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melie17 chapter 39 . 12/19/2023
I usually don’t comment but I have to say that I am impressed, your story is so well built, and you described all the emotions perfectly. I really wanted to read a fanfiction where the crew finds out about the hell that Luffy has to endure, you captured all of the iconic scenes perfectly. I came upon this gem yesterday and I finished it in one day ! Thank you for this masterpiece, you are a great writer and it’s now my favourite one piece story. It was a great voyage
Dr. Sky Kingdom chapter 46 . 11/28/2023
I was absolutely not expecting to see this fic had updated recently. Maan, this bad boy got me through some of the toughest times in my life, back when it was being posted. Thank you for that! Hope you're doing well!
RyuuGaSaiko chapter 46 . 11/28/2023
Thanks for the chapter. Great to see the special adapted into this story.
s chapter 5 . 10/20/2023
luffy was a great swimmer before eating his devil fruit from what i know i might be incorrect though but outside of that this has been a great story
Final Syai Lunar Generation chapter 46 . 10/15/2023
So I came back after many years to find an old story for my friend when I see this gem had updated this past august! I was so surprised! This was such a lovely story that I followed religiously back then! And I remembered feeling especially proud with that ending quote uwu. I will have to read the bonus chapters some time in the future and also for nostalgic sake uwu.

I’m glad life is treating you well and also! One piece is still kicking! That’s so amazing! I feel like it’ll never go away uwu thank you so much for the chapter and have a wonderful life!~!~!
Animelover9000 chapter 3 . 10/1/2023
I literally cried so much
Fun fact for Ace chapter 1 . 9/26/2023
In the novel One Piece episode A Ace meet his doctor first.

In his formative years, Deuce was a medical student with bad grades, and his parents were indifferent to him. Because of the literature he read, he fell in love with the idea of simply adventuring on the sea. The day he set out to sea, he abandoned his birth name, but his voyage resulted in him getting stranded on the island of Sixis. After spending three days there, he encountered the pirate Portgas D. Ace, who was also shipwrecked there. The two initially got along well, and when Deuce revealed his lack of a name, Ace gave him the pseudonym of Masked Deuce. Ace wanted the two of them to build a raft to escape together, but when the two started talking about each other's families, Deuce came to realize that Ace was Gol D. Roger's son and departed from Ace with very mixed feelings.

Several days later, Deuce had not been able to find food or water on the island, and when he saw Ace with a fruit, he decided to kill Ace for it. However, Ace noticed Deuce when his stomach growled, and offered him the fruit. Ashamed of his earlier intentions, Deuce refused, but the two ended up sharing the fruit, which was the Mera Mera no Mi. However, since Ace consumed it first, Deuce did not receive the fruit's powers when he ate it. The two worked together to build a raft that ran on Ace's flames, which they called the Striker, and they set off to sea as official partners, forming the Spade Pirates. Deuce decided to write a novel about his experiences on the crew.

"You know, I meet my Doctor first before anyone ELSE in my crew." Ace admitted to Luffy in Alabasta.

"Oh really, how?"

"Stranded on a island while trying to make a raft." Ace commented as if he was discussing the weather.
Anini mouse chapter 1 . 9/25/2023
I am back, once again, to reread this story. I love it so much!
Chibbiko'schoker chapter 46 . 9/21/2023
I don't know how words could possibly articulate my adoration for this piece... so pretty! 3333 It was beautiful seriously made me both cry and laugh. I just love the way you potrayed the characters. Even tho it has been many years since you wrote this I still want to say Thank you for dedicating your time and skills .
Author san if u do get free time , will you write a post time skip fic too pls. ? Ofc in the end its all your wish. Stay healthy and thenks once again .
Solarity chapter 46 . 9/21/2023
You know this story, somewhat foreshadow the true nature of Luffy Devil Fruit (Particularly how his healing abilities are a grave ABOVE the average devil fruit users, the reveal of the mythics and awaken type)

Btw fun fact about Joy Boy

The Encyclopedia of Things That Never Were by Michael Page and Robert Ingpen describes Joyboy as a figure from Caribbean folklore associated with humans' need to dance, sing, and celebrate. Joyboy has been probably brought to the Caribbean islands along with West African slaves. He smiles at all the world's problems and cures the ills of humanity by playing his drum.
Dumbestperson chapter 46 . 9/21/2023
I don't know how words could possibly articulate my adoration for this piece... so pretty! 3333. I just love how you potrayed the characters not to mention your dialogue writing skills. I am aware it has been years since You wrote this but I still want to thank You for dedicating your time and skills and giving us such a good story. It seriously made me both cry and laugh. And made me look at some one peice scenes with new perspective
Author san will you ever write a post time skip fic like this ? I mean ofc in the end its your wish . I m not trying to be rude or demanding however I do hope you to continue writing any story. I read most of your fics and they are wonderful . Again thank you Author for all your hard work ️ Stay healthy author !
joshuayilonychs chapter 46 . 9/5/2023
man it's a great story. too bad Oda likes to throw curvballs and drop lore bombs so much that even month old fanfics would struggle to keep up sometimes. especially now that Gear 5 just dropped in the anime and egghead island in the manga
Bloodrick chapter 26 . 8/28/2023
Ivankov: The reason you kept the eye, you were hoping to use it make them stand down without bloodshed, right?

Dragon: I know many have bad memories, there are good people in both the Marines and the regular nobility like the Nefertari family. The Mind eye could have been used to convince them to stand down as we take down the celestial dragons.

Ivankov: Especially if what Shaka told us about the five elders having an ace up their sleeve is true and perhaps use it to stop them from activating it?

Dragon (Nods): Unfortunately I underestimated how quickly someone could be corrupted with that sort of power.

Ivankov: Zizu was a jerk-ass long before the Mind Eye.

Dragon: He also saw the horror of the celestial dragons, I was hoping his hatred of them would prevent him from abusing such a device.

Ivankov: Yes he's much like Gild Tesoro in that sense, one who witnessed their cruelty but grew to be just as monstrous as they are. But what is done cannot change. Having said that, if you and Mugiwara ever meet again... I do think you and he need to talk about it.

Dragon: You are right old friend.

Also, it's funny. Luffy meet four members of the Rock pirates (Kaidou, Big Mom, Shiki, and Whitebeard).
Christopher Storm chapter 46 . 8/30/2023
I love it, you are amazing making it, I can’t wait for next story. Amazing work my friend :)
Kamen-Rider-Rey chapter 46 . 8/26/2023

What interesting is that I think World must have been an ally of the Rock Pirates considering the time frame.
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