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JS chapter 5 . 7/30
I literally just fell over and moaned about warm fuzzies. /he did, it was hilarious/
Monkeybutt98 chapter 78 . 7/10
First off, I would like to compliment you on your story. Seriously, you've done a great job here! The reason for this review is that it wouldn't feel right for me to stop reading this story without telling what an amazing thing you have here. The reason that I've stopped reading is entirely my own. The first half of this story was what held a majority of its pull for me and I can't help but want to move on to other stories than remain on this one for so long. I've never read the books so I don't know if this part after the ROTG movie arc was in the book series. If it wasn't, you've got some great original content here and if it was, you've done a awesome job of making reading the books unnecessary for enjoying this story. You've really made a masterpiece and here and its definitely going into my favorites just for the first half-alone! I'm sure the second-half is just as amazing, but I sadly will probably not be returning to finish it. Once, I've stopped reading a story for to long, it loses it's appeal and I don't want that to happen to something as amazing as this, so I'll leave it in my favorites for any who come across my page to find
Monkeybutt98 chapter 18 . 7/9
Alright I have to say, this chapter touched me. And I'm jaded as crap! I can't remember the last time I cried for anything other than laughing to hard, but this moved me to tears. As un-masculine as that is, I have to give you props for it. Great job
biddle29 chapter 130 . 7/3
You're right, that was an emotional roller coaster O_O I literally had to refrain myself from jumping up and cheering because my little brother's asleep right next to me :P
But oh my gosh where do I even begin?
This whole story, from start to finish, was a masterpiece of writing and creativity. It's one of those stories that I will always come back to and reread again and again. I can't thank you enough for posting this and for sharing your amazing story with me and so many other people. I've loved it so much and I'm crying right now because it's over, and because that ending was so beautiful :') Thank you!
SilverReplay chapter 130 . 7/3
You have literally inspired me to finish 2 WIPs with this story even when they have no correlation.
The logic, the connections, the history, the plot twists, the suspense, the plot *fangirls*
Whatever you do, please keep writing stories like this.
DarkflowerOfJc chapter 130 . 7/2
Tears! Tears! Not of Sadness! But of ... I can't spell that word... But you get it?

I loved this story... Thanks for writing it!
Royal9000 chapter 130 . 7/1
Ok, I just read through all 130 chapters in about four sittings, taking a lot more time in solid chunks than I probably should have given it, and I have to say... This is one of the best stories I've read on this site. Ever. The earliest chapters were heartfelt and set the stage beautifully, with Jack adjusting to his role. The Village was wonderfully crafted as a place where Jack shined, and got him used to his duties—which, by the way, were laid out nicely. I also loved the interactions with the other spirits, especially Ariko.

The journey from pre-America to modern Pennsylvania was well-crafted, with no huge jumps that weren't justified, and you put just enough detail into the history of Burgess that I had no questions or complaints about the story; you closed every potential loophole before it began. Also, I loved the mini-arc where Thaddeus moved in—despite him just being a character in a story, and that character living 300 years ago, it still added a bit to my faith in humanity, how he was genuinely cynical, before being convinced Jack was real and embracing change instead of clinging to the past. His deathbed scene was the second point where I teared up a bit. The first was Emily's deathbed. I loved the museum of Burgess and the following down the bloodline—the only thing in that entire arc that I didn't love completely was that everyone instantly forgot Jack as soon as they moved away. I get the magical belief restrictions, but... It just didn't feel right to me. Sorry. On the other hand, his interactions with the guardians in this time period were amazing. The swooning Tooth Faries were funny enough to stick with me, and I took a vindictive pleasure in seeing him lash out at Bunny so often—for a nice guy like Jack, it's always fun to see him cut loose and get angry. The ice box he stick Bunny in after he hit Marzanna was very sharp, and lasting, even to me, and I didn't even get forced to watch myself drown. And finally, his friendship with Sandy was heartwarming. You did an excellent job painting him as the kind, ancient, accepting and believing individual that he is. The third point I almost cried was when Jack got sworn in.

