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Black-Knight Dracorex chapter 1 . 1/15/2013
Good start with your story. ALL MARY SUE/GARY STUS MUST DIE!
...(clears throat) well i hope you like this guy.

Name: Roland James Wimbleston

age: 51 (looks 21)

race: half elf (other half human)

personality: mainly someone with a love for gold, fighting, and the occasional Dwarf ale as well as a knack of not being able to shut up He is known to keep his word, as an honor of a knight, but will sometimes cheat a rich person, especially if he/she' s corrupt. He likes music, but is aracnophobic. During combat, if he makes an obvious mistake, he'll pin on someone else or simply say to everyone that they didn't see him do that.

equipment: obsidian helmet, obsidian armor, boots and leggings, diamond sword

occupation: black knight (rank- Captain), mercenary

skills: close- mid range combat, bartering, intimidation, and defense

History: born to a noble family, Roland quickly became bored with the easy yet luxurious life, longing to become a knight. However, after his father revolted against the King of his land, Aventus Aurum, and failed and cause the death of his entire family, Roland ran into hiding, stumbling into a temple of a order known as the Black Knights, who journey across the lands of both Minecraftia, fighting evil forces with their inner darkness. After stubbornly taking their trials, he was accepted into their ranks. After several years, and promotion for fighting an enderdragon (he doesn't like to talk about that) later, he became a mercenary to travel across Minecraftia, but not before he claimed his father's diamond sword from one of his father's old rivals.

home country: keeps it to himself

other: he doesn't do well with long range, especially bows and arrows.
TheLameName chapter 2 . 1/11/2013
My OC's hometown is no more having been raided. It was a small village that went by the name of Retsolis, sadly over the years It has become the ruins of Retsolis, in the country of Thelous
ShinBP chapter 1 . 1/4/2013
Name: Richard Brown

Age: 17

Race: Human

Personality: he is a laid-back calm guy that only speaks when needed

Equipment: Iron Pike, Iron Sword, Leather Armour and a carp-load of torches

Occupation: Apprentice Miner

Skills: Mining, Close Combat and Taming

History: Richard was born to a famous miner family and has been mining ever since he remembers, he has a slight paranoia against Herobrine and will likely do something to stop the cult using his fighting skills

Home Country: Azatul
TheLameName chapter 1 . 1/2/2013
My OC:

Name: Tentrem

Age: 24


Personality:A very smart person, but very deadly. Though he may seem like a hot-headed idiot, on the inside he has gone insane. He is only helping to conquer the land himself. He is the best at using tactics and strategy. You will lose if you play chess with him. He doesn't love, nor does he make friends, it is all a facade. He does admire one person though, his only true friend Silvia. He is skilled in hand-to-hand and hand-to-weapon fighting. Enjoys fighting and Human Ale. He is not a people person.

Equipment: Iron Helm with added Built in sunglasses, Elvish chest plate and a layer of chain over his heart and stomach, Elvish Leggings with extra crotch protection, Dwarfish diamond boots, Dwarfish diamond knuckle dusters, and armguards.

Occupation: Elvish Fist-Fighter

Skills:Puzzle solving, Redstone, Mind games, Math, Science, Hypnosis, and confusing people close combat

History: He was a very happy child, being born into a middle class family. He had a good education and was respected by his teachers and peers. the only one who treated him differently was a young girl, her name was Silvia. One day there had been a raid on his village by a band of thieves. He was the only one to survive. As he watched his village burn in a hot, fierce, flame he vowed to become king and stop this madness, only to become mad himself. After that he had join a guild of mostly Dwarves. He was deemed second in command and they smithed him a pair of knuckle dusters and armguards. He left the guild soon after. He then became Baron Zarazel's personal adviser in secret and plan to kill him when he gained throne and claim it for himself, but a certain bounty hunter killed him first.
MiyrenGradient chapter 2 . 1/1/2013
Nice story so far bro. And i have to agree that was a bit silly
Ali-Kun chapter 2 . 1/1/2013
:O Who are the heroes? I wonder if my character got chosen! :D BTW: If Ender did get chosen, I said leather helmet and golden helmet. It's really golden leggings.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/1/2013
I think he might have died fighting a Balrog. Don't worry he will come back as Gandalf42 the White!
Guest chapter 1 . 12/27/2012
Ali-Kun chapter 1 . 12/25/2012




She is a rather energetic girl, and loves to run. However, she is scared of all hostile mobs, yet would love to try to fight Herobrine, or at least meet him. She has a certain dislike for chickens, and kills a lot of them. She knows many things about Minecraftia, and is a great and patient miner. Also, she enjoys being in nature.

Leather helmet, gold boots, gold helmet, iron chestplate, iron sword, power I bow.

Not officially anything, but she hunts and mines for people an adventurer.

Archery, identifying things, and tricking.

