Reviews for A Soul of Fire
ShadowFireZelda chapter 33 . 9/17
That announcement at the end telling me to fmy expectations was probably the best part of all of this because I can just imagine sitting there and I can hear the Laugh In My Mind as you wrote that.
The romantic insanity chapter 40 . 8/29
That was beautiful and distrubing nice job
Sanger-sequence chapter 40 . 8/11
Wow. Well that just kept escalating and escalating and escalating. And it made for a really fun read. I laughed out loud through the entire fic, especially at the "having to commit patricide AGAIN" line, Rin's Laser Eye of Terror (TM), any and all jokes about Shirou's collateral damage problems, and basically everything Minaka said from Chapter 37 on. I think I whispered "Oh god, the chuuni is genetic." as soon as the suit came out. I read the first half of this a bit ag, so I don't remember the individual lines I liked the most, but rest assured there were many.
Blake2020 chapter 1 . 8/10
good start lot
Vhostym chapter 40 . 6/27
Very nice, I quite like how this all came together and how the whole plot of the original material kind of fell apart early on. The ending was also quite poignant and really fit with the feeling of the story.

I found the comment on the secret of Karasuba's termination interesting, because when I read that section of the story I assumed that Karasuba had finished the rite by killing Yume and was now the new pillar. Whether she then died or not hadn't been made clear (at least until the end where it became pretty likely that she was dead) but I thought that was a reasonable interpretation.

And on one final note congratulations on making Sekirei actually involve a situation where some of the sekirei end up slightly heartbroken by the main character not loving them back. It feels like most sekirei crossovers go out of their way to have the main character be very loving of all of their, numerous, sekirei despite that being somewhat out of character for many of them. Good on you!
Warmach1ne32 chapter 38 . 5/17
That final scene of combining Reality Marbles of Nero and Shirou is a great idea for a climax so I'm sitting down, sending praise through thunderous applause :D
Fireofargentis chapter 40 . 5/9
Im actualy curious about karasuba's termination
Ikurus chapter 40 . 4/27
This managed to hold my attention much better than In Flight. Less harem diversions, and less Sekirei obliviousness and blind acceptance about it due to the three non-sekirei women involved.
Thank you for writing and sharing this.
Rankin de Merthyr chapter 40 . 4/24
I skipped to end cuz I didn't want to waste my time and find out if my ship was going to make it or not. So for you Shirou x Miya fans out there; NOPE! Didn't happen! You're better off with Debt of a Sword!
River king chapter 40 . 3/2
D72 chapter 18 . 2/25
Property damage pre-assessment : All of it.
D72 chapter 11 . 2/25
Fashion Emperor Nero. A very different 40k. :P
D72 chapter 9 . 2/25
Oh man, totally don't see him as fang face anymore. Supreme Author KO! Accidental smooth operator strikes again! He's totes gonna end up with a harem. Or Nero is gonna enslave kazehana, and cure chiho to get her hands on some cloth.
D72 chapter 8 . 2/25
Of course he would need fire eyes. He's not jealous, at all... For a second I thought some retard sniped Yukari. That person would be so screwed. Takemi would probably wing karasuba just to drag out said idiot's death.

It is getting very difficult not to read shirou as anyone but ol' round shades Mc grin.
D72 chapter 3 . 2/25
Rin: fuck all kinds of duck. Minaka: That is indeed the plan! Crimson fuckr: Nice Coat.
Nero/Seras: staredown of doom. Integra: How many vampire hunting organizations does the Vatican need!?

Shirou: I'm not apologizing. *as he has arm reattached, since they can do that in type moon.
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