Reviews for My Head is Full of Magic, Baby
vanessag chapter 9 . 9/14/2013
Oh no, it's over! :( My heart hoped for a happy ending, but I have to admit that your end is more realistic! This fanfic is very beautiful, I wish the show ended this way!
AllegraDante chapter 9 . 8/29/2013
Lovely and very fitting end to a wonderful fic. You write House/Cameron so well and I will always read any H/C fic you write. This was a treat and I enjoyed it immensely. Beautiful, as usual E.
fuckyeahevilqueen chapter 9 . 8/23/2013
that's it? whyyyyyyyyyyyy? I want more! such a beautiful and well written story, deserves more to it! you should keep going, write a sequel, idk lol
catgrl chapter 9 . 8/20/2013
Oh wow so House's mom knew all along.. Yay that was a good ending...
sharp2799 chapter 9 . 8/18/2013
Does this mean they stay together? I feel like there should be a teensy bit more, maybe an epilogue? I'm very glad to know who knew he was alive. :)
DayDreamer077 chapter 9 . 8/18/2013
i honestly do not know what to think of this ending. hm!
OldSFfan chapter 9 . 8/18/2013
Well, I'm glad he's okay for now. What happens when his mother dies? Anyhow, good story, thanks.
Shootingstar7123 chapter 9 . 8/18/2013
So I checked my email, and to my surprise I found this gem waiting in my inbox. :)

As much as I want more, I like how you ended it. It makes more sense and feels more real than a romantic kiss in the rain or other similar things. It feels like the right end to wrap up their arc on the show. Nice work.
All-I-need chapter 9 . 8/18/2013
Awwwww! I absolutely enjoyed reading this story. Definitely.
And the ending is simply awesome. Peaceful, and on a lighter note, somehow. And open. I like that part the most. No more goodbyes. So they'll stay in contact then? Or maybe they won't. It doesn't really matter, though, does it? House is doing reasonably fine, so is Cameron, and life is as good as it's going to be for them, I suppose.
Thank you so much for posting this and dragging me back into my old fandom of which I have so many fond (and not so fond) memories.
zanderh11 chapter 8 . 8/12/2013
such a good story, is it really going to be over in just one more chapter though.. i dont see it yet but i guess i will soon. good luck with that, bye! :)
jameni chapter 8 . 7/30/2013
I really like the plot in this story...Please update soon!
wintersmith chapter 8 . 7/17/2013
I shall await final chapter with bated breath!
AllegraDante chapter 8 . 7/16/2013
So great to see an update! Sad that it's coming to an end. :(

Love the mention of the Stones You Can't Always Get What You Want. That will always be House's theme song for me, so it's very fitting.

As always, I adore your Cameron and her determination here is completely in character. I enjoyed the scene with her and Blythe and the fact that House actually talked about Cameron with her. That was lovely to know. House did always have a huge soft spot for Cam.
catgrl chapter 8 . 7/15/2013
Good update.. Wonder if Cameron will find House again... Can't wait for more.
sharp2799 chapter 8 . 7/14/2013
Cameron is certainly tenacious! How hard it is for her not to tip her hand, especially since his mother would love to know he's alive. I can hardly wait for the next chapter!
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