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camyberry chapter 1 . 9/7
Writing this on first chapter, but actually I read all the read-able of this fan fiction.
I'm New in the Sherlock fandom and I immediatly loved Irene character and the mutual attraction towards Sherlock, mentally especially.
So when I got there, I was pretty annoied when I read that they had a child. I thought it was another sweet and romantic novel, but the way you write makes me determined to go on reading. Luckily, because I was not disappointed. At all!
I love and I admire the way you keep on portraying the characters, I love how you tried and you succesfully did not to get them differently from the real ones. You can still feel their pure selves, their rational beings, their thoughs and everything.
You also did a spectacular job with all the plot, the hints and clues and I'm beyond surprise to see how much effort you put into every pièce, which turned out to work perfectly with all the rest: the backgrounds, the accuracy of details, the scientific elements, everything. You can perceive how much you worked on it!
As a non english person, I found a little bit difficult to read dued to poor dialogues which I usually prefer. But it is all so well written and built up, that is really worthing for going on.
I can't wait to read what you had in mind for the final.
Sincerly, Thank you for letting People read your talent!


Ps. Do you still have tumblr? I can't get to the links, but maybe the problem is just mine.
Lady Anthea chapter 34 . 8/23
OH. MY. GOD. Just when I think I've felt all the spectrum of emotions while reading this story - hello, new chapter. I seriously had to stop reading oh so many times and pace because I felt genuinely overwhelmed. The bike ride last chapter made me feel so anxious, and now this chapter's beginning made me feel just the same (or worse) - I mean, it was obvious they were on their way to meet Moriarty (at last!), but the uncertainty of how that meeting would occurr *shudders*

I am so delighted how that went, by the way! Probably all my fave characters hate me for how much I like to see them suffer, but in this particular case, I couldn't agree more that just a direct confrontation wouldn't do. Obviously Moriarty has to see Sherlock being humilliated, so I just loved not only the way you made him deal with Moriarty's jabs at his and Irene's relationship (and also, it struck me as really classy and kind of confident from her not to "interfere" with any denials) before the final act. Really clever to think of spider's poison as the way to kill Sherlock, for both the implications of the damage it would do to him and the reference to Moriarty's own network.

Also, can I just say how perfect that last line was? Perversely romantic, indeed ;)

Can't wait for the next one!
Vestina chapter 34 . 8/23
I love this story. You are a genius with how your write Sherlock
SkyyWriter14 chapter 34 . 8/22
Wow! You finally updated; I've been waiting a lifetime, just kidding ;) Anyway, I love your writing so much, it's beautiful and creative :) I watched the trailer and I am super psyched for season 4. Hope you update soon!
Eldar-Melda chapter 34 . 8/22
Amazing chapter once again!

This is exactly the reason I hate Moriarty with all of my heart. THis is the reason I don't want him to be back at all in the show.

He threatens children. He uses that as bait for Sherlock and the people close to him. It's so insane to kidnapp a child, a pure innocent person.

I hate Moriarty!

Can you just kill him, please?

hatondog chapter 34 . 8/22
Well, now I'm tearing up. And since I'm waiting for a flight, I'm sure the other people at the gate think something awful has happened. Which it has, in a way. Although, like Sherlock, I have faith that there's a glimmer of hope here. And hope too that the next part of the chapter is on its way soon!
paula.a.rushing chapter 34 . 8/22
:( No! Please don't let Sherlock die ! I hope John followed Sherlock even though Sherlock told him not to ,and that John can save Sherlock ,Irene and Nero from Moriarty somehow ! I know John would be crushed if Sherlock dies again .:(
that-geek-queen chapter 34 . 8/22
Still completely in love with this story. Your a very talented writer and I can't wait to read the next chapter. ️
SorrowsFlower chapter 33 . 6/11
Bloody. Frickin'. Hell.

You should write for the series.

And if you do not update soon, I will sic the consulting criminal on you. And have Sherlock get me out of the resulting debacle.

Nice job ;p
xXTheDoctorsGirlXx chapter 33 . 6/5
I'm sorry I haven't commented on this story in a while ... I've really enjoyed all the chapters and they are as sharp and intricately detailed as usual. Your characters are as crisp and fresh and as true to life as always. I was literally on the edge of my seat for most of the action packed chapters you've been posting. The plot thickens ! I really can't wait to see what happens next ! Hope to see some more from you soon xx
AcerVentus672 chapter 33 . 6/5
Sherlock loves Irene and her him but I always thought Irene holds more power in the relationship so to speak in that she loves Nero more than Sherlock. That is not to discount Sherlock's own love for the child but I'd like to think a mother's love surpasses all aside from the fact that Irene would naturally love her child more since she took care of him for so long on her own. I think Sherlocks understands this and while this power imbalance may destabilize most relationships, it wouldn't for Sherlock and Irene. Sherlock probably accepts this part of Irene and I think John sees Sherlock as Irene sees Nero. Sherlock requires both individuals in order to maintain a semblance of stable relationships. It is quite interesting and messy
Lady Anthea chapter 33 . 6/2
Oops I got a bit overwhelmed and forgot leave a review

I am way too grateful for this chapter, because a part of me needed to rest a little before the final showdown, but that didn't make the chapter any less interesting. I think I understood pretty well what Sherlock was implying to do at the end of Ch 32, but it still felt like quite a suckerpunch to have it spelled out loud. And the way this chapter began - god, that was actually painful to read, because letting themselves so out of control and led by their instincts intead of logic is so unlike them, and makes you really see how out of their depth they're.

Also, just to let you know, I had to stop reading for a while after the "You are not the only one who loves Sherlock." Because yeah, like Sherlock I know she's said so in so so many ways, but I can just imagine the fierce look on Irene's face while saying it, amidst the unfairness of it all.

So many kudos for the underground and the bike ride scenes. Both of them are incredibly original and I have to say, for the first one, I looked at the pictures on the link and you just captured the ambience so perfectly (for whatever reason, I loved Sherlock's thoughts on the graffitti). As for the ride, my mild claustrophobia wasn't exactly pleased but I can see (pun totally intended) why was it necessary.

Thank you so much for the update :)
Starclipper01 chapter 33 . 6/1
If Sherlock truly thinks it's over, please let him tell Irene he loves her before he's killed off. She deserves it, they both deserve it. Moriarty is a cruel man for forcing Irene to kill Sherlock. If she actually does it, she'll be traumatized and scarred for life. As for hunting Moriarty down in this theoretical scene, she'll have to arrange for Nero to be the ward of John and Mary as we don't know if Irene has any living relatives.

Nice story. Keep it up. I hope you can update faster but I understand you have a busy life.


Emma Lynch chapter 33 . 6/1
Nightmarish claustrophobia! I could imagine nothing worse!
(It's going to get worse, isn't it?)
hatondog chapter 33 . 6/1
Oh, my. Tears and terror. I got the first at the hug, and the second throughout. The bike ride was truly inspired. You really should write a book-your plotting and execution skills are extraordinary.
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