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666Spektor chapter 3 . 10/30/2013
Tiana-P chapter 3 . 1/17/2013
Ok ok, I'm so sorry this review took ages but omg, you know I loved it so much! The perfect last chapter! Only it did suck a little bit cos it was the last one :( I wish it never ended! Like always, gotta love Mary Ann and her relationships with Kono and Steve. The teasing in the first scene was the best. But the seriousness was ultimately the main point of it and it was the sweetest. I love how Steve told her that its still her home, cos I can believe that he wouldn't want her to leave. But Kono coming along and taking that picture was hilarious, esp Steve's reply about how 'she's not that bad' hehe. Aw, I totally love big brother Steve!

The scene between Mary Ann and Steve in the car was one of the best I've ever read between these two, seriously. You got them both dead on, from the dialogue to the little descriptive mentions of how she teased him about the music and his thoughts about Kono being hit on hehe. The bit where she said that its 'good weird' that the house is full of love again just had me in pieces! So sweet, and after so long, I bet its true. I love how in depth you're getting with Mary Ann, first with how she wanted to make sure that Kono wasn't going anywhere, and now with suggesting to Steve that he should marry her cos she's seen that Kono's pretty sure that Steve's 'the one'. Brilliant! There's probably so much more I could say about this paragraph but there aren't enough words for how awesome it is!

The bit at HQ was the cutest and hottest hehe :P I was laughing out loud at so many parts, but esp at the part where Steve questioned if Mary Ann texted Kono before she called him :P Gotta love overprotective Steve hehe. And omg, how hot was them making out on the hi-tech table?! And when Chin came! His line '"I really hope you're not doing what I think you're doing."' had me in stitches, cos you wrote it all so well that I could visualize it in my head so I was just dreading what was gonna happen, but his whole 'uh huh, I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that' was the best reply. It just goes to show how deep and serious Kono and Steve's relationship is if Chin can walk in on them making out and just brush it off. And of course, the 'ready to go home' line was just squeal-worthy cos they are going home together and home is the same place for them :P Hehe, I still get excited over that!

Eeeek! I totally loved that last little scene you slipped in there. Its was needed and so funny and it was them. It is the exact and perfect way I could imagine Steve asking Danny for help with proposing to Kono, or you know, letting him know that he's gonna propose!

So following that, I reckon you should write a sequel with Steve proposing and Mary Ann coming back. Yeah? :D Brilliant fic and thank you so much for it - best bday :D
Sidalee chapter 3 . 1/16/2013
You know, this fic is the absolute proof to my theory that we don't need Catherine or Doris as a catalyst for Steve's emotional growth just Mary Ann but of course Lenkov and co like to fuck up everything they touch.
Anyway, Steve and Mary Ann in the car was heartbreakingly beautiful, I really loved that piece.
"They're not late, that's just how he drives." I had to laugh at this so hard cuz yeah, he's totally like that.
And of course the grand finale with the hinting of a not so distant future proposal.
I think this was one of the best Mary Ann featured story I've ever read.
Sidalee chapter 2 . 1/16/2013
Okay, I can understand Steve there, Kono is too hot for her own good and I think she's totally aware how possessive Steve is so his reaction couldn't be too surprising. It's cute how he said that he hated her dress. And um, yeah, Steve would go over safety procedures with me anytime too. Lol.
I love your Danny, you nailed him perfectly.
"They're like animals in mating season. Or horny teenagers in all the seasons." Bahaha, this is awesome and something he'd totally say.
Loved the little one on one pieces with Steve-Mary and Mary-Kono, well-written and very insightful.
Sidalee chapter 1 . 1/16/2013
Another thing I miss greatly from the show is these kind of McGarrett sibling moment. So I'm really glad you wrote this.
I always thought that MaryAnn and Kono had a good friend-chemistry, sad we never saw it on the show. I love the idea that the girls kinda gang up on Steve (a thing which he secretly loves, imho. lol)
And of course I love the domestic established McKono with Steve getting frustrated when Kono talks about her ex or of course the grocery shopping with triple chocolate stuff for her.
teenycee chapter 3 . 1/11/2013
Aww, noooo! I don't Mary to leave! Hehe. I enjoy the brother-sister moments that they sometimes have, though. It's so emotional/touching that it almost makes me wanna cry! I like that Kono came in and took a picture of them. She should've taken a pic of the three of them, too!

