Reviews for The Mole : Disguised Disgrace
The Smart One 64 chapter 15 . 1/9
Oh Bullet Bill, why did you have to depart us? /3

I had totally forgotten about the play challenge! Which is a shame considering how active I was in theater way back in the day. Unfortunately for me, I'm not sure I could spot any clues this episode, so I'm relying purely on sabotage...which is where things get interesting.

After reading this chapter, I actually think it's safe to eliminate Kolorado as the Mole. The raft he crafted was clearly good enough to get them to shore, even if he fell off. Plus all of his "sabotage" is too consistent with the natural clumsiness of his character, and even in the Play or Be Played mission, he had such a minor role as the stage technician. Sure he broke a pot, but it's Kolorado; his tally-ho fingers probably couldn't resist touching it. :P

I'm also leaning more away from Boo, for many reasons. Conversely, his sabotage is more blatant: so much so that it's almost alarming. And he's always looking for these pesky little advantages to boost his quiz score, which makes him look like a player to be fair, but come on? There was no obvious clue about falsely confessing to cheating in the previous episode, nor even to sacrifice his chest in this mission. I also noticed that a lot of the quiz questions had similar answers to Shokora and Boo; I think there were at least four which only applied to the two. And it looks like Bullet Bill, even being as carefree as he was, tossed a few questions in Boo's directions, accounting for his departure from the game.

Waitress did Waitress things as always, and even in spite of forgetting her lines, they still felt pretty minor in the grand scheme of the mission. She did suggest switching plays (which I think ultimately accounted for her forgetting), though Blanche did encourage this suggestion as well. Not much to say here.

Enguarde was also Enguarde-like. While obvious, fighting onstage with Melody is still the perfect sabotage to destroy the mission entirely, and sabotaging so blatantly following practically nothing at Oho Oasis would do well to balance it out. Poor Enguarde though, how is it his fault that nobody else bothered to do ANY of the work to both rescue Waitress OR rescue Kolorado's chest? The swordfish is tired, yet the players act like they're whipping him into submission. :P

Most bizarrely, I was confused by White Mage's sabotage...because it felt almost absent. Less so in Oho Oasis, though; her disappearance from Waitress is highly suspicious. Plus if Enguarde saw something red, it could have been mistaken for Blanche's pink hair (plus if she's wearing her White Mage outfit, I'm sure there's some red on it). I don't know if her distraction in the woods would be directed to Waitress steering the raft into oblivion, and even if that was the objective, she still failed to lose any money from the pot. Which in fairness, the Mole is allowed to do from time to time. But where did she sabotage in Play or Be Played? Taking an offstage role that more wisely could have been given to Waitress? Also encouraging the script swap? Her terrible Monty Mole acting skills? She had to have done something in that time, though, because 26000 coins got blown that episode, and I don't think it was the doing of Enguarde, Waitress and Melody alone.

Well shucks. On to the next episode!

Clueless but with all the clues,
The Smart One 64
The Smart One 64 chapter 10 . 1/4
Hey again! This will probably be brief because I'm dead tired, but man! I forgot just how great the kidnapping mission was! Every detail was so descriptive and encaspulating, so excellent job once again.

As far as sabotages go, Blanche continies to stick out a lot. I have no doubt that one of the three in the bedroom shut the lights out (obviously Dixie and Bullet didn't lol). But on top of that, a vase crashed which ultimately alerted Lady Lima (aka Slima), which definitely would have to be one of those three. Perhaps it could be Boo since he was roaming, but my guess if it was anyone, it was Blanche. Also, I wonder if Blanche actually played a role in Waitress spotting Boo? Her falling was spontaneous enough for him to arrive and trap them both, not only eliminating them from the challenge, but also making an opportunity for Boo to be visible. That's essentially 20000 coins lost right there, not to mention a lot more caused by the alarm being sounded about the prince's abduction.

Other than being lovable blubbertons, Waitress and Kolotado didn't do much either. I wonder at all if any sabotage actually occurred during the jail escape; the exemption opportunity for Blanche didn't exactly happen at all.

Still chugging along through this awesome story! Should be caught up in no time.

Clueless but with all the clues,

The Smart One 64
The Smart One 64 chapter 5 . 1/3
Eeeeeeey, it has been a sinfully long time since I've dropped a well-deserved review for this story! I'm currently in the process of rereading everything for clarity's sake, but hopefully I'll be caught up again after a few weeks. Ironically, I'm dropping this review while waiting around at the airport!

When I last left off, there were five contestants left, so my successive reviews are probably going to revolve around those characters (though RIP Dixie, Goombario, Bullet and Melody) /3 And the benefit to rereading is that it definitely helps to solidify a lot of things!

As always, I absolutely love your writing. You don't give yourself enough credit as a non-native English author: it is literally undetectable in your writing (which is far superior to the writing of most stories in the Mario section). Your cast of 10 is so diverse in both personality and interactions, so well done. Also, I think I said it long ago, but Maskass is still the most unfortunate name to bestow upon your Shy Guy. :)

Also, HECK YEAH WEBSITE! I can't load it well on mobile but I'll definitely be checking it out again in later chapters!

