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Beyond An Anomaly chapter 1 . 1/17/2013
I've been eyeing this story for a while now, and I've finally decided to read it. Allow me to state one thing for the record: this might be the greatest Fanfic I've ever read. Seriously. I'm just blown away by it. The unique writing style, the back story, the part where it actually WASN'T cheesy, the list goes on. You even got Falco's character perfectly right, dang it! Gosh I Unbelievably excellent job. Wow...
Galvantula866 chapter 1 . 1/5/2013
First off, do you know about that theory that the entire Star Fox team cut off their legs to be better pilots? I doubt that's true but I wanted to share that with you before i get started on the review proper.

Falco's opening paragraph about how much he loves the sky fits with his character. If he had the choice he'd stay up in the air as long as he likes. Having to lose not only his legs, but the very ability to even use a Arwing is a huge blow to both his ego and his pride. But he had gained true friends and the fact that Katt stuck by him though thick and thin shows that those two have a deep bond that goes beyond being simple soldiers.

Hearing about Peppy's death was upsetting, as I liked having him around during my first days of playing Star Fox 64. It's never easy to say goodbye to a friend and the way Falco reacts to that is well done. He will have to deal with that regret the rest of his life.

In the end this was a very well put together story and it does justice to the Star Fox lore.
Dominus Tenebrosus chapter 1 . 12/31/2012
Well, the usual "not familiar with the canon" warning applies. :P

At the A/N: Heh. Got her to help you without letting her in on it? Nice. :P

"that comes with it." -Heh. Interesting metaphor.

"Needless to say it" -He's right, it is fitting. Needless to say. :P

"But like I said," -Best friend, except for. Heh. Not the glowingest recommendation, that.

"(That's part of the" Poor guy. I can sort of empathize, somewhat.

"well and

we'd die" -Somehow, FFN decided this looked like a good place for a linebreak. Dang it FFN, stop messing with formatting!

"Fox, no more sky." -Heh. Therein lies the rub, I expect. Always has to come back to it, right? :P

"It never worked out," -Well, that too. XD

"'Course, I can't do" -Hmm... *considers the title*

"That was all. I." -Hm. Sounds like I was on the money, sorta... From what I can tell, leastwise.

"And I kept doing" -Sounds like a little envy, maybe?

"I kept touching the" -Well, more like nostalgia there... Or... No, I'm going to go with nostalgia. Tinged with regret.

"Any and every time" -Less regret, more plain nostalgia through those bits. That's the impression I get, leastways.

"doesn't go the hot" -I'm not sure, but I think there's something missing in that bit? Could just be me, though.

"somewhere, you'll probably find" -Ah. Well, that explains a bit, don't it?

"I remember when they" -Well, eh... Could be worse, right?

"And just like that," -Man. Poor guy. I'd say he needs a hug, but that'll do precisely nothing, will it?

"And truth be told" -See? Could be worse.

"Think of the devil." -Inevitable, really. :P

"Especially when that person" -D'aww...

"rope to pull away." -8D

"say that, wouldn't you?"" -Seems he's a fan of bad puns. Respect that, I do.

"relax are a success." -D'aww x2.

"She smiles, so that's" -Low bar. XD

""No, no, no," she" -Hm. What, then?

"deal with it all."" -Same way he is? Hm. Might end up being related, yes? :P

"type that says, "I'm" -Heh! Nice to have someone to do that with, isn't it?

"gonna do about that?"" -Get a newbie? Disband?

"hard, but the idea" -Not taking it well... Of course, why should he?

"to go. You're a" -Listen to her, for she is wise.

"does have its advantages." -Silver linings, right?

""Well, why don't you" -You offerin'? :P

"or not I'm surprised" -D'aww x3.

"he's mentioned, never mind" -Hm. A toast to those departed, I suppose? Either way, ouch.

"I sigh. "I've been" -And very poetic besides.

"good. And that's rough."" -Man. Just... Yeah. Poor guy. Man.

"I remember that very" -Heh. With a history like that, almost seems like it was meant to be.

"And come to think" -See previous note. :P

"up through most of" -Well, saw that coming. :P Oh, and d'aww x4. XD

"me, but I'm legitimately" -Shoulda dared, perhaps?

"and I just let it" -Not too late?

""I honestly..." Honestly what?" -Yeah, I can imagine how that'd get one gobsmacked, aye. Either way... Go for it, eh?

"And I realize, god," -Well, there is. Bet money on it, I woul- Wait, this is you. ... You know, I'll just read on.

"a lot better off."" -Heck of a way to put it, but... Yeah, that's about the size of it, isn't it?

"as she realizes the" -Yeah, good point, that one.

"you and I don't" -D'aww x5! So many D'aww's!

"option," she points out." -Okay, that can be taken in a sort of 'ouch' way, or a 'leading up to d'aww' way. Hm.

"most of this time" -Hrm. Ouch, then.

"And I guess that's" -Take what you can get, I guess?