I lovelovelove the second scene! I seriously love when Mary would corner Steve into a conversation that he's uncomfortable having, especially about kids and marriage! Mary sure did a great job at her "recon" because she got Steve to think about marrying Kono! Hehe! He ended up asking Danny how he proposed to Rachel! I loved that!

I loved the third scene, too. (Hell, I loved every single scene in this fic. Lol.) I like how Steve reacted to Kono when she named herself as his "family". Of course, the aftermath is heated and hot. Haha. Aww, this was seriously a perfect fic! You did such a great job at writing this!
teenycee chapter 2 . 1/11/2013
Aww! Mary seriously needs to be around more often, or, you know, live in Hawaii so that she can hang out with Kono more. I love them together!

The first scene was hilarious! I love this: "Should we give you our GPS coordinates so you can track our every move?" Mary asks her brother sarcastically. It's so funny how Steve doesn't believe Mary about where she and Kono are going and has to pull Kono aside to ask her where they're really going. Lol. Possessive much, Stevie? Oh, and of course they get caught making out!

I loved the second scene. I really love Big Brother Steve, and it's touching to hear him tell Mary that he's proud of her. Lol, and leave it to Mary to ruin the emotional moment by telling him to shower because he stinks.

I love how Kono and Steve tries to hide their (probably) true feelings about having kids together. I'm sure that they're dying to marry each other and start a family! Hehe. I love when Mary corners her brother about it, though. It's hilarious! Her and Danny would defo be amazing godparents. Funny how Danny thinks they'd be amazing parents. I'd expect Danny to say that they'd be horrible about it, but I guess his best friend is just really growing on him!

The last scene has got to be my favorite! I love how Mary wants Kono to be around when she visits next. That's so cute/sweet! I seriously love their friendship.

Aww, amazing chapter, as always!
Tiana-P chapter 2 . 1/6/2013
Ok, ok, firstly, I’m so sorry its taken so long to review this! I dunno why because I completely love it! Seriously, its so amazing and funny and cute and just perfect. The first scene had me in stitches, from Danny’s compliments and Steve’s irrational overprotectiveness to Mary Ann’s humor and Kono’s teasing. I love how well she handles Steve and everything that comes with him (the protectiveness/possessiveness). Its so adorable :D ["Should I take my gun? I'm not sure where I'd put it," Kono teases, and his eyes give her a quick once-over, the blaze of blue scorching her skin as he follows the dip of her neckline.] This was just perfect. The perfect way to sum then up – her being all jokey about it whilst he just takes her in and you can almost see the annoyance at her going out dressed up so sexily and such hehe. I loved the bit where she asks him if he likes her dress and he say he hates it. It cracks me up every single time cos its so funny and I can just imagine him being all petulant and pouty whilst saying it even though we all know he does love. Steve’s little show of jealousy at the mention of Charlie was brilliant! Hehe.

The second scene just had me grinning like an idiot at the sibling cuteness and Steve’s emotional inner thoughts about how she’s always going to be his baby sister. Awww! Big brother Steve is defo one of the best sides of him!

So the next scene – totally love the mention of Chin and Malia’s kids (yay that she’s alive!) and Danny and Steve bickering about who Chin asked to be godfather was hilarious and totally true to the characters. I could just see them arguing it even though the kids are probably a few years old and it doesn’t matter lol. But omg, the best part had to be Mary Ann telling Steve she wants to be an aunt and him not to die before that happens. I love the way it happened and how it got Steve thinking about a future with Kono – so awesome! You know their kids would just be cute and brilliant and so kickass and adorable :P

