Reviews for The Mole : Disguised Disgrace
Moley Koopa chapter 19 . 8h ago
Aww... I'm sorry for your loss, it is quite unfortunate how such a young soul passed away... I hope you're feeling alright.

Anyways, Enguarde probably found something called an exemption inside the Mole chest... Waitress once again, proved herself to be as dumb as me. XD It's quite hard to pick a victim right now, but I'll say Shokora still, she's too... good, and I say that the fourth execution is always a surprise one. *hoping Waitress won't go*

Seriously, what IS the dinner list for? Another mission or something? Well, I'd be expecting burgers on the menu. XD

Final thing, I think the team will actually be penalised pretty bad, since there is a rule how no more than 3 can be on the beach at the same time... Waitress, Blanche, Brainless Koopa (XD) and the person/people bringing up the chests. Or the fact that Shokora was helping Waitress solving the combination, thus making it 4, at least. At the end, I'm pretty use everyone was onshore. XD So I expect some sort of punishment for them. xoxo
Sepron chapter 19 . 4/15
YES! ENGUARDE IS SAFE! You wouldn't believe how happy I am, now all three of my favorites are clear! Now I just have to worry about Blanche.

This was a good challenge to see the different groups interacting, Kolorado and Blanche especially. And I feel Enguarde was able to redeem himself from last time too, so it's good to see just how well he did. Waitress was pretty useless though unfortunately. I really liked the premise though, these challenges get more and more creative!

My suspicions still rest with Blanche, I can't put my finger on it, but she just comes across as fishy to me. Now she just has to get through the elimination ceremony... *gulp.* I'm super excited, as always, fantastic work!

On a side not, I'm very sorry about your cat. The same thing happened to me with my cat a few years back, so I understand how hard it is to go through. My sincerest condolences.
Soui chapter 19 . 4/15
Ceci explique cela. Désolé pour Kirboo, je sais que tu sais comment je me sens lors de la mort d'un animal et tu as toutes mes condoléances, Toady.

Ensuite, le chapitre... comme je l'avais prédit, excellent chapitre, j'ai adoré la tension Melody & Cie. sur la plage, et Shokora est définitivement remontée dans mes favoris pour avoir fait face à Mlle Pianissimo. J'aime l'amitié BlancheKolorado qui est de plus en plus visitée, merci de la rendre si... réaliste. Waitress la clueless. XD

Pour les suspects, comme tu me l'as demandé... du plus au moins : Blanche Boo&Kolorado Shokora&Melody Enguarde Waitress. Un & signifie qu'ils sont a égalité mais je pense que tu l'avais compris. Kolorado et Waitress restent mes deux personnages favoris, suivis par Shokora, Boo, Blanche, Melody et finalement Enguarde.

Pour ce qui est d'une prédiction d'élimination... eh bien, avec autant d'exemptés, la marge de manoeuvre est faible. Waitress, Shokora, Kolorado ou Blanche... évidemment, j'aime bien les quatre, et celle que j'aime un peu moins est ma taupe idéale. J'ai hâte de voir, j'ai hâte de voir...

Bonne chance pour la suite, autant moralement qu'histoireusement. OUI C'EST UN MOT. :333
Guest chapter 19 . 4/15
Well its very sad to lose a beloved pet, i've went through that a lot of times. Anyway y love the chapters so far.
Soui chapter 18 . 4/6
Le challenge à venir a l'air très intéressant, le prochain chapitre ne risque pas de décevoir. Mais on parle ici de Toady qui écrit, donc des déceptions... :connasse:

Bon chapitre as usual, Melody est passée du côté neutre plutôt que "dislike". Je ne sais pas si c'est mon goût personnel qui est changeant ou toi qui ait changé quelque chose dans la manière de l'écrire, mais elle est plus... intéressante, disons ça comme ça, dans ses réactions.

