Reviews for The Galactic Exodus Chronicles Part 2 :The Galactic Civil War
sudooku chapter 15 . 8/1
So there are three factions now. And of course those who didn't see the PT won't miss battle droids. But those who did like me will say: Welcome back Droideka and Buzz-droids. Lord Vader will be pleased to spot them on the Exactor's front window again. :)And Lord Kun held a nice epilog towards the senators and himself while terminating his special senate session
sudooku chapter 13 . 7/30
I enjoyed that chapter deeply. And, yesss ... please ... show us a sometimes unleashed Dark Side Exar Kunnn!
sudooku chapter 11 . 7/30
You ask whom you want to show more and how things will be presentedin your novel in your usual foot note? Oh, who I am to make suggestions while this is your story written by your very heart blood? The only wish I have: Just give Exar Kun the grand stage he deserve to show what he can do and be. And how his Empire would look like when he finally archieves his goal. Hehe! Such a guy like Palpatine can rule for about 40 years. Not that I deny his wits and abilities. But to say it roughly with the words of the former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi about his preferred candidates for the Italian parliament: "I want this time an Emperor who looks and smells good to be an appealing and charming but still ruthless icon of the Empire." That's all. ;)
sudooku chapter 10 . 7/30
Uhm ... you said the Exodus will start now. I would call it an Exardus ;) Well, I was waiting a while for such as this ... when Exar will give the senate once more a nice and shaky "treatment" Buh, that chapter made me shiver to the bone in chilling exarcitement. Cad Bane really could learn something out of this. :lol: . And I was fulfilled another yearning: Exar grilling Mon Mothma a bit ... before declaring her question quite unimportant and good enough to end the senate's session right now. I really basked in your formulation when Exar tells Mattizz: "It will insult your intelligence while telling you about those senators ..." So full of arrogance and yet flattering for his stounchest stooge next to Viathan.
sudooku chapter 9 . 7/30
Thank you for that war-heavy chapter. You really keep a good balance between the four threads of your story: Alderaan/Viathan, Vader's Moff Alliance, Exar's scheming and last but not least Kellias struggle. And you show very clearly the sometimes aesthetics and thrills, but also the atrocities of war devoid of any glorification of war itself, a walking on a tight rope not everybody is able to master. The soldiers are always beings with thoughts and feelings and you present them and the battles they are in very neatly and colorful.
sudooku chapter 8 . 7/29
I really like the way how you let the relationship between Leia and Viathan develop. That is all so tenderly and cautious from both sides.
sudooku chapter 7 . 7/24
Oh how I like Exar dealing with the senate. And I was wondering all the time, when Palpatine will realize that there is a "mild" coincidence of the return of Exar Kun and the breaking out of such a war like this. I was smirking when Sidious said "of course as I wish. It always will." There must be a reason he gave Valek to Kun as apprentice. Surely not just to hone Kun's teaching qualities.
badkidoh chapter 66 . 7/23
Yet another great chapter!

I wounder if the Mandalorians will put up more of a fight then Kllia is ready for?
sudooku chapter 5 . 7/22
So Kellia is taking the lead finally and Nox Vellam starts to enjoy his new role imposed upon him by Vader. Whoah! The taste and the test for real power! That was a fun to read. :)
sudooku chapter 66 . 7/22
... just to complete the anonymous review before under my user-name ... Thank you for this great chapter. You kept the surprises until the very enthralling end. What a bitter irony that of all chapters in chapter 66 Kellia is "calling back" all the clones while they were carrying out their duty of massacering nearly all the Jedi during Order 66 so duly just 7 or 8 years ago. Did you save that event for the chapter with that crucial number or was that pure coincidance? Will Kelly just re-program their inhibitor-chip or will she honor and follow Fives' example? I have the feeling that Kellia will use the collected clones and their offspring for her own uses. A shrewd move to enlarge one's army indeed when she is filling those men and women with feelings of guilt and shame before giving them new orders. Or will she really turn into a genocider? Oh how dark Kellia had gone already.
Guest chapter 66 . 7/22
Actually I don't skip chapters but I was so busy and curious at the same time. Thanks for bringing Kelgrath back. And thanks again for many great fights and unexpected (at least for my humble self) turns. I warmly appreciate the involvement of the Mandos and the Kast-family (you red "Son of Dathomir I see)
time2read chapter 66 . 7/21
Awsome ch as always! Love the Raydonn parts especially. Kira nuts as always. The trackers part was funny as was Lyn and her flirting haha. Kun positive as always. Ruins new force technique sounds interesting. Never really heard of force eyesight kill before but sounds powerfull indeed. Luke and Starkiller... wonder if they will end up in trouble again they seem to be good at that. Also looking forward to Vadar meets Kathlyn. the generals death was pretty epic what with the poison and all. My only question is how could 4 sith miss Vancono? Great ch! update soon!
Imperial warlord chapter 66 . 7/20
Awesome chapter.
HubrisP chapter 66 . 7/20
Excellent work, as always.
sudooku chapter 3 . 6/30
It is so intriguing to see how desperately Leia tries to reconcile her blossoming feelings and her respect for Viathan with her hatred for the Empire. BTW: I don't think that Leia in your story is a snooty uptight-stick in th rear. Maybe I don't mind her being proud as she isin your story because I'm just the same, haha.

I'm looking forward to the carreer of Lady Isard as well. Here again the same pattern. Exar comes, enthralls and win. Or why is she speaking in that belitteling way of her father to Kun as soon as the same left the conversation? Well Kun just has a way around him that makes other people want to be liked by him and to serve him - as user TheLoneWolf had put it in another story so nicely :)
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