Ender_Flash grew up in a small village near a large plain, so running around became a habit. After her sixteenth birthday, she left home and began to explore the world. Somewhere along her journey, she befriended a tabby cat and a wolf. One time, a child fell into a ravine, and sadly, wandered off into a mineshaft. Luckily, the cave spider population wasn't too large, so Ender was able to save him. She has also been on a few trips to the Nether to kill some blazes for rods.


I'm practically describing me... XD
MiyrenGradient chapter 1 . 12/22/2012
Name: Lunaris
Gender: girl
Age: 13
Race: ender human (if that's ok)
Personality: is a complete tomboy. Is always there for a friend in need. Is skillful at using swords and bow and arrows. Is almost always serious but sometimes likes to joke around. Also likes to teleport.
Equipment: obsidian sword and obsidian bow and obsidian arrows. A satchel with a book and quill in it so she can record her adventures. Has a workbench, iron axe, iron pickaxe, and a stack of cobblestone all in her satchel.
Occupation: She goes to high school.
Skills: very tricky, swordsmanship, and bow and arrow, survival skills
History: her dad was a enderman and her mom was a human thus making her half enderman. But her parents were both killed by herobrine. She then started to live on her own. When she went to school she was made fun of because she was half enderman. She had only one best friend her name was Delaria. But in high school she was killed. Now Lunaris is all alone again until she is needed to save the land.
Home Country: Meldia, in the town of Moonlight

Hopefully you'll add my O.C.
Holly Pearlwing chapter 1 . 12/22/2012



Personality:kind slighty ecentric, excitable.

Equipment:An iron sword a stone pick axe and a leather chestplate.

Occupation:She's the bakers daughter but she doesn't have a job. She's sixteen.

Skills:Baking, fighting (all mobs except endermen which fighten her and creepers which she avoids)

History:Born in a small village Sophiana was quickly taught to bake by her father. Around the age of five her mother taught her to read and introduced her to the legends and myths of minecraftia. Sophiana was soon began to be thought crazy by the other people in her village for believing some if them. As such the only one she is close to in her village is her mother.

Home Country:Alentia
Ghostdad7 chapter 1 . 12/21/2012
Name: Jason, Spike, Isaac. (Explained why in personality)

Age: 20

Race: (Human, Dwarf or Elf and oddly enough a Enderman, though I will only accept one Enderman ) Human has some scars over his body from his occupation.

Personality: Jason had MPD or Multiple Personality Disorder. Jason is his normal personality. Jason is normally calm and collected and never falls for taunts. He is an excellent sword fighter. Isaac is for smarts and does not like to fight. He normally just sits back with a bow and snipes off the enemy if they get to close to him or the team. Finally there is Spike. Spike is what happens when he feels extreme anger. Spike charges headfirst, not caring if it's a normal zombie, or an enderdragon. He usually uses TNT if there are too many and charges to battle with a sword.

Equipment: ( If Enderman ignore) Iron pants and Chestplate. Leather helm and shoes. Iron sword, a bow that has lightning damage, and TNT with Flint and Steel.

Occupation: (What Job they have) (If Enderman Ignore) Fighter.

Skills:Rather an expert at TNT. From creepers he gets slightly more gunpowder than average and the blast radius from the TNT doesn't do much to him.

History: An average child in the world of Minecraft. He grew up and at the age of 14 he left his small village. A month later he decided to visit the village he left. When he got there he saw that it was swamped with Zombies, Skeletons, and Creepers. He managed to escape from it and wandered before finding a fight guild that he joined to get money. There he trained for five years and became the second best they ever trained.

Home Country: Minecraftia
Guest chapter 1 . 12/20/2012
name boriss
ocupation human
heavy guy huge realtivly scary very intelegent thouh speks english poorly
equpmemt extreamly rapi fire bow secondary melon heals all life third s a criticalhit punch
wears armor oc

occcupation is black smith and makes amo and weponry of all spprts also has job in a tf2 game
Yummie chapter 1 . 12/20/2012
Argh, forgot to put the home country _ anyways, the home country is Minecraftia.
Yummie chapter 1 . 12/20/2012
Can guests submit OCs too? If so, here's my OC
Name: Diamonde
Age: 16
Race: Half enderman, half human
Personality: can be easily persuaded into doing things if pressurized, but she is very loyal. She fears injury and would rather run than fight unless persuaded. She is very shy and very skittish, but once you know her she is more open and friendly. She is extremely fearful of zombies and would flee if she hears/see one. Doesn't talk much. Has a terrible aim. Quite stubborn.
Equipment: iron sword with flame aspect and iron helmet and iron boots.
Occupation: none
Skills: close combat, tracking
History: she lost her memory when she was 14, so she doesn't know much about her past. She was on a quest to find out more on her past before this story begin. All she remembers is that she was turned into half an enderman after eating an ender pearl in desperation for food.
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