Reviews for The Parenthood Drabbles
HecateA fan chapter 35 . 10/10
I love this chapter! Making things work is really at the heart of Hylla's character, isn't it? Could you do more of them growing up together?
Guest chapter 150 . 10/6
This is a great story, and I would love more with Rob, Eddie, and Claire-maybe have them meet Percy and/or Genevieve?
Missy2.0 Frozen forever chapter 157 . 10/2
I am no stranger to making people more nervous while trying to comfort them. Its a very awkward feeling, like climbing the wall of a sand pit..
The ShadowEye chapter 157 . 10/1
Awwwwww this chapter was so cute!
baby Cyclopes chapter 157 . 9/26
Absolutely love this chapter! I can't wait for more!
Guest chapter 157 . 9/24
Percy and Jason as dads with little girls? Yes please!
irene2005 chapter 157 . 9/23
Ayyyyeee! Long time no read(?)! Great chapter! Love it! Continue writing!
FairyFreak88 chapter 157 . 9/22
CUTE I love your stories
FanBoyFanatic chapter 10 . 9/22
You don't mess with RED
Fiction is the Truth chapter 150 . 9/21
I love Paul's weird housemates.
Fiction is the Truth chapter 147 . 9/21
Was the nice blond doc Apollo?
Fiction is the Truth chapter 146 . 9/21
In yo face Paul's annoying picture perfect family!
Fiction is the Truth chapter 144 . 9/21
Jesus, your annoying.

Don't talk about the other guy. Thor hates him, and I don't need TWO thunder gods mad at me.

Fiction is the Truth chapter 118 . 9/21
Charlie and Selina are junior counselors. Good, I approve.
Fiction is the Truth chapter 103 . 9/21
They read Harry Potter. Paul, you are now my favorite stepfather.
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