I suppose I'll leave the rest of this review to suspicions pertaining to the first episode:

5. Boo

It's surprising that he's so low, but I just don't get the vibes from him. And for no rational reason I just think he sucks. :P He did a lot of suspicious things this chapter that added up to a lot of money, though, but I do have hindsight bias haha.

4. Waitress

Love her to death, and while she'd make an excellent Mole I don't think it's her. I do think she had the perfect amount of sabotagr and recovery to make her an eligible candidate, though, but my number one is still pretty solidifed.

3. Kolorado

Could be the Mole. While he had a totally different personality from Toad, though, he still fits the nice malr category a bit too well, and J think you'd split off from that. But, his clumsiness makes him suspicious.

2. Enguarde

Big suspect in my opinion. Personality-wise, I think he's a great choice. Amiable, but standoffish enough to cause some division. It didn't feel like he sabotaged a whole lot this episode, though, aside from losing 4000 coins to Shokora.

1. Blanche

Top Mole suspect, and I honestly doubt that's gonna change lol. Rereading is honestly making me solidifiy her as the Mole more and more as I pick up on more discreet acts of sabotage and possible clues. While I'm dead certain that the order of appearance in the intro of the first eight chapters can be "called" a clue (hehe), I also wonder about the people at the stands who presented the challenges. A Koopa in a white hoody would be symbolic of the White Mage, perhaps. As for sabotage, I've noticed a lot. Blanche almost singlehandedly tanked 20000 coins in the dodgeball match, a sport she'd have experience playing. It seemed odd how well she used the items to her advantage. Also, aside from losing 2000 in the lie detector, there was something fishy about her success in the airport too. She arrived pretty late yet had an easy time finding her bag, so maybe she was dillydallying or hiding some of the others? Who knows.

Anyway, flight is leaving, so catch you on the fmippety flop!

Clueless but with all the clues,
The Smart One 64
Dark Punxysaur chapter 33 . 1/2
Aww no one want to trust Waitress? I would!
Pretty Palutena chapter 32 . 12/30/2016
At this point in the game Waitress and Engaurde are still my main suspects. Waitress's knowledge of the mole and Engaurde's blunders make them extra sus. Love the Shokora mention, she was my fav, but at the moment Blanche or waitress is my bet to win. Can't wait for more!
Soui chapter 32 . 12/18/2016
Tiens, une nouvelle review juste pour que ça monte de 1 et que tu t'excites, pour finalement te rendre compte que ce n'est que ta chère Flopus ! :kiss:
Lucky Ducky chapter 32 . 12/15/2016
Nice story! Although I wasn't here for the other chapters, I have read all of them and I enjoy the story a lot! I personally believe that Enguarde will be the next executed, unless he obtains an exemption, and Boo will end up being the runner up with White Mage being the winner and Waitress being the mole. I was a bit sad at Kolorado's departure, but I knew he would be gone eventually. Keep updating!
Soui chapter 32 . 12/13/2016
o ba ma prédixion du dernié shap été vré, le shap 32 é dja la. put1 ta fé vit la mdrrrrrrrrrr xD

Hum. :hakimapowa:

Un manque de synchronisme entre Enguarde et Blanche (j'aime bien voir ces deux-là intéragir) donnant à un moment cocasse en prime, et Waitress qui se marre comme une petite folle. Ce challenge est vraiment cool en version fanfic, bien joué pour l'adaptation. :noel:

C'est difficile de classer Blanche en Taupe vu que Boo a cumulé de nombreux actes suspects. L'accrochage sur la continuité de sa descente du labyrinthe en est une de plus, la directive d'Enguarde était assez claire et Boo n'est pas débile.

RIP Waitress. :-(

"hurr durr the plasma screen isnt clean" YEAH NO SHIT SHERLOCK. Ça fait deux fois qu'il sort la même excuse. Fool me once... et évidemment, il abandonne Boo et Blanche. Je ne le blâme pas vu que c'est la F4 et qu'on a qu'une idée en tête et c'est d'atteindre la finale, mais franchement...

Hum... Enguarde qui trouve un indice et B&B qui perdent leurs pouvoirs ? Coincidence ? On ne le saura pas tout de suite en tout cas, parce que c'est un autre FUCKING CLIFFHANGER.


J'ose espérer qu'Enguarde se sorte les doigts du cul et aide B&B à la dernière seconde, même si je ne vois pas comment il pourrait faire. On verra au prochain chapitre !


