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I wanna be Jacob's imprint chapter 5 . 4/24
I think that Charlie has a right to know what Bella brought into his house. I guess it's a good thing that Bella didn't fall in love with Jasper, huh?

He should also know about the wolves, so they can stop assuming that there are mangy bears running around, mauling people. Maybe give Charlie some idea as to what he's up against, you know?

I think that Charlie's relationships with Billy and Harry will be strained because he'd feel like he was kept in the dark about something that ended up almost killing his daughter. But, I think that everything will work out in the end, once he learns that the wolves are protectors against the 'things'. It'll take a little groveling and a lot of Vitamin R, though.

I think that his relationship with Bella will worsen, though. SHE kept something serious from him, let that 'thing' slither into his house, AND almost died because of her involvement with said 'thing'.

His relationship with Jacob, however, shouldn't be too strained. He's done nothing but try to help Bella and make her happy. Especially, since Jacob could potentially turn into a protector and keep Cullen/Culpepper away.
Madmaxi chapter 5 . 4/21
Oh - thank God! I'm with you on the whole Charlie issue. I thought I was the only one who had a problem with how Meyer portrays Charlie as a semi-bumbling Barnie Ffife. So here'e the deal...

Charlie finds out about vamps? Check.

Charlie finds out about the wolves? Check.

Relationship with Bella? He loves her. He'll be hurt/disappointed/question his role as a parent but support her despite that. It'll bring them closer together I think. Maybe they'll write a rockin' song together?

Jake? He's not gonna hold it against the kid. In fact, he's gonna want to know everything there is to know about ring a wolf, especially if Bella's involved. Maybe he'll even crash a pack meeting (lol)!

Billy? That's a bit more complicated. There'll be a sense of betrayal initially I think. Charlie is rational though. I think he will understand the political ramifications for Billy in keeping the secret. I'd really like to see that friendship survive. Perhaps you can approach it from the standpoint of Billy slipping him clues about the situation over the years, hoping that Charlie will eventually figure things out on his own...kinda like Jacob did with Bella and the whole wolf thing.

Not sure what should happen with Joy. Are the two of them serious or just having a good time? Charlie would definitely think Joy should know, especially with what he's going through with Bella. Whether he will be the one to let the dog out of the bag is a different story. I can see him arguing with Billy to reveal it to her.

Will it affect his job? Sure. While initially I think there may be a period of desperation, Charlie will use this knowledge to make him a better cop. I'm sure he'll come up with creative ways to work through it all. I mean c'mon. Look how he conquered the funk of a broken marriage and separation from his kid with an old guitar and his lifelong friends (which is also why those friendships have to survive the fallout.) I have total faith in your Charlie!
mrslisablack chapter 5 . 4/19
First of all, I love Bella's Guitar, have been following it since you began. Love the detail with the Quileutes and your writing style of course. Its funny too. I can go on and on...

I remember a twilight fic from a long time ago that, before a battle with vamps and wolves, the men in the town somehow knew what was going on. They were on roofs getting their flamethrowers ready and the town was basically on lockdown. I think one of their comments was 'of course we know those bastards exist, they have always come this way..." don't quote me of course.

Anyway, I believe that Charlie has got to have an idea of what's going on with the wolves, growing up so close with Billy and Harry. And he knew their parents growing up as well. Also, he just accepts the Cullens, just like that? The perfect eerie white skin, never a blemish. If he shakes their hands, he knows no one is that cold who isn't dead or out in 20 degree weather with no gloves. Edward doesn't eat! Show me a person that doesn't eat when you offer. The eye color! Who has that?

My point is...Charlie has an idea. He's not 100% sure yet. Also, Sam's friends aren't normal - they're so big, where do they lift weights? Why don't they wear shirts when its cold? I think once Charlie finds out he's going to feel angry at Bella - she will be punished and more miserable if that's possible...they'll have a long talk and clear the air though. Maybe become closer, find out the real reason she wanted to be like him. Charlie will need to ignore his best friends for awhile. They kept him in the dark. They will have to apologize.

Or he can surprise them all and say I knew all along, you stupid jerks. And have a hissy fit and punch one of them.

Not much surprises cops, they see everything. They're trained to be brave and sane and protect. Once the info is absorbed, he will research and will protect and take safety to the next level. (Compare it to terrorism - yes, everyone who needs to be is informed, Joy is informed or protected very closely.) Charlie will help the wolves and respect Jacob even more when he turns. They are like the military, protectors. They will work together.

Who knows? Its whatever the author wants.
tonyamic10 chapter 5 . 4/19
I usually end up revealing the truth to Charlie in most of my stories. It makes for a stronger relationship with his daughter but creates conflict as well. There are things that I adore about that man and his scenes with Bella in the movies are moving. He truly loves her but has trouble expressing just how much. A daughter should never abandon her parents the way she did.
the dr donna chapter 5 . 4/19
Yes, Charlie should know about everything.

Will it make hime feel helpless? Yes, of course. But as a parent I feel helpless alot. Someone is mean to my kid, other kids don't wamt to be friends, my baby is sick, she falls down the stairs, ect. Granted this is stuff on a smaller scale, but every parent will feel helpless. That is the test of your mettle as a parent. The question is, fan you give your child the tools and support to deal with it themselves? Cause that is a parents job really, preparing your child to handle the future with all the weird crap that will come with it.
Will it change charlies viewpoint? Of course? Will it change his relaionships? Probably, moreso with his friends than with Jake. Jake is someone he loves that he has watched grow from a baby, and he is not hiding anything, currently anyway. Inmy mind, it would be like changing because he is so tall. Thas not his fault, that is just who he is. Billy and harry will feel more like a betrayal.

