Reviews for The Revealing of Andre
Estelle Lumene chapter 1 . 12/1/2016
Oh my god, this is so funny, even though the situation is a rather serious one. But "she might move or something", "needs to be fed". Well, when you put it likes this I understand why humans are pets to them. It's like cats/dogs to us: "what does it eat?", "is it supposed to be doing that?".
bwolfprincess chapter 3 . 6/2/2016
what happened to chapters 3 to 48 and are you going to repost them?
Guest chapter 2 . 4/18/2016
fallunder chapter 48 . 1/10/2016
Perfecta999 chapter 48 . 1/6/2016
I loved this chapter.
Guest chapter 48 . 1/5/2016
KEZZ 1 chapter 48 . 1/5/2016
Great chapter
Guest chapter 18 . 12/13/2015
This is Lisa Lloyd... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE up date again "ASAP" I'm dying 2c how this story is going 2 end! Love ur writing so much, keep up the GREAT WORK...;)
Guest chapter 11 . 12/13/2015
I just started 2 read this story an I'm loving it PLEASE up date again ASAP! My gmail is not letting me sign in so this is Lisa Lloyd...
EmilyEverlasting chapter 47 . 12/6/2015
Thanks for the chapter! i was awesome seeing an update, I really needed a break from studying for finals week. And what a great chapter to read, lots of fluff (my favorite thing really) and the possible inclusion of a new character! YAAAY.
And wow, such a witty author's note there at the end, it sure hit me right in the funny bone! *obnoxious chortling*
LoverofEric chapter 47 . 12/6/2015
Great chapter, thanks for sharing this great story
ladyblue40 chapter 47 . 12/6/2015
I loved that you showed how the vampires reacted to their women.. and the view points given.. it was great
Guest chapter 47 . 12/2/2015
Another great chapter!
Perfecta999 chapter 47 . 12/2/2015
Exellent chapter!
KEZZ 1 chapter 47 . 12/1/2015
great chapter
i am looking forward to reading more soon
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