Reviews for Harry Potter: Blessed by Fates
Mystical-Elf-Of-Sorrow chapter 57 . 10h ago
AMAZING ending
Aileen Dickinson chapter 57 . 12h ago
I really loved your story and I'm sad it's finished already. Looking forward to the sequel D
Gea Mari chapter 57 . 13h ago
Yes! Another chapter! Have I told you how much I love this story? Well if I have not, I do! I absolutely love this story! I love the interactions between all the characters. Especially the growth they have undertaken from the beginning until now. I absolutely adore the outside children! They are enigmas of their own and their stories are amazing. Thank you for writing. I cannot wait for the next chapter! Please update when ever is possible!
the youngest Gorgons chapter 57 . 16h ago
Lovely ending!
I will miss this and already I'm waiting for sequel, it must be interesting...
Good job
RogueNya chapter 57 . 19h ago
Great job on this story, it was quite good. Will keep my eyes open for when the Sequel will come but I imagine it will be a while, as some people like to take breaks and do something different for a bit. Not to mention all the planning that will be needed for the sequel.

Anyways I greatly enjoyed this story
fairygirl90 chapter 56 . 4/14
wow i love this story and I can't wait for the last couple chapters and the sequel. I wonder if the Parkinsons will make another appearance to try and hurt the Malfoys again (maybe team up with Greengrass) in the sequel as the bad guys, but i don't know how far in the future you are going to set it, although I would like to see Harry preggers next time too and more bonding between him, Moony and Severus. I hope you update this soon :)
Daddys little crazy bitch chapter 54 . 4/5
love it
IBegToDreamAndDiffer chapter 56 . 3/26
Love this story. Quick question; is the daughter's name pronounced "sa-reena" or "ka-reena".
paskinmath chapter 56 . 3/19
This story is a wonderful idea of what can happen after extended tragedy. It's lovely. Thank you.
daithi4377 chapter 56 . 3/18
Beautiful chapter, I love the names. Hmmm Lucius was such a. Calm mommy during Labour not one threat of castration to Harry lol. Can't wait for next update.
daithi4377 chapter 55 . 3/18
I don't know which brought more tears to my eyes Harry's dream of being and talking with Sirius or his wedding vows to Lucius. Both were beautiful.
daithi4377 chapter 54 . 3/18
The love and affection that Harry holds for Hogwarts is amazing. Give or take seven years of. Magic, laughter and friendship, but on the other hand he also had years of verbal abuse numerous attempts on his life nearly lost his life to basilisk, trolls, dementors, Voldemort. Add to that the manipulations of a headmaster. But even after all this he still loves her and thinks of her as home.
daithi4377 chapter 53 . 3/18
I'm surprised that she died so soon, must be due to being off the drugs.
daithi4377 chapter 51 . 3/18
I love the interaction between Lucius and Andromeda. You seldom see a lot if Andrimeda usually just mentions of her being a medical witch iron Guardian and caregiver for Teddy after the war. I really like the fact that she has more of a place and personality in your story.
daithi4377 chapter 49 . 3/18
It's a pity that such a hearfelt and beautiful moment is going to bring followed by most likely a firestorm depending on whether Skeeter gets her next article published.
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