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Slenderbrine chapter 13 . 5/20
Catrick chapter 13 . 5/18
One of the most revolutionary Harry Potter fanfic so far.
Update please.
Anla'shok chapter 13 . 5/5
This story is very interesting and I haven't read one quite like it before. It's always difficult to write a compelling super smart, super powered character but Hermione is well done (on the flipside is Hermione's mom hotness a plot point? because that felt unnecessary).
I like how the plot and character exploration are entwined. I wonder why Harry hasn't asked Snape to lay off Hermione, unless he figures it's not worth opening that can of worms.
Really like how you delve into the magical system, even when it starts feeling a bit like a lesson.
I'm eager to see what you'll be doing with Fawkes.

On a sidenote, I wonder why so many fanfic portray the HP world as grossly patriarchal. There's nothing (except maybe the lack of women among named death eaters, which may be more due to Tom Riddle's gender bias, or just the fact that he was 'friends' with guys back when he started recruiting at hogwarts) in canon that indicates sexism. For all we know Sirius is the Black heir because he's the firtborn in the main line, not just because he's male.
Anderfail chapter 2 . 3/29
A Hermione leads Harry around by the nose story because Harry is too pathetic to do shit on his own story! Yes, another story where Harry is a pathetic loser who needs Hermione to wipe his ass because he can do nothing without her help. It's bad enough that canon Harry is like this, but at least he was powerful. This Harry is just as much of a dumbass and barely above a squib, so I have no reason to continue with this story.

I like Hermione because she's smart, completely loyal as a good friend or lover, and because she is a perfect compliment to Harry. I love the H/Hr pairing, it's by far and away my favorite pairing in HP fanfiction, but I don't understand the incessant need of H/Hr writers to have Hermione essentially be Harry's mentor, trainer, guide, teacher, superior, etc. to the point where the relationship is totally one sided and Harry contributes nothing beyond being a warm body for Hermione to use. I'm okay with Hermione being a genius or super powerful if and only if Harry is also super powerful. I don't care if she's a genius and he's not because she is clearly smarter than him, but if she is both smarter AND more powerful then he has nothing to do beyond being her lackey or errand boy. It would be one thing if it was solely the rituals and such that made her powerful but Harry clearly spells out that she naturally blows him away.

At this point he's now a minor character who is not particularly integral to the story. I'm sure you're probably wondering why this is difficult to read, so I'll explain it. As an adult man, I despise feeling useless and will never allow myself to be put into such a situation. I cannot fathom not continuing to further my own knowledge or to improve myself physically or mentally. It's hard to read because I cannot dissociate my own innate competitiveness from Harry, so I see his lack of effort or power or skill or desire to improve any of them as pathetic. He comes across as a total loser to me and it almost makes me want him to lose. Does this make me callous? Possibly, but that's real life for you. Men who are simply content with the status quo are men who are ignored by society, so it's very difficult to relate to a character that can do nothing on his own.

