Reviews for Chasing Fireflies
SnowyIce chapter 88 . 2/26
Can't wait for Derek to be saved. It's killing me that they are feeling so sad and helpless :'(
Jess-love95 chapter 88 . 2/21
This chapter is really moving, full of emotions, everyone has a different way of coping (not so well since its too fresh of course). Poor everyone ! Especially Sam :/ And Thea in denial :/ (but everyone will thank her for being in denial !)
I wonder how they will enter Tartarus without the doors of Death open !
Guest chapter 87 . 2/18
Hope chapter 87 . 2/18
I'm literally trying to keep it together right now. Damn this made me sad... :( And I honestly can't even imagine them going home without Derek, that's just heartbreaking.
Valkyria Raven chapter 88 . 2/20
Yes new quest to ... Tartarus?! I don't think Percy, Nico and annabeth will appreciate it considering they ve been there...this is not going to end well. They'll be grounded for the rest of their lives.
StardustPetals chapter 88 . 2/19
Alternating between Chuck and Charles outside of dialogue: bad
Also Fred went on a date with '.'
Elements1999 chapter 88 . 2/19
Wait, by "our brave boys" do you mean Sam and Trend, or Sam, Trend, Donny, and Sander? I LOVE IT! I was kinda waiting for Phyl to start crying... They all cried (minus Trend as we only saw him for a couple minutes)
ChrisDaughterOfApollo chapter 88 . 2/19
Yes! Go, go, go! Get Derek now!
Fangirl-4ever-and-ever chapter 88 . 2/19
When I read what's happening in next chap I was just like "that's my girl" I cried again in this chap... It was so good..
CreedNation BP chapter 88 . 2/19
Yassss. Please update soon I have been killing myself waiting for like checking everyday constantly. I swear this story has me at the edge of my seat
Guest chapter 87 . 2/11
This is a great story! Keep writing please please please!
Guest chapter 6 . 2/8
I can turn into a fox and burst into flames. Firefox
Guest chapter 63 . 2/3
During this chapter I got to thinking (which is always a bad idea) but now I'm really curious, could Percy impregnate himself because he has all O.o I'm just gonna go now
Kath chapter 87 . 2/2
I've loved following this story, and all your work. Each morning I get up and check to see if you've posted anything. Reading between the lines it looks like there is a trip to tartarus coming up for some people. Could make that storyline a sequel to this story? This story has been amazing, but it would be great if it could be separate in to part so it's easier to find a favorite sections.
Jess-love95 chapter 87 . 2/3
Really good, moving and kind of sad chapter (only kind of since Derek's not really dead) :) I wonder how Sam and Trend will manage to reunite with Derek's body in order to kiss him awake... Would doing it through a dream (Hypnos or one of his children) work ?
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