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CupcakeandMeat chapter 8 . 7/11
I love this more than food! And I love food
Pirats Gold chapter 8 . 6/15
Oh wow! I just found this fanfiction and I'm totally in love with it. The storyline is amazing and I really admire your writing style. Please please continue this? pretty please?
xXGwenStacyXx chapter 8 . 5/21
Upps, accidently reviewed as guest... oh well!
Guest chapter 8 . 5/21
I think this is BY FAR my absolute favourite One Piece fics out there.
The writing is perfect, the characters are perfect, the setting is perfect, the plot is perfect, I literally have no idea what to tell you.
Oh yeah, I'm gonna comment on the whole fic, since I haven't before!

Your writing is amazing! Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen the thoughts of characters portrayed as well as in this story. The way you jump from Ace to Luffy, who're like, totally different, and the way you manage to show us Luffys childlike and innocent thoughts, while never neglecting his past (like his reaction to the marines' screaming, or his very limited knowledge and experience with, well, everything) - I have no idea how you do it, but its amazing.

I love the age difference between Ace and Luffy. I think it suits the setting much better than canon would have, and god I love their interaction! They're so fucking lucky to have each other, and now they'll finally be able to be happy! ...Evantually...

Marco is simply amazing, I love him! He could probably be a bit more sensitive about Ace's situation (I really don't think dragging him along to the mess hall - with so many other people - is a good idea right now, Marco...), but I guess thats just not what pirates are like. Besides, its not really a normal situation... oh well, he'll know what he's doing! I hope he'll be able to bond with both of them soon, though he'll probably have trouble with Ace...

I'm also excited to see Luffy react to the crew! Its all so new and exciting for him, and he's much more trusting than Ace, so he'll probably interact with the crew much more - that is, if Ace'll let him...

Garps appearance was kinda unexpected, but god I loved it! I felt so sorry for both him and Ace, I wonder what their backstory is... Since Garp was clearly glad to see him alive, but sad and frustrated because of his state, I guess Ace was taken without his knowledge, so he probably just disappeared one day?
But how does Luffy fit in, Garp only knew his name, so does that mean Luffys mother (so Dragons wife? Or something...) was taken as well a few years back and Garp couldn't do anything for her either? Oh man...
Does Sabo exist in this verse? Did Ace have to go through his 'death' alone, and is he with the revolutionaries right now, like in canon? Or did he and Ace never met?

I can't wait to read more, I must've reread the whole fic like half a dozen times by now!
I guess you're just not that into OP right now, but I hope you haven't given up on this fic!
Its honestly one of the best fics on here, I could read it again and again and not get tired of it!

Well then, (hopefully) see you next time!
EmeraldEyed chapter 8 . 5/16
I like this story, please continue it.
Guess chapter 8 . 5/5
Please update
Lauren chapter 8 . 5/3
P.s one of the best fanfics I read and really love it
LongPastMidnight chapter 8 . 4/21
this is really beautifully written
Zazou-chan chapter 8 . 4/21
That was so great ! Lové this story !
Of course that was really hard to read what they lived, but I needed to see them free, and now IT IIIIIIIIIS YEAHHHHHH !
And what's the best for them but à big 'family' to heal them mentally X'3 ?
Lové the Whitebeards and love Marco !

(Sorry for strange accents or mistakes but english is not my language and my computer isn't smart enough to understand it XD)
FireD.Rion chapter 8 . 4/9
This is great! Please update! I like how Luffy is learning how to speak, and Ace dislikes talking. I also love the brotherly love/bond between them!
Shazuki chapter 1 . 3/30
Love this story and your writing is really great. Such a Shame you haven't updated in so long. But you are still writing other storys so i am hopeful that maybe you will continue this great story of yours. I really like to see how Ace and Luffy going from here on and how they overcome the fear to live their lifes as they pleased without thinking of punishment. Also the way Luffy learning all the new things in the world he doesn't know.. So exciting
So in hope to see a new chapter sometimes in the future :)
Guest52836 chapter 4 . 3/25
No matter how many times I read this fanfic I always love it
Thank you so much!
squishy the human chapter 8 . 3/16
plz update
emygrl99 chapter 6 . 3/8
Aweeeeeeee THEY'RE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *insert 4 million other happy comments* it's about time x.x poor Ace, that must have been awful
emygrl99 chapter 5 . 3/8
Haha nice Ace, one last fuck you to the nobles. Though I wonder if Ace still has the same connection to Garp as with canon?
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