Reviews for Secret of Frost and Moon
Syynistyre chapter 71 . 10/17
Kukukukuku, that has to be Vampire Hunter D.
Wings Of Mercury chapter 130 . 9/24
This was a good ending, and now I see why you involved the Frozen cast.

Overall, I think this story was much longer than it had to be and contained some inconsistencies of character, but there were a lot of unique and interesting aspects too. So congrats on finishing up, and I look forward to seeing more stuff.
Wings Of Mercury chapter 126 . 9/24
Elsa! It's Elsa, isn't it!?

Why didn't they do her first, if she was so powerful?
Wings Of Mercury chapter 91 . 9/23
Does Manny "set" the range of belief for immortals? I always thought it just included any region one had believers, but a few comments have made me not sure...
Wings Of Mercury chapter 81 . 9/23
I liked their explanation about messing with the weather, but they jumped kind of hard on it. The meteorologists didn't ask them to make the weather convenient or to stop rain during daylight hours. They asked them about severe, dangerous weather like, say, Hurricane Katrina. Which they can stop. Jack has been managing winter weather in just that way for ages by spreading out smaller storms more often.
Wings Of Mercury chapter 57 . 9/23
I don't mind you novelizing the film, but it's kind of boring since it's exactly the same. I've seen the film a ton of times. Your original chapters are more interesting because I don't have every line memorized.
FandomNutter chapter 8 . 9/21


Imtomzizle chapter 49 . 9/19
Yo... I am speechless.. And don't worry, i think that this story is phenominal... Wow.. Socks and a wig.. I just can't right now.
fringeperson chapter 55 . 9/14
I really do love this fic. Ah, the delights of being able to come back and re-read the wonders of it.
Imtomzizle chapter 18 . 9/11
You have no idea how amazing this story is for me. I absolutely love it, and i went through quite a few tissue boxes too. Wow.
fringeperson chapter 130 . 8/25
Okay, beautifully sappy ending. I'm happy. It's quarter past two! In the morning! I need to go to sleep.

Thank you for this. All of it. Even Hiccup and Elsa. Most especially for the relationships between Jack, the Seasons, and the Guardians. Thank you for all of it. For the magic, and the belief, and the wonder and the joy and the fun.

Thank you.
fringeperson chapter 127 . 8/25
As I was so very thoroughly disappointed by the introduction of Hiccup, I am again - and even more so - by Elsa and the Frozen franchise being brought into it. But, three chapters to go, and it will drive me mad if I don't finish this before I go to bed. Even if I am horrifically disappointed by the new crossover/addition/cameo.
fringeperson chapter 125 . 8/25
twenty past one in the morning, five chapters to go... must sleep, but must read the rest... decisions, decisions...
fringeperson chapter 114 . 8/25
Harkening back to "Show and Tell should be done in that order"? I like it! Hip Hip Hooray for reunions as well. All warm and toasty inside.
fringeperson chapter 113 . 8/25
Whoot! There is much fist-pumping and cheering and stamping going on over here. I am so, totally, completely, utterly... *incandescently thrilled* with this chapter. I love it. So much. Thank you.

Thank you. Fifty times, a hundred times, Thank You!
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