Reviews for Secret of Frost and Moon
Arachnide chapter 62 . 7/14/2017
Easter elf? Who is that? Anyway, nice ending. I really liked how you handled The movie plot
Arachnide chapter 61 . 7/14/2017
Woohoo! Go, Jack, go! An incredible ending! No... The whole chapter had me amazed! Well done!
Arachnide chapter 60 . 7/14/2017
Wow, now thats a chapter! It was great!
Arachnide chapter 59 . 7/14/2017
Nice, i really Liked it. It was very good and i Liked what you did. A very good idea in my opinion.
Arachnide chapter 58 . 7/13/2017
Oh, poor Jack... I cant beleive that that happened. He must Be so sad right now.
Arachnide chapter 57 . 7/13/2017
I really Liked The touches you added to The movie chapters. And it makes much more sense when you know what happened before. All in All, it was very good and i really Liked it.
Arachnide chapter 56 . 7/13/2017
I am afraid i didnt get The hint. Could you explain, please? Nice chapter i really Liked it, by The way.
Arachnide chapter 55 . 7/12/2017
Arachnide chapter 53 . 7/12/2017
Hahahaha! Nice ending. I like how you decided to go about with this. Very nice in my opinion.
Arachnide chapter 52 . 7/12/2017
A wowing chapter i really Liked it. It was very good.
Arachnide chapter 51 . 7/12/2017
Nice chapter. I really Liked it. It was very good. So Jamie finally learned Who his uncle is. Thats good, isnt it? Anyway, i cant wait to see sophie. It must Be such a cute chapter!
Arachnide chapter 50 . 7/11/2017
Well now That i Want to see. It Will Be something interesting, thats for sure.
Arachnide chapter 49 . 7/9/2017
Pfft! Hahahahaha! Wow! I mean, what on the moon is going on here! A Great chapter! I loved it! Quite amusing although i must say that in the begining i was as worked up like jack, what with the late date and all. But i am quite happy now. And as i can see if you make pitch apear the same age as when the movie came out then that mean jamie will be ten years old by then, after all if i remember correctly the movie came out on 2014.
Arachnide chapter 48 . 7/9/2017
I really liked this chapter! It was very nice and fluffy! It was cute and i enjoyed the whole thing. And what a wedding it was! It was beautiful. I am awestruck!
Arachnide chapter 47 . 7/9/2017
A nice chapter. I really liked it. So we finally learn that pitch is starting to get into motion. Thats good. Espe├žially for jack, he isnt going to be as saddened as he was before. Thats definitely a plus.

By the way, i dont know anything about nightlight so could you maybe leave me a description of him? And how did he make the cloud solid? I am afraid i did not understand.
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