Reviews for No Rest For The Wicked
AnimeFreak2306 chapter 11 . 2/24
Oh, I definitely enjoyed this chapter. The whole thing captured my attention, but that last little scene completely drew me in. And then abruptly ended. Evil, but a good cliffhanger nonetheless. Looking forward to more!
Komanah24 chapter 11 . 2/16
AHHHHHHHHHHH! OoO What have youu done?! You have reduced me to a goose-pimpled freak giggling in front of my laptop at midnight! Shame on you!

I love it. Seriously... it gave me goosebumps. and I was grinning toward the end so the psycotic fraction of my brain has been satisfied. Great action, wonderful cliffhanger, and now I need to go get some sleep for my deprived body.

When is she going to see PROWL, as in the actual Prowl in action? Hopeflly soon? :D Can't wait! I hope to see possibly a hoedown throwdown between Barricade and ol' Prowler with the life of Darcy hanging in the balance! Just to make me a happy weirdo with more goosbumps.

I hope you update soon! ;D because I love this story.
SilverZelenia chapter 11 . 2/16
You were worrying about this chapter?! IT'S BLOODY EFFING AWESOME. End of story! This was such a perfect chapter, even the non-action scenes were exciting, especially Darcy and Prowl trying to outmaneuver each other. Prowl's total lack of tact was amusing even if I totally agreed with her about stabbing him with her fork, and the ending was (here it is again) awesome! I LOVE the bit with Baricade and Prowl interacting. Can't wait until the next chapter! :D
kathy3meme chapter 10 . 2/15
Thanks for the update! I'd kinda put this fic to the back of my mind- like a tv series till next season startsup- so it was a great surprise to get an update email. I like the progress, too. prowl is resigned to dealing with his detective, and JAZZ IS BACK! I also thought his death was bogus, especially considering how little attention it got plot-wise.

Looking forward to more..

SomeoneI'mSure chapter 11 . 2/15
Oh great, yay Mirage! Can't wait! Love the story!

What I would love to see next; Darby alive and maybe some explanation of what is happening to the humans.
Khalthar chapter 11 . 2/15
I may not be logged in right now, but I can tell you that I have definitely been keeping up with this particular story.

Darcy is caught in a no win situation. The end of this case will also mean the end of her career in Law Enforcement. Unfortunately, the education required for an Officer of the Law doesn't transfer into any other occupation. This means that Darcy's life will essentually be ruined, and she knows it!

Perhaps Prowl will overhear the Chief explaining to another officer about Darcy's pending dismissal, or Darcy and Prowl will have it out once she is rescued from the clutches of the Decepticons, and she can explain to him about how her career is over simply because she called him in against orders.

There is also, now the fact that she knows about at least ONE bot, but has yet to suspect the existence of the others. Believe me, if she remembers what she saw, that suspicion won't be long in coming.

So far, this is a very well thought out and apparently well researched story. (Unless you happen to work in the field of Law Enforcement, and know how they operate.) I applaud your work on this, and will most certainly be looking forward to reading the future chapters.

Frog1 chapter 11 . 2/15
Very good, but did you have to leave us hanging? Though I would have probably done the same thing! So, is Prowler going to rescue her?
Silver-Streaked Wings chapter 11 . 2/15
I think this is probably the BEST chapter so far! All that rewriting paid off :) And next... Anything! Something! Just don't leave this hanging over our heads! :D
ThemSoundWaves chapter 11 . 2/15
Ooohhh I love it! Please update this soon! I hate waiting when its on a cliffhanger! What I want to see next? Oh, don't mind me. I'm a bit of a creep when it comes to captives xD all I want to see is even the smallest hint of a worried Prowl and Darcy caught in Barricades hands. Oh, love you too! Lol
murdercrowther chapter 11 . 2/15
Little? LITTLE! I know what a "Little" Cliffhanger is, and let me tell you, that is not "Little". That is a killer. Couldn't come up with any other word.

But other than that, I loved this chapter immensely. It kept reminding me what a great character Darcy is. I read a lot of Fanfictions where the female OC is a Mary Sue, but you make Darcy actually seem like a real person. It's such a great break from the shoddy OC's who are so perfect, and literally backseat all of the cannon characters.

But with this fanfiction, it incorporates so much of real life - minusing the Cybertronian war - that you can't help but be totally glued to the story. And the detail in it really helps paint a visual picture.

About the question: Well, I'd like to see where they took Darcy, and I'm kind of also waiting for when she see's Prowl in his true form.

Update soon! Seriously.
T.M.Wolf chapter 11 . 2/15
Aaah, Darcy… you have fallen into the wonderful trap that is “warm bed”. The best way to capture a human, I’d say. They never want to leave!

…aaaand soreness refuses to let her do so. Ha ha, poor Darcy. You should know better than to think the protagonists gets to have a good night’s sleep and stay in bed all day ;) Kinda reminds me of you, lazy bum, ha ha ha

*GASP* SOMEONE IS DOING THE DISHES IN HER HOUSE?! BLASPHEMY! Time for cop to jump into action and stop the perpetrator from cleaning her place!

It’s called a hang-over, Darcy. JEEZ.

Just use those womanly charms to stop the intruder! By which I mean your police-training powers. Obviously.


Bahahaha, I love Lennox. He’s so cheeky xD

And excellent question, Darcy. And it’s up to Prowl to give the most logical and boring answer possible, lol

Yessssss….. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees… you can’t resist the smell of pancakes! Pfft… Totally not Prowl’s apology, but good on you, Lennox xD

Well, since LENNOX technically gave the idea… no, the world won’t end ;P

Oh, Darcy…. You don’t even know. YOU DON’T. EVEN. KNOW. And that makes it awesome, ha ha.