The movie arc was a bit lackluster to me; I could tell you definitely tried to keep the same plot as the movie and went out of your way to add in details like that poor painting yeti, when they didn't really follow with your writing style. It was a bit forced, and the only changes you made were superficial at best, like patch-jobs to fix plot holes without changing anything else, except maybe Jamie's belief.

Speaking of Jamie's belief, the Golden Age arc was absolutely. Freakin. BRILLIANT. The tone of the story definitely shifted at this point, in neither a good or bad way. Before the ROTG arc, there was a definitive focus on Jack learning his roles, interacting with others, making slight but important changes to the status quo. The story was about Jack fitting into the world without conforming, bringing his little bit of spice to the pre-existing system. After the movie arc, the story abruptly switched gears to tossing up the status quo as much as possible, bringing adults past their dumb logic, and creating a brand new world with Jack as the catalyst. It was completely and utterly different.

I loved it.

From Pitchiner's revival to the apprenticing of Sophie by Bunny, to even the college mini-arc, everything shifted focus, and it was so amazing. Jack was no longer the only focus of the story, but he still remained a big part. It takes a real author to turn side and supporting characters into main characters without losing their original focus.

My favourite parts by far, out of everything, though, were Jack's trips off-planet. Exploring the Ether in depth, learning about Constels, picking new guardians... I loved it, since you took us on a journey from Jack's Genesis to his beyond mastery of all things weather. It was an especially-loved bonus to see him tap into the power of Spring, and as part of one of his angry, serious rants, to boot! You know I love those! ...I wouldn't mind seeing a one-shot in your other story where the four seasons all sit down and test out linking up to different seasons. It'd be especially funny to see Archieng try to harness winter—maybe she decides it for whatever reason, and Jack decides to have some fun and not let her know what a bad idea that might be. _

...But I digress. The entire series from the end of the movie onward would make North proud. There weren't many hopes in the second half, and dreams weren't so much dreamt as made reality, but that was a wondrous world you constructed.

And as for memories... Oh, don't even get me started on what a PERFECT ending that was. I don't even have words to describe. You know how I teared up at Three separate points (I almost teared up at Sophie's shooting, but the catharsis came a bit quickly, and I didn't have time to get overly sad before I realized what an amazing plot twist you did)? I didn't just tear up for the end, I openly bawled all the way through the Frozen arc. I don't know how to express it better than that, so I'll complement one last thing: the cameo arcs. I loved those. Hiccup's arc didn't do too much to advance the overall plot, but I loved it regardless, mainly because of the whole angle on culture shock that you tried and succeeded in using.

...Not to mention, anytime ANYONE does a shoutout to a series I like, I do a little happy dance. I actually laughed in joy and anticipation as soon as I read the words "snows nine months of the year and hails the other three." Kinda had the same reaction when I read about a princess who has an affinity for ice and snow but doesn't like using it because of her past. That tipped me off, but surprisingly (to me), I didn't catch the backwards writing for Yensidia. Kudos for slipping that one by! And also kudos for making Elsa's backstory have a noticeable and real effect on a main character. It was too good not to use, and you pulled it off nicely.

Just... Good job, GREAT job. You, my friend, are going on my favourite authors list.
Guest chapter 4 . 6/26
how did ariko die and how did achieng die
Guest chapter 62 . 6/25
I think tooth, ariko and achieng would make a great trio
MarburyBlur chapter 60 . 6/19
I fucking love Nightlight. You go, dude! I mean, Bunny's my spirit animal and all, but he can be a real douchebag.
MarburyBlur chapter 43 . 6/18
AP Euro has taught me much. I remember that World War One had been called "The War to End All Wars" and they thought it would only last 4 months instead of 4 years.
MarburyBlur chapter 38 . 6/17
The plucky sidekick angle is so much better than the grumpy old guy personality most other authors give him. ("Get off my lawn, you dumb Winter Spirit!")
MarburyBlur chapter 34 . 6/17
I love protective Jack.
MarburyBlur chapter 29 . 6/17
Ha ha, yeah. I was so confused about that; I thought it originated in the Shining and I had to Google it.
Guest chapter 2 . 6/12
do ariko, achieng and oisin belong to you
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