter 18 . 4/2/2015
Love love love it! ! So awesome! !
Guest chapter 18 . 12/11/2014
Wonderful story. The messages and references are very cleverly written. I find them interesting despite never having read the Bible before. I also find your take on Sebastian Moran quite refreshing, though it's a sympathetic and perhaps overtly idealistic portrayal rarely found in stories that he does show up.
I find every one of the cast in character, but something about them just...bugs me. Too many unresolved matters, probably. Going for the sequel now. Thank you for writing this.
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