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flaming-crystal-star chapter 45 . 1/18
I don't know if you still read or care about reviews so long after the conclusion of this story, but I needed to tell you how amazing it was! A heads up that this is going to be VERY long! Ha ha! So, I have been stuck in bed sick for the last four days and have been reading "Perchance to Dream" and this story almost non-stop. They are both so incredible and definitely the best stories I've ever read for the One Piece fandom! You made connections that I never thought of between past events and the actions of the characters, and showed me some foreshadowing present in canon that I had never noticed before. I thought your reasoning for why Zoro was never officially made first mate made so much sense, and I never would have even thought about it before. Honestly, if you carry through with that reasoning even further, you could make the argument that the Strawhat crew doesn't have an official first mate because Luffy doesn't want to tie anyone to him, and to his crew, for the rest of their lives before they have reached their own life goals. Not something I would ever have thought of myself, but honestly I think I'm going to end up having that be my headcanon until canon tells me otherwise! I love all the subtle nods to fanon pairings, while gently making fun of them a bit. One Piece is one of the few fandoms I don't have ships for, and for which I don't even like most of the fanon ships. Most of that is because I think their friendships are so much of who they are and what drives the story. I get so bothered that there are so few really good fanfiction stories that focus on the deep friendships among the Strawhat crew, and to try to find a long and complete story that does that is even more impossible. This story, and the prequel, hit so many of the things I like that I don't even think I can explain to you how much I loved it. I had difficulty even putting it down to go to sleep! Thank you so much for even finishing it! I can't imagine how much time and effort went into such a long and incredible story that not only rehashed canon, allowed for a study of all the characters and their relationships to each other, and even had it's own overall plot as well. I am truly in awe!

I can't even tell you every single thing I loved about this story, but I'm going to try to get some organization and at least tell you my favorite aspects.

Luffy: You managed to make him a far deeper and more interesting character than a lot of fanfiction authors manage. He's a happy, slow on the uptake, goofball that has both the best and the worst luck of anyone, with great power and ambition, but so many people never look further. The fact that you took his early childhood experiences, both alone and with his brothers, and then showed how those tied in to so many of his future motivations, actions, and the way he related to his experiences, was brilliant and done incredibly well! The way you then showed his crew being able to view past events and make those same connections and come to a better understanding of what drives him and what things effect him, and for what reasons, was even more amazing! The idea that Luffy could be so greatly effected by Ace's death even years later made a lot of sense, and I actually don't think it got too dark at all. I appreciate how well you tackled a difficult and dark subject matter, and managed to have it be about overcoming that hopelessness and despair and accepting the help and support of your loved ones!

Ace: I really can't believe how well this story, and "Perchance to Dream," fleshed out the relationships between the three brothers. I really love how you showed how close they were and how much they love each other! The end of "Perchance to Dream" was especially amazing because it showed that Luffy's brothers are always with him! Honestly, Ace was always one of my favorite characters, and I was so upset when he died, but I love the way you wrote about him and how much he influenced Luffy. You wrote his character amazingly well, and I love how much he loved his brothers, especially Luffy. Congratulations for the amount of times I actually cried or teared up reading your story, especially the death scene and Luffy's breakdown! The emotions were amazing in those scenes!

Zoro: He is one of my favorite characters, and I love the way you wrote him! I really felt the deep bond there was between him and Luffy! He is truly the unofficial first mate of the Strawhat crew. He did so much in both the memories and in your written reactions that showed how much he considers, and cares for, his captain and his crew. You can see how no one is really better for that job than him. I absolutely adore the last big scene between him and Luffy, in which he essentially promises a trial of combat that will bind him to his captain forever after an actually hoped-for loss! The right hand of the Pirate King for sure! The whole vow and scenario felt particularly in character for them. Until I'm told otherwise, another new headcanon is gleefully, and gratefully, accepted! Also, thank you so much for showing the Thriller Bark memory and having that be the thing that shows Luffy such a great expression of love. It was in the perfect part of the story and worked so well for what you were trying to do! The reactions for that scene were amazing as well!

Sanji: I don't often find many stories showcasing how much Sanji is truly loyal to his captain, and does really care about him, but you did an amazing job at it! I'm glad you included the events with the Baron because it really showed a lot about Sanji's character in the way he reacted to it and how he felt about Luffy keeping it a secret. It was interesting that you had him feeling guilty for weeks after that without knowing why! I also liked how he felt guilty viewing later memories and seeing how much those words effected his friend. I love the scene where they clear the air about that once and for all! I absolutely believe that he, as well as pretty much all other Strawhats, would never be willing to consider anyone captain but Luffy. As a bonus, his fights with Zoro, interactions with Nami and Robin, and reactions to Hancock and her crush on Luffy were all so funny, and felt very much in character!