Kono and Mary Ann’s conversation at the beach was literally one scene that I keep on praying will happen on the show, so thank you so much for that! I totally imagine them as great friends, united by their mutual love for Steve hehe. Though in different ways, of course :P The light heartedness at the beginning of this scene was hilarious. This bit ["Your brother definitely keeps things interesting," Kono comments with a small smile. "Okay, ew. I was not talking about in the bedroom, that's gross." Mary makes a face as she shakes her head in disgust.] was just brilliant! Omg, you totally conjured up some images in my head, so poor Mary Ann! I’m sure that’s not what she wants to think about, though it was her who mentioned it and not Kono hehe. But the way it led in to Kono’s thoughts about how she understands what Mary Ann is trying to work out – if she’ll still be there next time because of the lack of stability she otherwise has – is just so beautiful and emotions. Because its true. And hopefully, Kono will still be there next time (and all the times after that). I seriously love the way your delve into the characters that we don’t get to see much but play crucial parts to others’ lives (ie Mary Ann for Steve). Brilliant!

Great chapter :D Totally loved it and will obviously be rereading!
christinaxa chapter 3 . 1/5/2013
Oh, I'm so sad to see this story come to an end! I just love all the Kono and Mary bonding in this story, and I love how you had lots of brother-sister bonding time with Steve in this final chapter, especially since it has some very important discussions about the future in it! The packing scene was so sweet, with Steve making sure that Mary knows she's always welcome back and that it's her house too. I loved Kono's comment about the picture going up on the fridge.. it says so much about all of their relationships and the domesticity of Steve and Kono's one. Same with that last scene, where they are talking and kissing on the table (so romantic), and Steve's thoughts about how amazing Kono is, caring about him so much even before they were in a relationship was just so sweet!

The conversation about marriage in the car was so brilliant, honestly, I just love the intel line (linking back to the last chapter) and all the revelations it had in it from the belief in it, treating it as a 'mission'; Kono just happy with where their relationship is; Steve's confidence in knowing Kono would never look at another guy that way; how Kono is ready for Steve to be the one and the way he just reacts to that; and ESPECIALLY the fact that he HAD been thinking about marriage and their future but just needed to hear it from someone else! Oh my god, I simply melted at that! I have to give you extra, extra props for having Mary be the one to convince him on it! Same with Steve asking Danny how he proposed to Rachel, the biggest grin of happiness on Danny's face, with Steve letting the cat out of the bag on that one.

I honestly enjoyed every word from start to finish, and I hope you will have something new for us soon. I'm thinking about that one shots collection you have mentioned before, and I really hope that you will write one off the end of this story, where Steve proposes to Kono!
tracysgate chapter 3 . 1/5/2013
MaursMill1 chapter 3 . 1/4/2013
Happy new year to u too :) Great story...all the way through :) ...thank u! Loved every part of their relationship in this story and oh so very true...this couple who is not even a couple on the show...has captured my heart and attention too. There's just something about their chemistry and similarity :)

The only thing he has in common with Cath is that she's from the navy too...that is all :)
The only thing she has in common with Adam is that he's Hawaiian too...that is all :)

So McKono makes a whole lotta sense to me too!
TvFanatic97 chapter 3 . 1/4/2013
I've spent some time trying to construct a nice, detailed review that covers both chapter 2 as well as this one but I couldn't do it, I couldn't really organise my points into a coherent review. All I can say however is that this was a great fic and I loved seeing everyone in such a relaxed setting without all the Mama McG drama, Malia's death, Grace custody issues (although that hasn't been a major thing on the show yet) etc. I hope that you will write more fics in future in this type of setting...I will happily co-habit this universe with you (and many other shippers of the pairing)!

This fic was an enjoyable read and I truly hope you'll keep getting inspired to write about these two!
Guest chapter 3 . 1/4/2013
Lovely. I would have loved to see his proposal too, but then again this is a good place to stop.
Lydia chapter 3 . 1/2/2013
Happy New Year! Awww, Steve and Mary were adorable.. I just loved the way you wrote them. Bravo Mary! She did such a good job rattling him a little on Kono's behalf (of course, she helped him out too). She is indeed very wise! What a perfect, hopeful ending for our couple! Thank you writing this sweet piece and I hope to read more wonderful writing from you in 2013! Hope you have a great year!
Cathyfromohio chapter 3 . 1/3/2013
Can't wait to see how the proposal comes out!
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