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WolfSpirit896 chapter 51 . 6/14
I reviewed a few minutes ago as Blob and I just got an account. I'm following the story; it's truly amazing.
Blob chapter 51 . 6/14
Are you continuing this story? I started reading this three days ago, and I have loved it. That cliffhanger at the end of this chapter really annoyed me, but not in a bad way. I have been looking for a good hobbit fanfic, and this one really surprised me. It's amazing how you do the characters so well. I was laughing for about five minutes when Kili kissed Tauriel; my family thought I was having a seizure. I don't appreciate you making Kili suffer so much (he's my favorite character), but you did it really well and I was in so much suspense for most of the story. Thank you for creating this! My only issue might be remembering that this isn't canon.
Ava chapter 51 . 2/22
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! you have to hurry at write this! (now I remember why I don't read stories until their complete!) I hope you finish soon!
Ava chapter 50 . 2/22
As sad as it is to hear that you may stop writing fanfic, I wish you the best in your life, as fanfic is not what life is about after all. (Though sometimes I have a hard time convincing myself otherwise :) )
I hope you succeed in all you do! because by your writing, your future seems bright. D
Ava chapter 42 . 2/21
NOOOOO you killed Bain! I know Bran is the kid in the book...but why?! :'(
(still love it though :) )
Ava chapter 40 . 2/21
Woah. Good luck fixing this up. That's a lot of change... but your good at this (changing, fixing...) Good luck! I'm intrigued.
Ava chapter 39 . 2/21
this is so sad! I hope Nori realizes it was self-defense, though I understand (not really though) his hate at him for killing (no matter the reason) his best friend. Its such an awful thing to happen!
Ava chapter 33 . 2/21
oh my stomach hurts!it really hurts! my cheeks are burning with this unfamiliar muscle usage. Brilliant scene... so kili! It really emphasizes his age and his personality... then the water. D
Ava chapter 32 . 2/21
oh... I really don't like thranduil for how he treats legolas (I still think of legolas as a good guy... even though you write him as a bad guy (though for some reason, I think you will change that...)) I hope you do... and the previous chapter (31) :( so sad. I hope he some how gets his arm back, like in the one story (forgot name... sorry!) when smaug gives Kili back his leg... dragon leg though. weellll see I suppose sense you already wrote more! D
Ava chapter 24 . 2/21
That drunk part! lol. that was perfect, I laughed so hard (as hard as I could without anyone hearing me that is.) its funny... I saw this in another authors fav. section, so I told myself only one chapter than I would continue reading the Return to Khazad-dum (which is my 100th or so fan fic this past three weeks) but... well... now I'm here :) (chapter 24) thank you for another great story!
Ava chapter 10 . 2/20
I wont kill you but I'm going to stop this review that isn't a review and continue!
Ava chapter 5 . 2/20
Hey... the descriptions are very ness. and make for a more dramatic story... don't stop because you fear reactions that may be apprehensive, write what comes to you in the way it comes! :) (at least, I would.) another chapter well done...
Ava chapter 3 . 2/20
and MERRY CHRISTMAS! ( I burst out laughing when I read your note at the end of this chapter!) good job.
Isky chapter 51 . 12/11/2016
Hmmm. It'll be interesting to see who the traitor is (if there even is one; Bolg could just be sowing discord to divide the company). It would have to be one of the older dwarves, as the younger ones wouldn't have lived in the mountain and thus wouldn't have the familiarity with it. My guess is on Thrain, after having lost his mind, gave up the info, and now Bolg and Azog are just fucking with Thorin.
Grace2smile chapter 51 . 12/10/2016
O OH MY GOSH. Thanks for the update! You made my day. :) I think Nori's guilty.
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