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Helen888 chapter 44 . 6/14
Thank you for such a beautiful and beautifully written story. This is definitely amongst my three favorites if not the first. However, I did not get the last two chapters. I would really love some guidelines to understand the end of the story. Maybe one more additional last chapter would undone these shortcomings of chapters 43 and 44 and this perfect story would get the perfect (or at least clear) ending.
magnolia1717 chapter 44 . 6/8
I thought they would stay in Texas
magnolia1717 chapter 37 . 6/8
magnolia1717 chapter 10 . 6/8
I dislike Ashley a fanfiction India kills him!
magnolia1717 chapter 20 . 4/27
Love this!
Guest chapter 44 . 4/23
Part Two from Truckee Gal
The background to this final chapter is that Thomas Whiting murdered Thad's lady friend and perpetrated grievous bodily harm on Thad at Watling's Atlanta brothel. Rhett, Thad, Pork, Wade and others worked for a long time to determine the identity of the killer and bring him to justice. Thomas Whiting traveled from Atlanta to Galveston to finish the killing at the behest of his mother, but Whiting was of age; he fired the gun in Atlanta and again in Galveston. Wade blocked Thad from killing Whiting, the police were involved and Whiting was jailed for his crimes. Don't know why, but Rhett was complicit in breaking Whiting out of jail. When Thad found out, he spent a couple years tracking down Whiting, found and confronted him. Thad did not kill or perpetrate grievous bodily harm (we know that because Whiting arrived in Charleston with arms and legs intact, walking, talking, seeing, hearing and eating on his own). So what is really going on that began on Thad and Rose's honeymoon and boiled over to them being completely estranged nine months ago?

Missing puzzle pieces annoy the heck out of me! This is such a wonderful story written with complexity and thoughtfulness. You have put in too much time, talent and research to leave it for a couple years; then, return to end it without addressing the questions that give us clarity and closure. Wish I had the wherewithal to recreate what's missing or better see your clues. Please, this magnificent story deserves a tiny bit more of your attention.
Truckee Gal chapter 44 . 4/23
This ending is confusing. Wade and myself agree: "I wish people would stop speaking in riddles." In the previous chapter, Rose and Rhett had a conversation which wasn't clear except that some behavior of Thad's disturbed her on their honeymoon. They created a daughter, who is now age 7-8, but no more children. Don't know who decided to have only one child. Nine months ago, Thad confided something to Rose, which prompted her to immediately tell him to vacate their home. Whatever Thad told Rose is the missing puzzle piece. We do know that their daughter was not adversely affected because of how she greeted Thad warmly when he arrived in Charleston. Thad and Thomas Whiting were both summoned by Rhett. That issue will be addressed on my next post.

On another note: Leta's red hair comes from Thad's mother AND Rose's great grandfather, Gerald born in Ireland. In the book, Gerald's hair is white, which is how redheads age versus black/brown hair ages to gray. Leta's green eyes come from her grandmother Scarlett. Ella has red hair and green eyes, too.
Truckee Gal chapter 43 . 4/23
Uh oh, seems there are some post-wedding bell blues from long ago news. Now it's my hope to be misreading this disturbing impression.
Truckee Gal chapter 42 . 4/23
So, so much to absorb in this chapter. It appears Okla was aware that one (some?) of his tribe were visiting Gina, who was desperate to get pregnant swiftly to entrap Thad. He knew to check for that distinctive birthmark. For the baby's sake, we can hope Gina's apparent psychological disorder is not genetic. What will Chase and Ella will name their boy?

Belle is a tough cookie, but still has a rough road ahead. Seeing Charles already comforting her gives hope, that he is in this relationship for the long run. Proper care will heal her body and feeling loved and desired will heal her heart, mind and soul.

Rhett is right about the two fully-feathered lovebirds nesting together. He knows Thad wants Rose's first time memories to be happy versus associating lovemaking with the trauma of facing this difficult ordeal. Loose ends and ends we didn't realize we're loose are being tied together. Well done!
Truckee Gal chapter 41 . 4/23
Rhett is becoming wise ... following in the footsteps of Wise Will at Tara. How horrible Nevada Hugh suffered a cheating, runaway wife. She and her husband's traitorous best friend paid with their lives and poor Emma was without a mother for over a decade.
Truckee Gal chapter 40 . 4/23
Rose probably heard legends about selkies during her two years in Scotland. It pleases me that Thad is in favor of Rose getting certified in the specialty she's chosen, even though it means living in Philadelphia for a year. Sort of hoping they wed before the move to Philadelphia. It would give them time away from family (and Gina) to give their marriage a foothold.
Truckee Gal chapter 39 . 4/23
Very much enjoyed Rose unmasking Nevada Hugh! such a relief to see the heavy weight of Ella's grief begin to ease.
Truckee Gal chapter 38 . 4/22
Belle Watling better take a firm stand reining in Gina or she won't just be answering to Scarlett. Rhett is subtly goading Scarlett for not cluing him in on Perry's Sunday Bakery date. His, "One grows so forgetful with old age," shenanigans are hilarious. Love her trademark comeback, "Fiddle dee dee." These two are the forerunners of Burns & Allen! Perry fortifying his stomach with cherry pie before making eyes at Stella was fantastic and all boy. Glad the kids bonded over the young bobcat, though it's doubtful to be a welcome addition at a working ranch. Bobcats live and hunt critters in my area, but wouldn't recommend them as pets! You display a remarkably deft hand at comedy. Do you practice on your patients?
Truckee Gal chapter 37 . 4/22
This letter from Rhett to Thad was pure joy (yes, joy!) to read. Even the cruel, the tough, the embarrassing and the sad places were all Rhett's honest confession ... a letting go of burdens weighing on him and a caution, a warning for Thad (and your loyal readers). Rhett's body, heart, mind and soul ... he opened them all for us that we would know him as perfectly as one human being is able to know another. It is a most precious and entirely unexpected gift that must have taken you months of contemplation to get just right. Thank you and you did ... get it absotively-posilutely right!
Truckee Gal chapter 36 . 4/22
There's something odd going on between Thad and his buddy Nevada Hugh. Charlotte was spot on to heatedly ask if he wanted to examine her teeth. Nevada Hugh certainly acted like he was doing an inspection prior to purchasing a brood mare for his ranch. There's clearly more to this story, but it will have to be awesome to overcome the demeaning treatment Charlotte endured from both Thad and his buddy. First impressions do have lasting implications!
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