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Arachnide chapter 112 . 11/28/2017
Oh god! You cant imagine just how much i am fangirling at this moment! I am so excited! Wow! I wasnt expecting you to jump 8 years into the future, but thanks for doing so! I cant wait to see what happens now! Oh, god! Aaaaaaaaaah, i cant wait! I am on to the next chapter, see ya!
Arachnide chapter 111 . 11/28/2017
That was another amazing chapter. I loved that "Kosmotis fluff" as you yourself phrased it. It was very nice seeing him help sophie. Anyway, the rest of. Well. everything, was astonishing. I had a blast reading through the chapter
Arachnide chapter 110 . 11/28/2017
This chapter was Great! I loved it! I can understand why you would have had fun writing the part with jamie. It was a bery good moment between him and jack and it was so warm and emotional. The things they said, that unspoken promise that they would be there for each other, it was amazing. This was a wonderful chapter. And i am happy for the trio of the norse gods. Things seem to be going great for everybody, its nice. I cant wait to see what happens next but also to see the arrival of the other constellations. I am so excited!
Arachnide chapter 109 . 11/28/2017
Nice, i quite liked the chapter. Though, i must say that my favourite part must have been when you were describing the mural with jack frost. It was beautiful, your description of it came alive before my eyes. Quite the emotional picture. I loved it.
Arachnide chapter 107 . 11/27/2017
I loved this couple of chapters! They were absolutely amazing. I cant wait to see how all this is going to turn out later on. Poor jack...he has so many things to do and there are more coming and piling up into a mountain. I am kinda worried for him, he is practically exausting himself! Thank god he has his lieutenants yo help him! I dont have the slightest idea how he would be doing everything there is to do without their help. Wow. And sophie is being awesome like always. Although, i hope she wont be overworking herself with her new duties, its good that yuki is with her. Anyway, loved the chapter and dont worry it wasnt the usual length but it wasnt small either, furthermore it had quite a lot in it which was quite fulfilling.
By the way, about the mirror transportation thingy and the hub. You have some pretty awesome ideas there. They were amaxing and i really loved them. You are incredible for coming up with them just goes to show how creative, smart and innovative you are. Really, i couldnt believe what i was reading! Amazing!
Arachnide chapter 105 . 11/27/2017
Nice... This was a very good chapter. I dont really have much to say but it was quite interesting. Jacks and hiccups interaction was something i liked very much. What will never stop impressing me with this story is that nomatter how big the chapters are, and they are quite big, they are so hooking that they end far too quickly. Another of your many talents, my friend. Amazing
Arachnide chapter 104 . 11/27/2017
I liked the ending, hiccup is probably going to freak out seeing somebody just falling from the sky. You know what? I cant wait to see his reaction. Hehe! I quite enjoyed the talk jack, odin, loki, and thor had. It was very nice seeing jacks reactions to what he was being told, very amusing. Anyway, on to the next chapter, cant wait to see what happens there. Hehe
Arachnide chapter 103 . 11/26/2017
Nice chapter. I loved sandys reaction to seeing the pendant jamie had. Although not thouroughly described i have tried to imagine it in my head and i really liked the outcome. The way jamie has such power over the others is quit cool too. I like how you end the chapter with sophie and alcia meeting and alleviating all of the stress that has accumulated between them. And i surely cant wait to see the worlds reaction to what jamie has planned, an amazing idea indeed.
Arachnide chapter 102 . 11/26/2017
Its just like you say, fĺuff is never enough. I really enjoyed reading this chapter. I particularly like how jack handled the situation. He was amazing, while everybody else was freaking out he kept a cool head and did , quite efficiently, what had to be done and all of this in the course of a couple of hours. Heh, he has grown so much... They are all so lucky to have him, i hope they know that. Anyway, i sophies title, it sounds very good. Although, i didnt understand where the 'Solus' came from in jamies title. Could you explain maybe?
Arachnide chapter 101 . 11/26/2017
I am back! I am sorry, my friend, it just had been a hard five months and it seems that i didnt really habe the time to continue the story. A shame too, for i have forgotten some of the finner details leading up to this moment but nothing too nig that will make me confused with the storyline , i hope.
This chapter was... I dont even have The first chapter i read after returning to the story and look what happens! Even after all the time that ĥas past since i last read the story, this chapter still brought forth some very strong emotions from me. The start with hiccup and astrid was interesting, i believe that this is not the last time we are going to see them, you will probably insert them into the story somehow too. I am intrigued as to how exactly you are going to do that, you have an extraordinary knuck for major plot twists. Not that i have any complaints, they are usually awesome! Anyway, i was absolutely happy for Sophie with her graduation. What a milestone that would be in her life, i thought. But then, you come in all guns blazing, quite litterally, and in an amazing epic and dramatic scene sophie is dead. I almost cried! And suddenly she is fine! She is turning into an immortal and i am so relieved! And while i am taking in breaths to calm my nerves a little, i learn that jamie has finally become a constelation, and i am so happy! Thrilled even. And here is the strange part , i am beaming with pride over a fictional character. Wow! That was an amazing emotional rollercoster there. You will never stop surprising me sis. You are an amazing writer, you are incredible, the talent you show in these fanfic is out of this world. You are a wonderful and unique person and i hope you know that.( If not, say so and i will be saying that more often.). I loved this chapter, it was amazing.

P.S sorry for the very long review, it was supposed to be smaller but i guess i got carried away. Hehe. The chapter was awesome, by the way.
YokaiAngel chapter 130 . 11/24/2017
Mo.auxier chapter 18 . 11/15/2017
I still cry every time I read this chapter. no matter how many times I've read it, the emotion never dulls. This is definitely one of the places where you shine as a writer.
Ordalie Artos chapter 1 . 11/14/2017
Hello, I'm just here to say I'm one of this story 's French version's reader, and I love your story ! There's only a twenty of chapters for now, but I wanted to thank you personnally for your story, because I really enjoy it !
Jazebeth chapter 57 . 11/10/2017
(regarding your author note) forgive me if I'm outdated, but isn't there only 6 continent including Antartica? As far as I know North and South America isn't separated... so I'm wondering how you got 7
Jazebeth chapter 47 . 11/10/2017
it never gets old when Laura said Jack wouldn't have hairy chest XDD
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