LOL Prowl, you’re awful at this xD Lennox’s reaction priceless

PROWL. Y U DO DIS!? Y U RUIN DIS!? You got her IHOP and now you’ve just ruined it! D: *throws shoe* UGH. Where’s Jazz when you REALLY need him!?

Ha ha, Lennox is just too adorable right now. Prowl, you best tell Darcy—she’s way more stubborn than you or Ironhide ;)

Yeeeeeeah, Prowl may have been in your house, writing on your things, doin’ stuff… he’s only SLIGHTLY a creeper. Slightly. But hey—he gets crap done, right? xD

Breakfast time is over ladies—Coppers are talking and they’re finding out where those bad guys might be! Yeah! *cue CSI/cop show music/something awesome music idk*’

Go Darcy! Figure the connections out! Whoo! xD Show Prowl what for! Man, Prowl’s actually doing it, ha ha! And oh, Darcy, Darcy… if only you knew how advanced the car was!

*sigh* jerk boss… not unreasonable, but makes it difficult for our lovely hero :c

LOL “and then some” is right! :P

And now Darcy knows what it feels like to be a southerner driving in less than a mm of snow :’D

Darcy, if only you knew what your authoress had in store for you… you would just leave it alone and NEVER look back. You might even leave the country… Hooooo boy…

Lol Prowl—super ninja cop.

*gasp* time skip! And Prowl is actually WORKING WITH HER! :0 Man, Lennox is GOOD at convincing him, ha ha ha…. or maybe Prowl does have a spark and sees the use in Darcy being around? xD Either way, yay! Workin’ together! But still the secrets… well, there’s a darn good reason for it, Darcy, and you’re going to find out… oh, yes you are… yes you are… (and you won’t like it, heh heh)

Whoa, whoa—where’s the page break, yo!? :c You told me you’d use the page break… you butt D: (I still love you, though /dejected sigh)

Motormaster! Yay! xD That big lug! Sooo… I guess we might see a combiner, yeah? ;)

Knock Out and Breakdown, whoo! xD Those two, of course, would be the experimenters. *gasp* Skywarp, too!? :’D Yaaaaaaaaay! AND THUNDERCRACKER! I KNOW HE’S A BAD GUY, BUT HE’S KINDA HONORABLE AND ONE OF MY FAVORITE’S SO I’M STILL HAPPY! XD

*GASP* PROWL. NO! You just did a bad thing! Now Darcy is going to do something stupid! *flips table*

Well, at least Prowl feels… somewhat bad… and jeez. For being super smart, he doesn’t notice Darcy hiding near by xD or, well, listening in. Silly Prowl, ha h…. too busy focusing on other things… and whoooooooooops! Slipped up there buddy :P

Oh, Darcy… you don’t even know… this isn’t the war for you to jump into :c

Prowl should rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally just explain things to Darcy now, but we all know it won’t be that easy xD It never is, ha ha ha! And she needs to get kidnapped, anyways, soooo yeah, ha ha.

Ooh, good excuse! xD ‘Atta girl, Darcy!

:0 A heading!? Gasp!? Darcy, what u thinking girl!?

Pssssh. Prowl, what a jerk xD Stepping all over Darcy’s place, ha ha.


Ha, ha… I like the Doctor :P

Darcy! :0 nooooooooooooooooooooo! Curse you, Barricade!

Prowl, wtf just go save her you dummy! At least SOUND concerned! Barricade has her pinned! D:

Well, at least he finally got going—and gasp!? Darcy knows! :0 She figured it out! (…and I’m trying to remember how she would know NEST… eeeeh… I’ll check back on it later or just ask you lol xD)

:0 BARRICADE SPOKE! Ahahahaa…. He’s so bad… Prowl is going to be PISSED! xD

“exploded” is a pretty good way to describe it. As is “metal monstrosity”. Barricade is a monster.


Can’t wait for what happens next! xD You better give me hints or I may throw shoes at you!

-T. -

P.S. Don’t hut John toooooo badly!
2211Nighthawk chapter 11 . 2/15
Wow that is ironic. Haven't touched this FF since you last updated, then I started re-reading it yesterday and you update the next day. That's funny.
Great chapter I love it. Man, Prowl is going to kill her if barricade doesn't first. I can't wait. Brutal cliffie.
As for what to see next... No idea. You're the author/ess and it's up to you. It will be great no matter what happens.
Shadestriker27 chapter 11 . 2/15
Oh my god...I hope Darcy is okay, and I bet in the next chapter Darcy finds out about Prowl.
Hopefully John lives, otherwise Darcy will be crushed.
Keep up the good work! :)
Life of Shadows chapter 8 . 1/13
I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter, couldn't put it down. Being fairly new to the transformer universe. your descriptions and interactions between characters and events are revealing. I may not be able to close my eyes again but so be it!
Squan chapter 10 . 1/2
Interesting chapter. I didn't expect you to bring Jazz back, but he's so gosh darn lovable I can't bring myself to be upset about it. He was always one of my favorites, probably even in my top 5 autobots, so I'm glad he's going to be a character. But I have so many favorites it would be impossible to pick one that I would like to see in your story. I'm pretty much equally ecstatic whenever I see G1 Wheeljack, Sunstreaker, Tracks or Bluestreak in a story, but because this is mostly a movie based story G1 Wheeljack isn't really an option and the lambo twins are ridiculously popular, so Sunny can sit this one out. As far as decepticons go, I'll have to think about it and get to back to you next chapter.
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