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Fibinaci chapter 67 . 4/12/2015
I like Lee standing up for his housemates, it totally shows how far things have changed, in canon he'd probably be laughing at SPEW too.
Lisa Boon chapter 67 . 4/12/2015
This is a great fan fiction! I started reading this a while ago but then life got in the way and sadly I forgot all about it until an update popped up in my E-mail. So I had to go back and re-read it from the beginning to refresh myself on what had already happened.

Can't wait for the next up-date.
madnessdownunder2 chapter 67 . 4/12/2015
Very good! i look forward to your version of the tornament!
DarkSorceressofLight chapter 67 . 4/12/2015
Yay! New chapter! I was thinking about this story a few days and was wondering when the new chapter would be updated. I get the computer problems though...I think mine is starting to act up too. Poor baby... *pouts*

Anyway, I loved this little prelude to Beauxbatons and Durmstrang entering the scene. Diggory totally deserved that beating he got and I'm sure Charity was thinking the same thing, especially since he was insulting her kids. The prat...

In the scene where Charity was collecting personal effects, I wonder what she would've done with a Gryffindor who relies on a magically enhanced music player to keep social anxiety at bay? Would she let the student keep it as long as the headphones (or earbuds) were inconspicuous? As someone who suffers from anxiety attacks because of ADHD, I think of stuff like this in moments like this. I would hope she would let them keep it.

Anyway, great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
Iwa Shinju chapter 67 . 4/12/2015
Thanks for the update. I've enjoyed the chapter, especially how Burbage makes for a very different head of house than McGonnagal. The only thing I don't quite like is how the SPEW is going. I don't believe friendship should mean mindless support. Loyalty is a virtue, but refusing to wear a badge saying 'spew' when there is no real reason the organisation must be named exactly so is no disloyalty in my opinion. If so many people were joining, someone should at least convince Hermione to change that name.
ILoveGeorgeEads chapter 67 . 4/12/2015
I loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved it.
Guest chapter 67 . 4/12/2015
fine head of house burbage is. didn't even ask what the fight was about.
TroyWeb chapter 66 . 4/12/2015
Thanks for the update.

McGonagall confronting the eccentricities of Hogwarts is a good subplot. One of the reasons why Harry Potter books grab readers attention is that JK Rowling created so many weird and quirky characters. Unfortunately it also makes them easy cannon fodder for critics. You have an opportunity to show them as more than just "the lady with the vulture hat". Having Charity talk to the students about how to properly dress as a Muggle is a good way to bring it up in a fan fic story without being holier-than-thou.
Noble Korhedron chapter 67 . 4/12/2015
Don't apologise for not being able to get the hard drive, but an A/N chapter as an update would've been nice. Or perhaps something on your profile?
elmoryakhan chapter 67 . 4/12/2015
Great an update. By the way I have just one concern, I hope this story doesn't devolve into a Diggory bashing fic. In canon he was a nice guy.

So the Triwizards tournament is about to begin. I can't wait to read your take on it. I am sure unlike in canon,the whole Gryffindor will be behind Harry here this time.

Sorry to hear about your hardrive I hope everything's fine now. Update when you can.
Lady Sabine of Macayhill chapter 67 . 4/11/2015
Great chapter. I wonder why Cedric would say stuff like that, since he was nicer in the books. On the other hand, I'm not surprised that Lee punched him for being so rude. Did Petunia ever respond to Harry's letter?
MuggleCreator chapter 67 . 4/11/2015
Nice chapter. Though Diggory's words took me completely by surprise. Seriously, what the heck? *blinks*.
Quathis chapter 67 . 4/11/2015
Well, looks like the Diggory and Lee friendship is done, though a bit more violently then I was expecting. I do wonder how that will spark things to go differently in the Tournament. This chapter really got me excited for things to come. Until next time.
Tellur chapter 67 . 4/11/2015
I hope Cedric will learn some humility from his beating. Lee might have gone a bit overboard, but I would hate it if his effort was in vain. Alas, teenagers are known to be quite dense at times.

Hmm, Angelina as the Hogwarts champion would be a nice twist. Never seen it done before and enough might have changed for the Goblet to alter its choice. All of Gryffindor would support her - and not just through cheering.
I wonder if the tasks remain the same? McG (*g*) might have put her foot down at dragons, though I suspect she would not see many problems with the second and third task.

Glad to see more updates again soon!
Macadamia chapter 67 . 4/11/2015
loved the chapter, and the way you're handling Lee. His POV was interesting, and the subtle manipulation to get Angelina to enter was very well done. Please make Angelina the champion!
And no, Divergent isn't very good.
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