Reviews for The Galactic Exodus Chronicles Part 2 :The Galactic Civil War
badkidoh chapter 63 . 2/22
another great chapter.
Imperial warlord chapter 63 . 2/21
Awesome chapter.
time2read chapter 63 . 2/21
Well good thing for technology eh? Or more men would be suffering from nuke residue. Again I hope Trachta dies pathetically for his use of such weapons. Viathan still up and about? He really needs to know when to take a rest. Good to see Palpatine isn't complacent. I hate Ofee what a Luni bin...bwahahaha Lin and Kun are hysterical together! Well glad Kun cares for his apprentices, and Viathan and Leia should totally be together. Awesome Ch! Update Soon!
TheGunmaster chapter 63 . 2/21
Another spectacular chapter. Every wait is worth it.
Lord Razer chapter 63 . 2/21
Viathan has a long lost brother dun dun dun!. nice twist looking forward to seeing how that will work out. I also like how kun and lyn had a mommy and daddy moment and told the kids to go play somewhere else.
pedrorocamora102 chapter 63 . 2/21
Awesome chapter
Guest chapter 63 . 2/21
excellent chapter
HubrisP chapter 63 . 2/21
An excellent chapter, marvelous work!
Lord Asmodeus chapter 62 . 2/12
Do continue. It was good to read the five new chapters. My comments from last time still apply. Kellia should die horribly. Leia should either be completely converted or killed equally as brutally. Reading her point of view in second person is becoming increasingly irksome. Also there needs to be more focus on Exar Kun as he is the star attraction. The most interesting and well developed character in the trilogy.

A request. The Massassi have gained my respect, you should have them colonise a sector, and later use their numbers to adequately fuel the war with their savagery.

All Hail Exar Kun, the Emperor of the Sith Empire. And his loyal pet Viathan whom shalt cleanse many a stain from the galaxy.
badkidoh chapter 62 . 12/31/2014
another great chapter
Imperial warlord chapter 62 . 12/31/2014
Awesome chapter.
time2read chapter 62 . 12/31/2014
Wow um Viathan? He is seriously nuts in this one! Whose the dark side ghost off? I'm also surprised Kun with his force connection to Viathan isn't feeling any of this. Trachta is insane I would even say more insane then Kellia if that were even possible. Ha I like how Luke and Leia are turning Vadar better very interesting. wow now that I think about it with al the brutal killing going on which side should the poor people of the universes choosE? Crazy Kellia the messed up moffs or the greedy for power empire? Its like a no win. Who is this new Inquisitor with the gold eyes? hnn Kun met his match in wit eh? Haha no offense but Trachta pulling a stunt like that? Genius. Im glad Viathan is alive but and its a shame Grash died but well it was necessary. Cant wait for the update.
Lord Razer chapter 62 . 12/31/2014
nice chapter and TRACHTA I HOPE YOU DIE A HORRIBLE PAINFUL DEATH!. sorry just had say that as he is a horrible man for killing grash. happy new year.
TheGunmaster chapter 62 . 12/31/2014
Holy... just holy shit. Nukes and gas, what's next?
HubrisP chapter 62 . 12/31/2014
Excellent work on the chapter!

Do not get so worked up, as you know I seem to think myself an expert on the Star Wars Universe, explain to me the difference between their Massassi and your Massassi. Because, I have played Shadow of Revan, they are exactly as described in your image.
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