But i have also wondered, here is a man who has been on the reservation pretty much every day for if not his whole life, then since he was small. He is smart enough to befome chief of police. Isn't it posssible that he has absorbed enough over the years that instead of the wolves being a shock, it would actually make a lot of things make sense? All the small things that you think "hey that's weird"

I also quite like the idea of charlie doing something to face edward down, knowing what he is and is capable of. Cause to me that is what he should do, it is what i would do as a parent, try to put myself between my kid and danger.
frenchiemonsterr chapter 5 . 4/19
Yay, you updated the Extras! I'm so impressed at how deep you go into the characters. I'm with you there –I think that it's strange that Charlie doesn't act like a father in Twilight. I love stories where he CARES about Bella and the two have a good relationship. I don't really understand what Meyer wanted to do in her story... I think that Charlie should learn everything and understand it, so his relationship with the people involved isn't affected. Yes, Charlie is a weak human, but he's above all a father and that makes him strong, I think. The Charlie I imagine would want to protect his daughter and be there for her.
teacupdestiny chapter 5 . 4/19
I always like it when Bella has a real relationship with her Dad. And I like it when he finds out about the supernatural. ..I think Charlie is fond of ignoring certain things but I think he'd put this one together eventually.'s deeper when Charlie finds out and does his best to protect her. And for the Bella in ur fic, I think she deserves more than a straw father.
Amaleea chapter 4 . 3/30/2014
Your tray of plots and sub-plots may be heavy, but there is a large table of happy customers waiting for them. Continue on as you have. You have a firm grip on the tray and the bowls and plates are securely on it. I have faith that that you won't spill or drop it along the way. The best stories out there may be complicated, but ultimately beautiful in the end. Everyone's story brings something amazing into this story and helps to grow your main characters. Especially Bella. She needs all of those crazy and beautiful people in her life. They need her as well.

Take all the time you need for Jacob/Bella. She needs to find herself before she can find anyone else.

Also, you are really good at this job. This won't be like how you described your experiences at Olive Garden. You seem to know what you are doing here quite well. ;)
cloudshadow22 chapter 4 . 1/23/2014
Loved your metaphor comparing the creation of your story to working at the Olive Garden - which used to be one of my son's favorite places, so we went often. Now he lives on the opposite coast, so we ought to go for old-time's sake, but I hate the wait. I love the way you are developing the characters and the side stories within this masterpiece. Can't wait to find out Vera's secret, whether Mike and Jess figure out that they belong together, what will happen to Charlie's love life in addition to Bella's healing to the point of letting Jake's love inside. Just keep writing and I will keep reading.
Jane chapter 4 . 11/11/2013
I'm loving this story so much, I just want to read what YOU think should happen. It's YOUR creation, so well written, with gorgeous characters, that I don't think you should worry about pleasing anybody but yourself, because you can't please everybody, you know! I'm hoping Jake and Bella will eventually get together, but you need to set your own pace for this. I will also be very interested to read about the mystery of Vera. I hope you get your mojo back soon.
mrslisablack chapter 4 . 10/2/2013
What an analogy! Olive Garden waitressing vs. your fic. But its soo accurate.

I agree with your friend. You have to stick with your own vision. There are going to be people who don't like it but they can start their own fic. There are going to be many who think its a work of art - as I do by the way. You do need to keep the original idea, because if you stray too far it won't be completely yours anymore.

Also, these things take time. And there are so many substories in this fic. I almost forgot about Vera! But you didn't! Cause you've got your s*&% together, even thought you're a little shaky. Like the tray. (see, i'm not a writer.)

So take a deep breath, have some lasagna and a giant glass of chianti and write away. We are all waiting patiently here with our forks ready to sink our teeth in.

Thanks for caring so much. So few people do today.
Beaches of La Push chapter 4 . 9/30/2013
Amanda, I love chasing your plot bunnies all over the place. Don’t change a thing. I just ask that you keep giving me HOPE that one day Bella and Jake will be together. (Sometimes the angst and humor of getting there is more entertaining than the destination.)

Actual review to your new chapter coming up . . . .

PS: You have been reviewed by the all-mighty, wise and wonderful leelator! You are working in the big leagues now, baby!
Gillian Cooke chapter 4 . 9/27/2013
I love this story. Your pace is great, realistic. Follow your vision. That's why people are here. :)
pingou chapter 4 . 9/27/2013
Hi Amanda,

I have already read the chapter, but I need time to do it justice in a once again awfully long review, so, for now, here is my answer to your letter:
I knew of your struggles, as our friendship allowed you to confide in me, and I think you got through greatly my friend.

I am not really sure about some choice you made at the beginning of the chapter, with the dream, but I do not think you will lose any readers because of that, and certainly not myself!
If you lost readers because of the amount of time you had to take to publish the new chap', it is their loss and not really yours. Besides, you got newbies, recently, no? :-)

Sure, to have readers is important for any author. Trying to gain their loyalty at all costs, in spite of your own creativity and personal wishes? Bad choice. You are the mastermind.

I am SO proud of you for not giving up Amanda. I wish I could tell you better than that, but I hope you know I am truthful.

Take all the time you need for I will always be glad to read any word you wrote - and I will not be alone!

Lots of French love,
Your friend always


P.S: Please do not be hurt by my not answering to your last message, I only got my Internet connection back. I will write to you tomorrow, I promise!
feebes86 chapter 4 . 9/27/2013
You're doin fine. You write for yourself first and the readers second. If you aren't happy with what you are writing, then the readers won't like it either. A good story with well developed characters is a lot better than some hastily thrown together something. Plus in the end, we know they will be together, that makes the wait tolerable. I say keep up the good work!
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