- Signé, Engradru.
Soui chapter 31 . 12/13/2016
Sale BITCH. Je vais faire un pronostic et dire que le prochain chap est déjà posté ! :rondoudou irma:

Début intéressant. Jusqu'ici Blanche a toujours été concentrée sur le jeu, c'était cool de la voir vouloir célébrer sa place en F4. Même si c'est la Taupe. :missfrance:

J'ai souri à la partie avec les petites culottes. :ponge: La spontanéité de Waitress, et le "I'm not wearing any" d'Enguarde m'ont fait marrer. Je note aussi que ce n'est pas la première fois que Boo dit qu'il déteste le soleil... les taupes non plus. C'est peut-être gros mais il a du le mentionner 4-5 fois déjà donc c'est... intéressant.

J'ai du mettre deux petites minutes à comprendre ce qu'était le challenge puis j'ai compris avec le minotaure. J'ai des flashbacks... U SKANK. :ponge: #OndineAbandonneeDansSonCoin #CocotineXWario Ou du moins, la base était sensiblement la même. J'aime bien le concept, vu que tlm a son rôle. Comme Blanche a dit, chaque rôle semblait être parfait pour les trois autres.

LE MUR EFFRITE :ruuuuuure:

Blanche et Enguarde ont chacun leur pdv (tous séparés vs tous ensemble) par rapport à la stratégie à adopter et personnellement je trouve qu'étant donné leur situation (et le fait que ce soit Enguarde qui mène le bal), ils devraient rester ensemble, mais bon. fuck ton cliffhanger !

Globalement, un très bon chap. Je ne suis pas méga-fan des premiers chapitres d'un nouvel épisode mais celui-ci était excellent. Les dialogues étaient épiques, je me lance sur le suivant !
Dark Punxysaur chapter 32 . 12/13/2016
Darn, I want Engradru to go home next and he get a clue about the mole.
Random Reader Guy chapter 32 . 12/13/2016
I liked this chapter.
Jkoopa chapter 30 . 7/26/2016
Hi I recently started reading and officially caught up! I really love your story c'est manifique! I am so sad kolorado got executide but happy that melody got eliminated she just annoyed me so much I wanted to kill her even though technically she already is... I don't know why I just like Blanche although recently she has annoyed me a bit. Waitress is defiantly my fav although second on my suspect list. 1 is boo he just seems suspicious and sneaky. I. Want. Enguarde. OUT! He just annoys me although I am sure he isn't the mole ( although I said that about toadette and yoshi in kristechers' story lol I wanted both of them to win ) so I want waitress to win, boo as mole Blanche gets second and enguarde dies.( or Eliminated) Can't wait for the next one!
P.s. Sorry about your grandmother. R. I.P️
Waitress Peut gagner!
l-mage chapter 30 . 7/12/2016
Well, I've been following this since you started writing it, and only just now bothered to make an account! You inspired me to write my own fiction, haha.

Anyways, review:

I believe Waitress is the Mole. Much like one of the mole's from the US Mole, she has a built-in excuse for why she sabotages-in her case, a lack of intelligence. I believe this is totally played up by her though, and that she intentionally causes the loss of money from the pot.

My favorite player is Boo. I've also suspected him of being the Mole, but if he is, I would be surprised. He has played a very selfish game, but not ordinarily sabotaging just to sabotage. He seems to have the most character of those left.

Blanche irritates me. I don't know why. She seems to treat most players in the game in an unfriendly manner, and I have disliked her from the beginning XD She is a good character because of this though. I don't really think she could be the Mole. I could be wrong though, bad things happen in her challenges a lot.

Engaurde is my second favorite player, and the one I want to be in the final three with Boo and Waitress (if she is the Mole). He's a funny character, and also suspicious enough to keep me on my guard (hehe). I think he is more brash and foolish than Mole-like though. I'm not sure really.

Kolorado going home was sad, he was really one of my favorites! I knew his time was up though, he didn't seem to have any real grasp of the game, lol.

Great job! I've really enjoyed it.
Soui chapter 30 . 6/21/2016
Alors... j'ai oublié mon pass pour me connecter, alors :han han: je vais te le laisser comme ça. :hakima:

Quelle élimination triste ! Évidente mais triste. Faut dire qu'avec les autres personnages qui ont un rôle très défini, Kolorado était le plus... éliminable. Blanche et Waitress sont à la limite de l'inséparable et s'équilibrent bien, Boo est... disons le raisonneur ? Et Enguarde joue le rôle de l'étron, c'est une bonne F4. :oui:

D'ailleurs... Blanche est la taupe, Waitress gagnera. Reste à savoir quel mec ira en finale... je prie pour que ce soit Boo, le pois(s)on me fait chier ! Puis ce serait plutôt drôle de voir Boo perdre contre Waitress... :ouga:

Mmh... étant donné le temps que ça t'a pris pour écrire ce chapitre, je peux dire Joyeux Halloween et être convaincu que ça sortira vers ces temps-là, je pense... :cunt:
PepperWho chapter 30 . 6/11/2016
I think I know who the mole is. Which probably means i'm wrong. It did the last 2 times. I'm soooo glad you updated! I have enjoyed you'r Mole story the best of the other 10 I have read!
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