Rest of the crew: I think you did an amazing job writing with an ensemble cast, and still having each character show their own personalities and have a key part of the story! Unlike a lot of other One Piece stories that I've read, you did not sacrifice the other characters even if you were talking mainly about Luffy's experiences. I really felt the bonds they had between each other and how each felt towards their captain, and also towards their crewmates! Usopp's reactions to his fight with Luffy, and his bond to Merry over the course of the story, were shown particularly well. I like that Nami got a feel for her past character and saw her growth, and I appreciate that you made sure she had Luffy write to Dadan. That ending scene between Luffy and Nami was done very well! I also got a great feel for the characters and thoughts of Franky, Robin, and Brook, and I enjoyed their reactions to the earlier memories and how they felt closer to the older members of the Strawhat crew by getting to experience some of the events they were not there for. The scene with the barrel at the end was great, and I loved how they re-bonded as a full crew!

Memories and total plot: Five stars, and ten out of ten! You retold canon events, while still adding your own overall plot with an original adversary, in a way that made it so interesting and hard to put down. The twist at the end with Merry was unexpected but fit so perfectly! I enjoyed the bonus chapters at the end a lot, but I completely agree that they did not seem to fit as well with the rest. You chose the best memories to view for what you were trying to do, and the whole thing definitely felt like it had one over-arching theme! The reactions of the crew to the memories were also amazingly done and felt true to each character. I also love how you got a strong feeling throughout the whole story of how much the crew loved Luffy and would do anything for him, and how he felt that exact way towards them! Luffy has the most loyal crew of anyone, and they are a true family! The ending scenes where they finally got through to him, and the scenes in the aftermath, were also incredibly well done.

The story was a brilliant concept overall and executed amazingly! I can see myself reading it again in the future, and even rereading just my favorite parts more than once. It was more than worth the long read, and you did a spectacular job!
summer164 chapter 31 . 12/3/2022
Damn I loved this line 'Franky stared at Nami in shock. "Damn, sis, when did you become so cold-blooded?"

Sanji flicked his cigarette. "Anyone who threatens our captain deserves nothing less than a trip to the grave."

A bad ass line and shows the SH loyalty.
summer164 chapter 1 . 12/3/2022
Chaiiiii chapter 35 . 12/1/2022
it’s still so painful..
Chaiiiii chapter 35 . 12/1/2022
oh no, oh god i fear i’m going to cry since i cried so much on Ace’s death..
Chaiiiii chapter 33 . 12/1/2022
oh god we’re officially here..
Chaiiiii chapter 30 . 12/1/2022
oh i was waiting for this, honestly there’s little reaction towards Luffy’s 10 years decreased of lifespan THANK YOU!
Chaiiiii chapter 6 . 12/1/2022
oh it truly began, the adventure on how Luffy aquire his brothers
AnyoneNeedFriends chapter 18 . 7/15/2022
AnyoneNeedFriends chapter 3 . 7/14/2022
Kikorangi chapter 1 . 7/13/2022
MythralLightning chapter 1 . 5/20/2022
I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this story! It’s so well put together and the actions and thoughts of the crew are so believable to the canon source. This story inspired me to write a piece of fiction for One Piece recently and I’m very happy with the results! Thank you so much for this story.
Joker1shere chapter 40 . 4/14/2022
I know it's years late at this point for you to regularly check reviews but I do wanna say this is undoubtedly for me the best One Piece fanfiction written ever thus far and honestly I was amazed at the heights this one has reached. You have created a incredible AU Piece with your other 2 fanfictions preceding this one that I almost prefer over canon due to how realistic or more narratively engaging it is. I know at the time you wrote this, Sanji's backstory wasn't revealed but I can only imagine how spicy WCI would be in this AU where he lies to their faces about not having a traumatizing past and the fact he faked his betrayal all while Luffy went through THIS. Hope you do return to write another One Piece fanfiction again, I don't know if you still have interest in doing another sequel memory fic where the strawhats plus Luffy collectively watch events of Dressrosa and WCI. It would difficult to squeeze it in and would kill the unique intrigue created here but it will be cool regardless.
Guest chapter 19 . 4/7/2022
Just saying, but the conversation (in this case, verbal whacking) between Luffy and Blackbeard in dubbed version is way more funnier. With Blackbeard's reaction to Luffy's bounty gone more complicated: "I wouldn't believe even if I collected it"
SomeGuy2020 chapter 40 . 3/21/2022
I must say, not only was this story good, it kinda makes me see One Piece from a different perspective which is really neat! Not only that, but I noticed things that i mightve missed just through reading this. Big congrats to you author! Im glad to have spent my time reading this
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