Reviews for Mist of Memories
Guardian Hyren chapter 39 . 9/8
Jack-in-the-Box-Jesus, I started reading this story nearly a year ago and have been putting it off just because of the Marineford arc. I swear reading about Ace’s death was just a painful as watching it. I have to say, this is an amazing fic and I love it so much, and the whole redemption and healing after all that hurt was amazing. This is just beautiful.
NightHunterDeath chapter 35 . 8/31
So... it’s gonna be the 10 year anniversary of Ace’s death in February. I started reading One Piece in middle school, so around 8 years since Ace has died for me. I’m still bawling my eyes out, and I’m not okay. I thought I had finally managed to accept Ace’s death... I haven’t. It’s really late at night and everyone is asleep, and there are no getting tissues without waking someone up, so thanks for me being unable to breathe. After this I’m either gonna drag myself into happy fanfics of Ace or I’m gonna drag myself back to my computer to dig out all those old Ace Lives! AU plotlines that are waiting to be written.

Best way to get a writer back to writing? Remind them why they started writing in the first place. IT WAS SO I DIDNT HAVE TO FACE THE FACT ACE WAS DEAD! WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME!? *curls into ball and cries* I’m never coming out of my corner of happiness ever again. I had just convinced myself that Ace was alive and happy and I stumbled over this. GODDANG my curiosity!
NightHunterDeath chapter 3 . 8/26
No you fricking bastard you don’t get to make me cry only three chapters in! I was prepared for it to go a similar route too! You can’t do that! I’m not gonna make it through the rest of the story are this rate!
Alamin Chowdhury chapter 24 . 8/20
You forgot to add the memory when luffy got Rokuougan the 3rd time and when he fell almost, he remembered Robin crying to live, which could've added more emotion for Robin to realise that luffy was thinking of Robin at this moment despite luffy's condition but still like always your work is amazing
X.blackLocks.X chapter 1 . 7/11
Thank you for making this.
X.blackLocks.X chapter 1 . 7/11
This is truly one of the best piece of literature I’ve read so far. You made me cry and laugh at the same time. Even though I already knew the entire plot of the memories, It felt like watching one piece again from a different perspective. I couldn’t help myself binge read the entire thing. I loved the ending at chapter 40. That now I’m almost scared to read the alternatives
CampPillow chapter 45 . 5/27
Even if I read this thousands and thousands of time, this story never gets old, ε٩(๑ )7з
CampPillow chapter 28 . 5/10
"You know, I think this was the most entertaining memory we've seen in a while," Usopp said
I second that. I was practally dying of laughter this chapter
Unlucky Alis chapter 35 . 4/29
Hhhhhhhh I can’t atop crying!
Unlucky Alis chapter 3 . 4/26
I like the embellishments you're making for Luffy's past. We never saw any other kids in the village, or got any info on his mother, and I think it's a great addition to weave in your own explanations for that here
Unlucky Alis chapter 1 . 4/26
This is very serious and terrible for the crew, especially since they almost lost him a couple weeks ago, and I love it, but... I couldn't help but laugh and think that Luffy has terrible luck with children
SnowshoeBombay chapter 35 . 2/14
oh . oh oh oh. I knew this was coming but ... you made me cry, I literally had tears streaming down my face for the last third of the chapter but.
you managed to catch the atmosphere, the tension, the absolute tragedy perfectly.

Thank you for writing this.
James Kev chapter 39 . 2/7
I don't often tear up to stories, but holy shit!
Fan of Yours chapter 45 . 1/22
A very good fanfic, i'm impressed! the storyline, the reaction you got from the strawhats, and how you followed the manga. Amazing!
read over your story again carfully, take your time because i can see in some chapters you either spell somthing wrong, didn't put in a word where its suppose to be, forgot a space somewhere, and used the coma in a wierd place where it isn't suppose to be.
That's all! Make sure you fix these mistakes! Have a nice day!
kizoku.ouninaru chapter 42 . 11/29/2018
how dare you! how dare you summon tears in my eyes
10/10 but I won't read it again coz it made me cry like a little bitch
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