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Nana-chan chapter 50 . 7/5
Sooo, this was the second time for me to finish this story and it will surely not be the last :) this time almost in one day, first time took me a while longer, but it won't change my opinion: I simply LOVE your amazingly adorable and creative and sweet fanfiction.
Thanks so much for writing this
Greetings from Germany, Nana-chan
Guest chapter 11 . 6/23/2014
Squares and shit XD Say that to an architect!
thelostcullengir chapter 29 . 5/24/2014
Can I just say, this is the only fanfic I've ever re-read. Literally it's that good. I miss the days when I would desperately await your updates. My name is Lauraesque now, just so you know. I was kind of wondering if you remembered me too, and that was when I started to re-read this. If I could publish it I would! Best wishes x
Artsy Teenager chapter 1 . 3/4/2014
Hello. I saw you posted a review on my first story and wanted to check yours out. I really like your story and am glad you liked mine. And yes, I have played through all the professor Layton games as well. I am happy to let you know that I am currently working on my second chapter and will have it posted soon! Bye for now!
- Margaret Dove
Nicki chapter 51 . 2/22/2014
Hello :)
Um, I'm from germany, so my english is not the best!
A friend of mine showed my this story and I really love it! Clive and Flora are so sweet together :3
And yes Clive is cuter *0* Just joking, both are cute :)
I really love your stories, go on like that! I'm going to start to read your other stories, too :)
LG Nicki
Um, I mean ... don't know what you say in England ... in Germany we write "LG" because that means "Liebe Grüße" what is ... dear greats? No idea. You say it at the end of a message ;) And, yeah, sorry for my bad english :L
Roxy-terry-towel chapter 50 . 11/21/2013
Hello nellen!
I really loved your story and spend my hole thursday and fridayafternoon to read it (even though i should have learned spanish... :) )
i really hope you'll write some more stories in the future.
And sorry if i made a mistake because i am from germany :)
Hikari R chapter 50 . 10/26/2013
TOTALLY worth spending my whole Saturday reading this 50 chapter fanfiction. I'm sorry I'm 6 months late to review, but this is BEYOND amazing. You've topped this pairing BIG TIME.
chocomintcooky chapter 1 . 9/13/2013
Oh. My. God.
You have no idea how HAPPY I was to have found you! I mean, I've searched the whole Professor Layton forum, which is like 57 pages of stories, and Accidentally in Love still is (and forever will be) one of my all time favourite stories. Like, EVER. :D
I love the Clive x Flora pairing, with an obsession I can't really explain, and how...modern it is compared to other stories, y'know? And I think I've read this story and the "sequel" over four times in a row. That's right.
I really hope you continue writing, because I feel you have a real flair for writing! X3
Tazmaster chapter 50 . 8/21/2013
this was the one of the most fantastic ClivexFlora fics in the history of fanfiction! I loved it so much and i would love if you did a sequel! My favorite part was where he beat up Mark :D
Alanna chapter 1 . 6/9/2013
I made fanart! art/Clive-x-Flora-376732312
crablekris chapter 51 . 5/30/2013
Well hello again c: :3
Folsensory chapter 51 . 5/30/2013
Aha, well that is very nice of you to respond to "Someone" like that, lol.

Too bad I went all crazy and thought this was another chapter :S
Still love the story though!

Someone chapter 50 . 5/30/2013
YAY! Happy ending! I am soo happy for them yay! Thank you so much for writing these fan fictions i loved them you rock! I will be waiting for more fan Fictions from you from now on!
P.s. I think Luke was my favorite character in the fan fiction, he reminds me a lot of myself sometimes ( and no, i don't dress the way he does, the only thing common between us in appearance is probably the brown hair part O.o) like being grumpy and not liking to do things, complaining. Even though i try not to do it i think for all teenagers out there like us have acted as he sometimes did.
And the fact that he was my favorite was strange because Clive should have been my favorite but for some reason i found EVERYTHING Luke did hilarious, OK so maybe not so much when he was all mean and like 'Mark should know blah' and stuff but whenever he was all like 'i hate everything' i was like
'yes my friend, i see we are on the same page!'
even though i don't hate like practically anything (besides from bad books or movies, which are most of the ones to me...) but sometimes i feel like that lol
And i must say, my favorite scene was when the professor was all like
'omg u should like b a gentleman (I'm a gentleman! Lol psy what is wrong with you) blah'
and Luke was all like
'oh i'm sorry, i cannot hear you over the sound of how amazing i am'
and ok so he didn't say that, but it felt like he was talking like that and it was hilarious!

Thankyou so so so much!
Someone chapter 46 . 5/30/2013
... Awkward...

LOL NO I'M KIDDING YAYA I LOVE THIS PART I AM SOOOO HAPPY! Yay they are together and you are amazing you just made one of my dreams come true! (Well... For them to be happy is so great, yay i love happy endings!)

WAIT. I NEVER LIKED HAPPY ENDINGS BEFORE THIS! I hate those cliche movies where you know whats going to happen and you sit through two hours of torture, and have you ever CRITIQUED your favorite movies? I don't know i am just SUCH a critique towards movies my friends always take me just to laugh at all the different impossible flaws i find... I guess i really like your story because of the following:

1. you are an amazing writer
2. you are amazing yourself :)
3. I love the professor layton games, and even though i feel really lame because i am also a teenager, i'm not afraid to be myself :)

I guess it's nice to read something based on characters an background events that you like.
And once again, love the fan fiction! :)
Someone chapter 40 . 5/30/2013
I am so sorry to say this, but Clive isn't very bright is he? I mean he's my favorite character and all, but i'm starting to doubt it now... If a girl kisses you (i know this was like 30 chapters back but still) it generally means that they LIKE you. Not necessarily LOVE you but it kind of means you have a chance. So why is he always like 'I am so depressed because i luv her and she doesn't love me...' Jesus Christ Clive! Use that brain of yours and get the message!
And come one as dense as CLIVE is you have to admit FLORA is even worse. Come on Flora, you don't just say 'omg i luv some guy called Mark and i also kind of like Clive...' what is she a player or something?
Hey i am not dissing your fan fiction i mean i am obsessed with it and love it, but some things just don't make sense. They BOTH got jealous because the other was hanging out with the opposite gender who wasn't them, but Clive had a point since Flora should have told him before asking him to come live with her.
But Flora really didn't have a right to confront him about it, SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND. (and even though he is annoying and no one likes him, he is STILL her boyfriend, whether she likes it or not. She can just dump him if she wants Clive so badly)
And once again i am not saying that your story is bad, cuz it's amazing ok and don't you doubt it! :)
But i REALLY had to get that off my chest.
Sorry hope i haven't annoyed you :)
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