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Jkoopa chapter 30 . 7/26
Hi I recently started reading and officially caught up! I really love your story c'est manifique! I am so sad kolorado got executide but happy that melody got eliminated she just annoyed me so much I wanted to kill her even though technically she already is... I don't know why I just like Blanche although recently she has annoyed me a bit. Waitress is defiantly my fav although second on my suspect list. 1 is boo he just seems suspicious and sneaky. I. Want. Enguarde. OUT! He just annoys me although I am sure he isn't the mole ( although I said that about toadette and yoshi in kristechers' story lol I wanted both of them to win ) so I want waitress to win, boo as mole Blanche gets second and enguarde dies.( or Eliminated) Can't wait for the next one!
P.s. Sorry about your grandmother. R. I.P️
Waitress Peut gagner!
l-mage chapter 30 . 7/12
Well, I've been following this since you started writing it, and only just now bothered to make an account! You inspired me to write my own fiction, haha.

Anyways, review:

I believe Waitress is the Mole. Much like one of the mole's from the US Mole, she has a built-in excuse for why she sabotages-in her case, a lack of intelligence. I believe this is totally played up by her though, and that she intentionally causes the loss of money from the pot.

My favorite player is Boo. I've also suspected him of being the Mole, but if he is, I would be surprised. He has played a very selfish game, but not ordinarily sabotaging just to sabotage. He seems to have the most character of those left.

Blanche irritates me. I don't know why. She seems to treat most players in the game in an unfriendly manner, and I have disliked her from the beginning XD She is a good character because of this though. I don't really think she could be the Mole. I could be wrong though, bad things happen in her challenges a lot.

Engaurde is my second favorite player, and the one I want to be in the final three with Boo and Waitress (if she is the Mole). He's a funny character, and also suspicious enough to keep me on my guard (hehe). I think he is more brash and foolish than Mole-like though. I'm not sure really.

Kolorado going home was sad, he was really one of my favorites! I knew his time was up though, he didn't seem to have any real grasp of the game, lol.

Great job! I've really enjoyed it.
Soui chapter 30 . 6/21
Alors... j'ai oublié mon pass pour me connecter, alors :han han: je vais te le laisser comme ça. :hakima:

Quelle élimination triste ! Évidente mais triste. Faut dire qu'avec les autres personnages qui ont un rôle très défini, Kolorado était le plus... éliminable. Blanche et Waitress sont à la limite de l'inséparable et s'équilibrent bien, Boo est... disons le raisonneur ? Et Enguarde joue le rôle de l'étron, c'est une bonne F4. :oui:

D'ailleurs... Blanche est la taupe, Waitress gagnera. Reste à savoir quel mec ira en finale... je prie pour que ce soit Boo, le pois(s)on me fait chier ! Puis ce serait plutôt drôle de voir Boo perdre contre Waitress... :ouga:

Mmh... étant donné le temps que ça t'a pris pour écrire ce chapitre, je peux dire Joyeux Halloween et être convaincu que ça sortira vers ces temps-là, je pense... :cunt:
PepperWho chapter 30 . 6/11
I think I know who the mole is. Which probably means i'm wrong. It did the last 2 times. I'm soooo glad you updated! I have enjoyed you'r Mole story the best of the other 10 I have read!
Soui chapter 29 . 3/25
Okay !

C'était une épreuve assez amusante, bien que linéaire. Je suis sûr qu'il y a des trucs à analyser dans les discussions à 3 (le livre, plus spécifiquement), but im fuken lazy. So like wuuuuutever.

J'ose espérer qu'il y avait des trappes à profusion dans les chemins piégés. :hakima: J'ose dire que les questions étaient foune, particulièrement la 2e de Waitress. u skank :ponge:

Étant donné que Monty laisse quelques instants aux filles pour faire leur choix, je pense que Blanche sacrifiera sa chance d'exemption au prochain épisode et qu'elle dira à Waitress de ne pas se mettre dans la merde, mais on verra bien ?

PS.: shokora/blanche power couple
PepperWho chapter 29 . 3/25
If you stop writing this story, the world will end. THIS IS THE BEST STORY EVER!
PepperWho chapter 21 . 3/7
Well... that was random... I don't understand the random story in the middle of this...could you explain more
PepperWho chapter 18 . 3/6
Im pretty sure that the mole is Enguarde. He did participate to their loss alot last challenge... and he also refused to get off the sinking raft earlier in the island challenge. He is also suspicious because he has no traits that could be considered the mole besides being very non-mole like. Im 95% sure the mole is not Boo. I LOVE BOO HE IS EPIC! and this story is epic too! You have a new fan!
Dark Punxysaur chapter 29 . 3/6
Oh boy. A -2 would be like death for Waitress. I don't want her to go home next! I want it to be Boo and Enguarde leaving next because both would of lost to maybe the most dimwitted player in the game and it would be so funny.
Logan Aura chapter 29 . 3/5
Oooh boy this challenge was a blast to read, Honestly I thought the books the other question solvers were reading would've had some of the answers. So many possible clues or the like going around here as well.
Soui chapter 28 . 10/23/2015
1) Fais comme tu veux pour les indices, j'ai envie de dire. Je ne les ai jamais vrmt analysés... ça dépend aussi des anglais, j'imagine. Ils doivent les considérer que mwa. :hakima:

2) Ça va comme chapitre. Rien de très excitant mais ça restait une lecture fun. Moins il y a de gens, plus il y a de place pour écrire des interactions plus simples comme tu l'as fait, donc ça fait une bonne caractérisation et ça les rend plus... relatable.

