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GodricGeoffreyGryffindor chapter 12 . 6/30
Lavender Brown is one of the few purebloods we know about in Gryffindor. Please don't make her a Muggleborn. There's no reason for Charity Burbage to sniff at her age. It's perfectly normal for a 12 year old to like makeup. Even many adult women like makeup. She actually likes much more than makeup: clothes, hair, accessories, nails, shoes, etc. She likes anything having to do with makeovers. And she's not alone in that. Lavender is well-connected socially. Hermione is the odd, ill-fitting one that Charity should be rolling her eyes at.

Liverpool is not a good choice for Hermione's home. She doesn't have a Liverpool accent, which is quite distinctive. She's more upper middle class than that. Harry Potter wiki says Hermione is from London, not Liverpool. However, that is unsupported by any citation and I couldn't find anything in the seven books so it may be just a guess, or from some quote of JKR outside canon. The closest such statement is where Hermione says in book 4 that she told Rita Skeeter that she'd let her out when they got back to London, which may only mean platform 9 3/4 rather than her home. In book 2 Hermione sends a letter saying "we're going to London next Wednesday to buy my new books" so she definitely doesn't live in central London where Diagon Alley is, but rather some suburb near the outskirts of London. I've seen at least one fanfiction that puts her family in Crawley, a New Town 28 miles to the south of central London in West Sussex near Gatwick Airport. It does not have a famous university nearby but it's got everything else a modern upscale family would want. Personally, I would choose a university town like Oxford for Hermione since she loves books so much.
GodricGeoffreyGryffindor chapter 10 . 6/29
"That's great, but what are you gonna do in Astronomy? You've got Potion under control, you're amazing at Herbology, History of Magic doesn't really matter, the wand will help with practical classes…" Harry really was that mean to Neville? Pretty OOC. What an åŝŝ! Let Ron stew in his jealous juices and stop babying him, Harry!

Myrtle's last name was Warren, not Henderson.
GodricGeoffreyGryffindor chapter 9 . 6/29
Now that was unexpected. It's completely true, of course, that Dumbledore has been extremely neglectful of Hogwarts, pushing most of his obligations onto McGonagall. But he used that position as a power base, a bastion of defense, a way to stay close to Harry Potter and maintain control over him and to prop up his image as just a harmless educator, not a conniving politician. It's surprising that he'd give all that up for the greater good, especially knowing that the threat of Voldemort still exists. I really think that the house heads would have to go to the Board of Governors to get him to resign.
GodricGeoffreyGryffindor chapter 8 . 6/29
Lily and James Potter, Frank and Alice Longbottom, Marlene McKinnon, Benjy Fenwick and others all died because Dumbledore couldn't be bothered to Legilimize the members of the Order and find out that Peter Pettigrew was the spy in their midst. He could also have questioned them under Veritaserum or simply set a trap for the spy, but he didn't. Instead he wrung his hands and commiserated as though he were powerless when in fact it was laughably easy for him to have found the traitor.
GodricGeoffreyGryffindor chapter 7 . 6/29
Yeah Luna! I doubt that the diary stays in the lake, but that's as good a solution as any first year is likely to come up with.

Boo Dumbledore. That really isn't like Dumbledore to not hear a person (or group) out, especially a prefect. Dumbledore is just the opposite normally. He'll quiz each person closely for every scrap of information, ask if there's anything else you'd like to tell him, and then sit on his hands and not do anything. Infuriating! This chapter is kinda funny, in a Dumbledore!bashing sort of way, but definitely not in character. I've liked 6 chapters so far, and haven't even found any editing mistakes to have to complain about so I'll keep reading, but this chapter makes it much harder to take your story seriously. Now I'll have to read it as more crack!fic.
Guest chapter 69 . 6/18
Good fic! Please update!
s-david-m chapter 69 . 6/3
A dastardly cliffhanger! I'm curious who this new third party might be. Flamel?
Guest chapter 69 . 5/30
Prince of darkness 44 chapter 23 . 5/22
lunas mother is dead
LoireLoa chapter 69 . 5/10
This fic is amazing! Things are really heating up now. I wonder what's eating Ron?
Guest chapter 36 . 5/10
fraewyn chapter 69 . 4/22
Love it!
Can't wait for more!
Lollypops101 chapter 69 . 4/12
Great chapter!
sachaelle chapter 69 . 4/5
I have started this story twice before, only to lose it!
As they say, 3 time is the charm, as am finally caught up! The concept is intriguing, and the character development a thing of beauty. Well done, and kudos, and am eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
Ari989 chapter 69 . 4/3
Yes! It's alive! And as good as every too, jumping right into the mess that is the Tri-Wizard Tournament. I'm gladdened to see Harry's house rally around him, but my favorite part of this chapter by far was the interaction between Percy and Crouch. Sure, Percy may be just as ambitious as he was in canon and overworking himself in the name of advancement, but it makes me happy to see that he's got his priorities right in this story (friends and family before bosses and career) and is therefor more open to seeing that there's something off (possibly malicious) about the way Crouch is acting about Harry's entry into the Tournament. Thanks for the great update and here's looking forward to more!
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