Reviews for A Soul of Fire
Guest chapter 33 . 8/23
Dude, i dont care what you ended up doing with karasuba. I dont care what you've been planing all along. I've just been enjoing the hell out of this fic! ...At least, until it got to the actual action. Your battle sequences are, quite frankly (not to mention disapointingly), boring. What's worse is that it's contrite. You've tiped the scale in terms of ability and strength so far against your protagonists that when they inevitably succeed (which ofcourse they will) it's like; what the frack? You're a really good writer, but you need to pace your action beter. I find myself having to constantly skip through your fight scenes inorder to reach the end of your story. You realize how weird that is?
Paxloria chapter 40 . 8/20
Great story!
I'm glad you were able to conclude it.

So there's a Secret about Karasuba's termination?
I'd like to know that.
Rather than get back to everyone individually about it that asks, wouldn't it be better to ad that in to THIS story as an extra after the Author's Note, a possible Omake, or just stick it on as a sub (like some movies do at the end after the credits stop rolling) by adding another page to the story to put it on?

There are a number of small errors in there that need fixing (like "going" instead of "doing" and similar), but the biggest problem is what Maya said she planed to do.
I can see her wanting to find the other ships that crashed & learn their fate... But it is impossible that they were not all previously found at one time or another.
After all: each ship had one Jinki, Jinki can't be copied, all of the jinki have been found and are in the city, These facts added together equals the conclusion that the other space ships landed on earth and were found by someone that desided to poke around on them a bit.
Thus, there is know way this didn't happen.
The only question left is what happened to the ships & Sekirei that had been on them after that.

Good luck & I hope to read more of your stories in the future *coughBIRTHBYFIREcough*
Guest chapter 40 . 8/13
Mad props my man. This was a truly interesting read.
Shadow of a Memory chapter 1 . 8/11
I don't have words to express how I feel about this outstanding piece of writing. The last few chapters and character interactions were riveting. The final scenes with Minaka though have to be my favorites though. Truly SoF is one of the best fics I've read to date.
Random Guy chapter 2 . 8/4
I don't know why everyone hates homura enough that HE reacts to shirou in EVERY SINGLE fate/sekirei fic. AND that his name conjures up only akemi homura in my mind.
Random Guy chapter 1 . 8/4
A not-yet-dead long fate crossover with a familiar theme. Hopes up.
Not Random Writer chapter 39 . 7/28
Seriously I binge read this entire fic in the last few days and goddanm! I think it is equal to In Flight is quality. Sure your style is different, but Holy SHIT this was good.
zachary2 chapter 40 . 7/23
Good story.
No Fanfic No Life chapter 34 . 7/9
Finally they got together!
Guest chapter 40 . 7/7
This ahs been an absolute joy to read, you've done a great job writing this and actually managed to give the sekirei a little more dignity than what they have in basically anything else. I hope that you come out with more stories or continuing chapters for any still in progress stories soon. Also, were you being serious about making a cross over with infinite stratos? If so please do so soon because that is an amazing idea and frankly the infinite stratos and fate stay night crossover section is a little lacking in terms of good fanfics, and based off everything you've written so far all your fans know that you can deliver a great crossover of with your birth by fire AU.
Paxloria chapter 39 . 7/1
Awesome chapter!
Numerus small errors were a meger price to pay since it meant that this wonderfulness got posted sooner!

Can't wait to read more!
Same goes for the prequal story.
Guest chapter 40 . 6/30
I hope that if you do go through with makig an IS crossover that it is at LEAST half as good as this amazing piece of work.
Detinc chapter 40 . 6/30
Truly a Masterpiece (yes, I capitalized it). Filled with many new kinds of ideas that I have yet to see in a Sekirei fanfiction.

By the way, making a reference to Pok├ęgirls, and asking me not to look it up, is like Dumbledore telling the Hogwarts student body that the Third floor corridor is forbidden to those who don't want a painful death.
Mingyu chapter 40 . 6/26
Thank you very much for seeing this fic through to completion! And well done on it! I would have liked to see more of Shirou's interaction with his birth family at the end, but I am still satisfied. Thank you again for the closure!
LordsFire chapter 40 . 6/26
This was, on the whole, an accomplishment of fanfiction. It's by no means the best I've read, and I was very frustrated with how you wrote a number of parts, but it was also very clear you were an author with some original ideas, who was trying to tell a story about characters doing things, rather than a series of author-fiat narrative goalposts. I particularly liked how you didn't make Shirou or the other human girls just cave to the harem shenanigans. Because those are bullshit.

I'm glad I finally decided to come back and finish it.
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