Han Wii Han Wii Waitress.
Sepron chapter 18 . 4/2
Wow this chapter was good! The interactions at the beginning were some of the best so far. You know I'm going to like anything with the rivals, but the interaction between Blanche and Boo was great too! I really like both of them, they're about tied for my third favorite now that Bullet is gone. Not to say I don't like the others, the conversation between them was pretty thought provoking as well. I've told you this before, but you just have a method of writing that makes your characters pop, and I love it. For some reason, I have a feeling that the durian Blanche ordered will be important, but I don't know why. Actually I'm slightly suspicious of Blanche... I'll have to see what happens. This challenge shapes up to be a fun one, maybe Enguarde can redeem himself a bit after the last challenge. Anyways, sorry for the long review. I'm as eager as ever for the continuation of this!
Moley Koopa chapter 18 . 4/1
Ooh! I see myself with my counterpart! XD Let's see what I picked up this chapter, the mission is probably going to turn out with my counterpart delivering the incorrect message while Blanche and Kolorado got completely lost. For the dining room scene, I couldn't help but to think that it might be something to do with the third challenge if there is one. I really want to know what was on Waitress' list though. XD
BoomShroom chapter 17 . 3/26
Whew! That was a long chapter! But fun!
Hmm, a lot happened this chapter. I would definitely suspect Enguarde. He didn't really help the other players out at all! A simple scan of the area around Melody could have told him if one of his allies was close by, and he could have made better plans, like getting one player to hand their items over to another player and distract Melody so the second player could get all of the items in without risk of getting caught.
I think Boo was just being more of a self serving player than a Mole, as well as helping his alliance by allowing Melody to catch him. His decision may have not been the best since they could have gotten more coins, but Melody has an exemption, so I'm happy!...and a bit disappointed that they sort of lost the challenge...
As for Shokora, I've learned to turn an eyebrow up at a lot of what she says. Figuring out that Boo was working with Melody seemed a bit suspicious, but I suppose if one were to look at all of the facts like she did, it might have not been too hard to determine. Also, he has gained way too many exemptions and bonuses so far. I know that he seems to be one of the players with the keenest eye and sharpest wit, but there's only so many benefits one can gain before it starts to seem suspicious. On the other hand, he could seem even less suspicious with all of that. Why would the Mole need exemptions? Sure, it's a good thing to take away from the other players, but getting them all the time like Boo does would make it seem like they would know where and how exactly to get them. Which, if they're the Mole, they would know.
Melody could have easily worked something out with the other players. Letting them get all of the items they needed and then tagging them when they had finished would have achieved maximum coinage as well as an exemption for herself. Although, something tells me that a lot of other players (especially a certain swordfish) would have protested to that. It would basically seem like giving Melody a free exemption just because she chose that role in the challenge. However, she could have threatened them with the alternative of hunting them down and tagging them, like she actually did, causing less coins to be added to the pot. Perhaps they would have agreed then...or not. Either way, things could have gone much better for the players if they had just thought a bit more.
As I said before, Waitress and Kolorado don't seem as suspicious to me this challenge. They are forgetful or easily distracted, and those things are what caused them to be eliminated so quickly. I suppose the team should be thankful that they actually managed to get anything.
However, Waitress did later state a similar plan that I had just thought of, about Melody allowing the players to drop off the items and then get tagged. But she's usually so air headed, so it seems completely out of character for her to have a rational thought like that. Perhaps I'll need to pay more attention to her. Dismissing her could possibly prove to dismiss a deadly Mole...
White Mage does seem clever. I don't actually have much to say right now on her, just that I'll be keeping an eye on her. You are definitely stepping up her character...
I suppose that's everyone? Well, then! Here is my most recent list of suspects, from the Mole-ist to the least Mole-ish!

1. Boo
2. Shokora
3. Enguarde
4. Blanche
5. Waitress
6. Melody
7. Kolorado

Well, thanks for the chapter! Sorry it took a while to review, but it was a looooong chapter. I don't really have a problem with that (I usually just read large chapters chunk by chunk), but it may turn off some other readers, so be careful! Anyways, great job, and I hope to see more soon!

Soui chapter 17 . 3/23
Très bon challenge, donc le chapitre ne pouvait être que bien aussi !

L'alliance des fantômes m'amuse, je l'aime beaucoup. Ah et ce n'est pas forcément parce que Melody est plutôt 'méchante' que je l'aime forcément... coucou Lindsay, Cody, Gwen, etc. Hézer était un cas à part. Non, je trouvais Melody juste... chiante. Plus trop maintenant, on dira. J'aime le fait que la boîte à musique contenant une exemption et que Melody est musicienne... mmh ?

