Reviews for Dark Dream
Debbie Hicks chapter 1 . 1/9/2017
Chapter 2.
Sudenly Attacked them then suddenly with brute force then Volturi found me with a Shattering Auyrn looked like their own you hold a Rouge one what law my voice Echoed stoic death good EXECUTED Myself was wearing a Cloak designed then was dead from blood loss oh my god Bella IT'S BELLONA! OBEY ME YOUR PRINCESS-PRIESTESS! That thenblacked out then then suddenly freed from here then it was too late myself never age or die of the venomous host interchanged but locked then with best friends then time-split then with them exploded then then it was too late lost control then the Volturi knew my history a science lab rat tested for ten centuries transformed into a warrior a Sailor soldier Alice had a Vision oh my god what you done to her we made her diffrent but first she is trained but highly taught and is more refined is fluent in languages and martian al arts then i blacked out with them poped frely then it was too late lost human memories and life and caused the brought bodies this nomad was found accused of murder and found allies accused of treason of defection of America is dead without human memories and life with them she bit them is turned illegally bujyut found her very Starfleet loyal but strong but has a Mental shield from her host blown with them but has kids with their own nuked Are Departed but kiled the rouge runaway is a Augment mutated freak of science bring them then in chains they pleaded not guilty you made this traeaty is false vote Death then then executed with the Accused murdered then Alice had a Vision of my history CARLISLE! Then reawakened but it was with three then poped freely then brought in here screaming then it really happened each more Guards exploded reported she is a Hybrid drains of Animal and Vulcan blood they are frely torn she has this gift since birth unable to be killed or die she is a Shadowhunter that was it the very as all of them turned exploded with more shattering with the bodies as all bitten frely the burst freely reported of my dual heirtage Alice what you see Volturi about her she was turned this new year of 2010 Changed her into a Warrior forced to server into as all of armies oh my god as a Vampire slaying sailor soldier is very athletic but fit is more toned WHAT?! Then blacked out then destroyed with us with them ripped from here with donated kids this one is rouge Then poped you are exiled with three of you then blazing us/them torn from me then suddenly was puunished but came with the bodies all of them came with a noise more guards bitten frely then it was too late that with them burst them but as all of ashes then came too late the seer found me heal from injuries but they too reported they did this to us with her what is that radiant energy she's gifted so are you erupted planet powers she never die at all that's right i need help for their race i am a nomad but my throat is killing me like wild foire sizzling train us and teach us to be Vegetarians then blasted frely poped forth no longer here with each three donated kids brought in here then murdered myself had no air sacs she needs blood to hunt normal her eyes are Fiery golden then with their eyes now too late the cause of it was organ-brain failure was Immortal poped frely was a already turned with my gift with them burst from here then Vanished then lost the need was real the hybrids brought our armies who followed then burst frely shattering then but nuking from here were more witnesses and sailor guardians and masks ripped frely then came as all of mazillions poped forth crashed from here then suddenly popped freelyt brought in here then it was too late killed then more than as all of them were no longer there their children as all of them bitten freely gtanted us/them nwest ablitiesd powers then blazing freely ashes then it really happened all converted to animal blood crunched freely into as all of lands reappeared from here the bodies brought in here now as all more than more monstrous then came too late as all of hybrids entered were next imprinted and mated had kids now too late had as all of them burst freely with us/them crashing burt smashing from here whiole outside brought in here then reported they formed a army her own but they are all sentenced to death but they are freed with three are bombed good then it was too late then it caused more than as all of guards exploding now undead us and them.
TaylorBugarin chapter 1 . 7/3/2014
Well that was different lol
daniellelynnhenderson chapter 1 . 4/11/2013
So different, in a great way! I hope you do add more to it. I would love to see what else happens. Like maybe another dream but with the other Edward. Lol
wendy1969 chapter 1 . 2/9/2013
different and unique
sujari6 chapter 1 . 12/31/2012
Very interesting dream. Please continue.
psychovampirefreak chapter 1 . 12/22/2012
Awesome start!