I gave this story a shot, but I can't stand to read stories with a weak Harry so I'm out. Regardless of my own personal feelings, the story was good and well written, which is more than I can say about most stories, but it's just not for me.
CracktheSkye chapter 13 . 3/15
Finally got around to reading this story; oof. It's wonderfully set up, and very well cast. Harry and Hermione especially. Poor Harry, though. He's been broken so many times that at this point he doesn't seem to place much value on himself anymore. The only things that I've seen him be concerned about are other's well being, especially Hermione, and his own capability to complete his purpose. To borrow a Type-Moon phrase, he's distorted.
Also. Question: no plot to kill a student can be accomplished in Hogwarts? What about Moaning Myrtle? Is the Basilisk exempt from that geas? It makes sense during the second opening of the Chamber, with everyone just being petrified, but not the first. Also, was Albus' binding active in the previous timeline? Because Umbridge would have been in violation of it.
More questions appear. Looking forward to the next stage of first year!
Best Regards,
CracktheSkye chapter 9 . 3/14
Oh, God. It's the Fae, isn't it? It would be just like them to plan long term for Hermione to come to them for power. Thus, them trying to keep Harry from becoming her Morality Chain, because anyone else isn't protected by fate/destiny/phlebotinum ; case in point, after Neville bought it, she lost it. That's...pretty damn terrifying, considering the power the Fae can bring to bear. Which makes you wonder: with Luna's yet to be revealed secret, is the entire backstory a result of the Fae scheming?
Lord, what fools these mortals be!
Best Regards,
Aki02 chapter 13 . 2/24
Increíble historia una de las pocas que realmente disfruto leer asta altas horas de la madrugada...
Ja JaJa -_-
espero con ansias el próximo capitulo.
fieldsoffebruary chapter 1 . 2/16
At first, I was highly doubtful because the whole Hermione-Ginny and Harry-Luna spouses thing. Though, honestly, less so on the Harry-Luna. It seemed crack-ish. But the writing is good, and things seem pretty interesting, so I'll keep on reading. I'm wondering how this will end up with Harry and Hermione together though - I am really intrigued. And I do greatly wish Harry and Hermione end up together.
Loiosh311 chapter 13 . 1/19
Love the fic! As for Fawkes I kind of see him as picking the most entertaining human to stave off the boredom of an immortal life.
kyoshi711 chapter 11 . 11/22/2014
This story has gotten so damn boring it hurts. Story has become anal retentive and so silly it hurts.
kyoshi chapter 4 . 11/21/2014
This story could be great if Harry changed Hermione enough to become his girlfriend along with Luna instead of following the same old same old path.
coolcat12345 chapter 13 . 11/20/2014
Very interesting and complex. I think that Fawkes,phoenixes, unicorns, dragons and some other creatures are given protection of fae, and allied with them, even if they aren't fae themselves. I am interested to see fae and Queen. I think she may be more powerful than Dumbles with Elder Wand even, as fae are often more like forces of nature in folklore, and most powerful individual in Potter verse is Death... Hold on, in new film 3 brothers death will be female! And fae are associated with death and afterlife! Do I see connection? Will you have Seelie and Unseelie Courts? And what was Luna's secret, was she part fae? I would again love to see more of them, and I hope they aren't completly black, evil characters, just alien. To explain, if morality was colours, good would be white, neutral silver, mixed gray, evil black... And fae would be blue ( something like beneficial, more like calm and subtle) and orange ( almost completly evil by our standards, more like passionate and direct).
Foxy Talia Potter chapter 13 . 11/14/2014
A rather interesting story. Personally I prefer femHarry, but this was a welcome change. Looking forward to future chapters.
pajaro.tendero chapter 13 . 11/9/2014
Probable SPOILER a clairvoyant elves' conspiration is something I haven't seen before. /SPOILER
Now that that's out of my system...
Opening scene looks like a cheap overture for sadistic porn, but luckily I read on.
I'm loving this thing.
I strongly suspect (I did from chapter 2) that you have read HPMOR and found it highly inspirational. If that's the case, I can sympathise. Your story, btw, is proving to be inspirational all by itself. (A lesser known scientifical-yet-emotional fic is Brutal Harry, and it's kind of original, in case you're looking for more)
Anyway, THANK YOU for rocking my mind and my soul and my magic. I'm also working on a HP fanfic with its own something, and you are helping. I hope one day you read it and find something original that wouldn't be there without you. My best advice is KEEP IT UP, but I can do worse if you ask (I'm always bubbling with ideas and opinions). I can also do some typical betaing on the first chapters; I remember some simple mistakes over there.
And I love your If-I-Drop-This-I'll-Tell-You policy.
-Alchemy related trivia: iron is the only element that doesn't release energy via nuclear reactions: heavier elements can be split by fission and lighter elements can be fused by... fusion. Creating iron would require more energy than we get from nuclear plants. Why do I say this? first, the possible energetical implications of alchemy. Also, iron and folklore have a long history. Just saying.
-Phoenixes. I don't know: a lot has been said and I love most of the original ideas I've seen. Sometimes I see it as a living representation of the platonic idea of Life, or Fire, as a cycle. It's also a fake answer to the "what was first: the chicken or the egg?" question, so I wonder if it scapes time itself and just goes in and out of reality or something. Why does it resemble so much regular, darwinist birds then? the only viable answer I can find is that it was created by someone; inscribed in time itself just like Atlantis was wiped from it in HPMOR. It has some brutal kind of wisdom -not intelligence- as it is connected to truth itself (again, a literal interpretation of Plato). Merlin, can I get any more confusing?
I'm expecting a reply (that's why I signed up just today) but I can deal with disappointment.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/2/2014
Wow... I was skeptical with the over the top opening of your story, but your portral of Dumbledore has convinced me to keep reading it was so good. So few authors bother to get the right balance of manipulation, ignorance, and kindness in Dumbledore to explain how the Dursley situation happened.
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