Rien d'autre à dire, merci pour ce chapitre, un des meilleurs à mon goût.
Sepron chapter 17 . 3/21
YES! Melody's safe! This was a fun challenge, I loved the planning between Boo and Melody, the coalition is going well! Everyone running around and interacting was fun too, though Enguarde comes across as suspicious... I'll be keeping an eye on him! Fantastic job!
Moley Koopa chapter 17 . 3/20
Oh, what a great mission! I would love to do this as well! (Actually, I'd rather be on The Mole instead. XD) I love the ghost coalition, so it's cool to see that both of them will make it to the next round of the game. Although I do think that Shokora will fall victim to the Mole, considering she's not as 'sabotage-y' as the others. But anyways, great chapter! XD
BoomShroom chapter 16 . 3/17
Great chapter!
Ooh, another challenge! I don't really suspect Enguarde or Melody for their insistence on taking on the special roles in the challenge, but it was rather immature of them. Enguarde doesn't seem to be doing so well at his job, and, unfortunately, Melody has decided to sacrifice some money for an exemption. I doubt she will earn it since she must catch everyone, but whether she gets it or not, it will certainly hinder the team. They're already down one player since she caught Kolorado, and that means that the others will have to make up for that by taking on the burden of searching for more items. And I have a feeling that Waitress is going to mess up and bring back an incorrect item or take too long and not gather enough...
Now, onto suspicions!
Ooh, I see that your definitely raising Blanche's suspicious level, but I'm not falling for it! I don't really suspect her all that much. I think she just might be a really good player. In fact, I saw myself seeing eye to eye with her a lot in this chapter, what with searching the crane and tagging Monty Mole to see if she would win anything special. However, in reality, I'm pretty stupid and wouldn't last one execution if I were really in the game. Still, it feels nice to pretend to be smart sometimes!
I suppose I should be more suspicious of Melody and Enguarde, but I guess I'm just seeing them as childish instead. Their rivalry has already cost the team the last challenge. Now they're messing up this one. If two people could be the Mole, than I could see how their strategy would be to act like rivals to mess things up. However, there is only one Mole, and unless one of them is seriously tricking the other, I don't see either of them as the Mole right now. They're just genuine players who don't have very good chemistry with one another.
Boo seemed rather genuine this chapter. He also demonstrated a degree of loyalty to Melody when he compromised and suggested that she take the special role this time. So far, their alliance hasn't done much, so it's good to see that it's actually a tangible thing and not just an agreement with no action to back it up.
As for Kolorado, Waitress, and Shokora, I don't have much to say about them. Really, NOBODY seemed all that suspicious this chapter, but out of all of them, they stood out the least. Since I seem to focus on a character's suspiciousness each chapter instead of adding all of their transgressions so far together, I would say that those three would be innocent. Mostly. Kolorado's detour could have been a deliberate sabatoge, but he's already displayed his knack for being distracted. Waitress' idea to run back and forth, delivering the items she found one by one, could also be sabatoge, but based on how she has a terrible memory (i.e. forgetting her lines) this should come as no surprise. Shokora seems to be losing her patience with Melody and Enguarde. Considering that she is a politician and is normally cool and collected, it would come as quite an uncharacteristc shock if she suddenly snaps on them. Perhaps she will and this will somehow mess up the challenges to come? Perhaps this is a way for her to sabatoge without seeming like the bad guy...
Anyways, as I said, I don't have a major suspect this chapter. If I had to pick a Public Enemy #1 I would choose Enguarde, but that's just because I dislike him. TEAM MELODY 4EVER!
Great job with this chapter, and I hope to see more soon!

Moley Koopa chapter 16 . 3/6
Yeah, what a nice chapter. I felt like that I spotted a clue last chapter: Bullet was last in the player intro last chapter, and he got executed. Next up was Shokora, so I think she will be next. Then it's my counterpart... *cries* XD But a nice chapter as always!
Sepron chapter 16 . 3/6
This challenge should be interesting. I'm not sure who to root for though! And I agree, Bullet made a great foil for Enguarde, that's probably why I liked him so much, he's the biggest contrast to the rivals. As always, fantastic job!
Soui chapter 16 . 3/6

Chapitre ordinaire, mais c'est souvent comme ça lors du premier chapitre d'un nouvel épisode, à mon goût. Le défi commence, les choses se placent, il y a du placement et les réactions de l'éliminé, etc.

Bon côté : Melody m'insupporte moins ! dats like tottly an achievement girl.
Waitress est toujours aussi clueless, je la kiffe.
La scène du début avec Boo qui est grognon/toujours endormi m'a fait sourire, et Monty me rappelle un certain Toady... :missfrance:

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