3) Anus Hareng n'était jamais en retard ! ...souvent absente, mais lorsque présente, toujours à l'heure. :oui:

4) Je sais pas si c'est parce que ça fait longtemps que j'ai lu, mais Enguarde m'a semblé... suspect. C'est peut-être juste sa phrase ('sure, it's kind of a relief to know what's going on most of the time' yadda yadda) qui m'a fait un peu tilter. On aurait dit qu'il parlait par expérience.

5) 0/10 pr 7 fiksion. not enough gay
Dark Punxysaur chapter 28 . 10/21/2015
I have just been reading this story and I love Waitress. I truly hope she make the final three. XD
The Smart One 64 chapter 26 . 9/30/2015
Totally fell asleep while typing this. :P

I'm so glad you incorporated Locked Out into this! Absolutely one of my favorite battle minigames of all time, especially with the delayed running on the Nintendo 64 adding to the intensity. Honestly, can't say I blame Boo for his strategy to help Waitress (and next chapter, steal keys); he had the right idea based on the minigame itself, lol.

Not much to comment about this chapter, seeing as most of the action comes later on. Glad to see the executed players return! Lol, still remember how Goombario, Dixie and Bullet Bill were three of my favorites. Honestly, the diversity of this cast is awesome. Did not expect to be so persuaded to like as many of the players as I do, but the way you add character to each and every one of them is truly brilliant. I find myself favoring all of them!

Well, except for Blanche, because she just sucks and should drown in a gelatinous bubble, heels and all. :P

Clueless but with all the clues,
The Smart One 64
The Smart One 64 chapter 25 . 9/30/2015
Geez, somehow I find the time in colllege to finally leave my reviews moreso than I did back in high school. Ug, why have I historically been so bad at reviewing? XD

What's worse is I'm typically able to skim through your chapters when you update, so I know the gist of what's happened in future chapters beyond the one I'm reviewing now. But since my only morning class for tomorrow got canceled, one in the morning with homework finished is the perfect time! Promise to leave one for each chapter, because trust me, this story totally deserves it.

Also, to all others out there, REVIEW THIS STORY! It's amazing! Seriously, a Mole story written by an actual Mole! (Holy cow that was over three years ago...)

Now back to the story. :)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Melody, why? (I didn't say 'sexy' Melody because I'm not a phasmophiliac, lol) Her departure time did make sense though, because character-wise, she, Enguarde and Boo are all villainous enough that it could overpower if all three remained. But ug, she was still entertaining nonetheless. She kinda got a little bit paranoid this chapter, though, and I do suspect she tunnel visioned and was promptly executed.

Okay, this is going to sound weird, but I feel like some of these characters are reflective of us within the Mole game we played. Like, I would probably be Melody here, executed due to early tunnel vision on misled information. (My downfall, ladies and gentleman) Obviously, I didn't have a rivalry with Enguarde by any means (lol, clearly Golden :P), other than being totally outsmarted. I could picture Kolorado as being some hilarious mix of Wimp and Dark. And Boo is definitely Avenger. LOL, not sure why I'm drawing all these parallels since it feels more nostalgic than anything else.

But it does drive me to my other point: I feel like the Mole of this season may be adopting some of your own strategy back in Spy Among Authors. Meaning, I think Blanche reflects you in some ways within our game. Always cool-talking and very, VERY good at deflecting even blatant suspicion onto other people (jump to future chapter, she takes the exemption at full cost to mission money, yet somehow indicates that Waitress, Boo and Enguarde are suspicious for what would have been only 5000 coin acts). So there's that, but most importantly is her coalition with Waitress...see where I'm going? I feel like Waitress is in some ways (but not in personality) the Champ you had back in our game. Except, I suspect Waitress may have figured out by now that Blanche is the Mole and is actually a lot smarter than she lets off. I feel like the Mole coalition strategy is one that has never been used before, so I wonder how it could be pulled off. At any rate, I suspect this to be the case.

Anyways, definite suspicious activity this episode. I find the most suspicion to be in Waitress, Enguarde and Blanche's group. Boo's act was blatant, sure, but if he did leave markers, this draws question to Blanche and Enguarde who were instrumental in wandering astray. Blanche reached the other side first, blocked in vision: she easily could have moved the rock arrow and claimed impossibility to see it due to the darkness. As for Enguarde, he laid relatively low, but did in fact make the decision of which path to take, so there's that.

So to wrap up, Blanche is still number one suspect, followed by Enguarde. After that, I don't realy have one...I don't believe it to be Boo at all, I find Waitress to be a red herring, and Kolorado is just too unique as a character IMO. As always, I anxiously await for the egg on my face when I'm horribly wrong. :P

Clueless but with all the clues,
The Smart One 64
Soui chapter 27 . 7/16/2015
Anus Hareng au rapport ! :samus:

J'ai eu l'impression que c'était beaucoup plus rapide que lors de la première 'étape' avec Kolorado, mais en même temps... il faut bien faire rentrer 3 épreuves en cinq chapitres ! :damebouh:

Blanche est intelligente, elle prendra un bonus. Elle n'ira pas jusqu'à prendre les bonus à 20 ou 25 mille pièces, mais 5 000...? Je pense que c'est très possible.

Bon chapitre, en somme. Ça aurait été cheap que Waitress gagne le lancer de pièce, je suis content que ce soit Blanche qui l'ait gagné... :hap:
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