Reviews for The Parenthood Drabbles
ObsessedwReading chapter 135 . 10h
Wonderfully done. I really enjoyed reading this chapter.
baby Cyclopes chapter 135 . 10h
This a great chapter and I can't wait for more!
Red Wings chapter 135 . 10h
Yes! Another tale of Will Solace's parents, ones that are not Percy's mom and dad, or the main character's godly and mortal parents.

I love the personality you've given Will's mom, as well as Apollo here.

Your drabbles are so lovely, despite being so short. They have a lot of meat to them, and usually deal with real life issues and questions about immortality, humanity, and all that other stuff in between.

Please keep up the great writing!
The Ancient Phoenix chapter 135 . 10/4
And those crazy ones are called fangirls XD

I really do like this thouh. I mean, the gods don't get told off often enough if you ask me.
And you wrote your own play?! Awesome!
TheJokerMan chapter 135 . 10/4
Hear, hear.

-J ;-)
Elia the Huntress chapter 135 . 10/4
I just love that last line about us being crazy
thewibblywobblywolf chapter 24 . 10/4
I think I love this pairing way more than I should.
Deaf Angel chapter 135 . 10/4
Sometimes I wonder how anyone could love humans too, Jane. But my dog seems to like me anyway, so I guess it's possible. Great work!
bookloverforevah18 chapter 135 . 10/4
I love this chapter. Finally some where Apollo isn't obnoxious as hell.
Margo McKnew chapter 95 . 10/2
And then Piper gets stabbed because she was distracted and Grandpa Tom goes all mania on some ghostly asses and sticks around to see if Piper's ok and then he approves of her friends, mostly. Then they either go thier separate ways OR Piper dies and her Grandpa sticks with her through the Underworld, causing Jason to go a little crazy and make Hazel or Nico take him into the Underworld, too. And then he follows alongside Piper and tries to convince her to escape back to life with him. She either refuses or they fail and when it's Piper's turn to be judged, Jason commits suicide in front of the judges and then... fiction about fan fiction occurs
Margo McKnew chapter 94 . 10/2
Pretty sure that mortal girls are allowed into the Hunters... It's a good thing Zeus forgot that, though. Great chapter!
Inion an Mac Tire chapter 134 . 9/30
Please please please do a follow up from a bystanders/reporters/photographers POV I just want to see their reaction
ThatCreepyGirl chapter 44 . 9/29
Awesome! I love this fanfic! If you're taking requests, could you plz do a Maria di Angelo and Hades? It would be appreciated. :)
Guest chapter 134 . 9/28
It would be great to have a father/son moment with Frank and Mars... And also another story set in the same universe as rings with Mars and Emily would be amazing. Love how you had them get married. love your work
Kathryn Renee chapter 134 . 9/28
Love both your stories... I would love to have another story about Mars and Emily Zhang. You portrayed both of them fantastically.
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