"And we never did" -...Everything went better than expected!

At A/N Mk. II: Hey, sometimes that's how the best writing happens, right? :P And I liked it, too.

General Thoughts:

Man, this certainly had its ups and downs, didn't it? Mostly sad, but ending on a high note? Good job with that, by the way; can be tricky to believably pull something like that off, but there it is. :D

Anyway, I sort of saw this coming, a little, when she first popped in. Felt it was going that direction most of it, realized it was you and you might want to make us go ouch... Glad you didn't. :P

Good stuff. :)
ReadingBlueWolf chapter 1 . 12/30/2012
It's been so long since I've read something of yours. I forgot just how much I absolutely love your stuff. Like I knew, but it was forgotten. The way you can tell a story and bring people in is just fantastic. I loved how Falco describes the sky. That is absolutely an awe-inspiring thing. I was in reader heaven at your description of it. It was beautiful. This line "Flyin' into certain death and leaving death completely uncertain as to what it did wrong" is so clever, funny and amazing. I love it. I loved the whole touched the sky theme as he reminisced over all the events that had lead him to where he was. This is heartbreakingly lovely. When his wheel chair turns around, you got me all teary-eyed. I think I have a love-hate relationship with everything you write because it's SO moving. And then, as I keep reading and get to the end, I keep saying I effing hate you, I effing hate you, because you create such beautifully sad and true works of art. And I'm left teary-eyed, sniffling as tears slip down my cheeks wondering why you can't write a happy fic that's all about rainbows and butterflies and I know that if you did I wouldn't be happy with it, because I love how you write things that in some way are reality. Life doesn't hand out happy moments with perfect pictures. It gives you an honest look that you don't always want to see with a silver lining, like this fic. And how you can create that much emotion with a bird and a cat, I have NO idea, but you are amazing at it. This Christmas gift was amazing and I am honored to have read it. This is one of my favorite things I've ever read. Great job.
Jedelas chapter 1 . 12/26/2012
This was somewhat sad but it eventually turned out quite soothing for me.

This is one long oneshot and it's definitely good. A nice Falco/Katt story is always welcoming, especially since most of the Star Fox stories being updated recently are usually all Fox/Krystal including mines. xD Hopefully, I'd see more of your writing in SF. :D

The first person POV was great, I liked it a lot. I actually felt a knot tightening at the mentioned that 'half' of Falco was gone. That was when I thought literally half of his body WAS gone until I realized it was only his legs. xD

'I kept touching the sky', those parts were quite nice as well. You dived quite a bit into Falco's personal life which is something that I also like. Hell, I think I like a lot more than just those two things.

Katt with long hair? I wonder how that would look...

Anyways, good write here! Late but;
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
Tune4Toons chapter 1 . 12/22/2012

No way. No fucking way. (And to think I bluntly called out that you of all people couldn't have gotten me out of everyone and even betted my account too haha. I'm such an asshole, sorry 'bout that XD But enough about that, onwards!)

Not gonna lie, I did a double-take reading that first chunk haha. You know, it's not often I see the anthro actually referencing him/herself with their actual species, so that was a plus! Love Falco's gritty, shove-it-in-your-face nature here, what can I say? XD Looks like you did just fine working around the unofficial canon, so no worries about that, like how you have the [kept touching the sky] bit in there.

[Katt Monroe, then Katt Ethans, then Katt Monroe] I like that a lot because it brings it back to reality and how much of an ass it can be. I also like how you show all of Falco's quirks such as the sky and how he knows how horrible he is with relationships and all.

Now the names you chose: some worked, not sure about others. Reason I saw that is because a lot of time, some stories have names that don't seem to match the fandom set of names, and that's the hardest part of all.

Oh my goodness, torso? Whoa you ain't going nice at all. Love how brutal you are to him, I mean, especially with the beginning with his one true love and having that gone in an instant, wow... And him in a wheelchair, that is harsh, lemme say. XD Nice how you still got him as snarky as ever! Just realised, that's a lot of kids. [I sigh and force a laugh so I don't end up crying.] That does a lot for character, your lovely handiwork as always. :) And such crude humour [Well, it does mean I won't be getting screwed anymore] too haha. Yup, handling the canon material just fine if I do say so myself (and you tricking me into giving info, ugh. :P) And he is surprised, guess I can't say I'm too unsurprised either, but it's realistic that he is surprised even others though he may have a hint anyway, if that makes sense haha. Wow, yeah, Katt has said it right! I'd be just as shocked as her, definitely. I like how you ended it off, with the dancing and the ending line especially. Leaves it pretty open-ended but with a nice feeling even after all that.

So there ya go! Chunky review for chunky fic, RLt style. ;) I am literally spoiling you like you said, aye yah. (And you're spoiling me too, astagah!) Not once, but TWICE GODDAMMIT! TWICE! Someday, someday, just wait for it. XD

PointCaliber chapter 1 . 12/21/2012
That was nice :), good work, very good work and Merry Christmas :D