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Biabara chapter 1 . 3/27
Do you happen to watch Supernatural? 'Mud-monkey' is an often used insult for humans in this show.. although instead of demons, angels say it x)
Fireminer chapter 23 . 2/25
Heaven and Hell is quite similar in the face of pleasure, isn't it?
... Fujimoto and hot springs...
A side question: How the heck does the Church imported firearms (or locally produced) into Japan and other countries with "no gun-law"? This is not America (or even Brazil, where your choice is limited to .380 ACP at best).
Smuggling, isn't it?
Oh, and since this is the 70s, maybe you should get Shiro a revolver.
Yoko-Zuki10 chapter 23 . 2/16
oh if I walk around in its own file because there are some fics that were written off but continue there. I am amazed that the brothers will have two main fic (I really, really happy but I feel a little concern that their circuits exploit so much mental activity). and prepare readers vien SuperiorDimwit world to proclaim himself emperor of Assiah ! Those two balls of unhappiness weeping bitterly in a corner are Lucy and Mephisto?
Shiro is a real father, I sacrifice everything for children. Mephisto finally get to put in your bed at Paladin Pervert? Shiro will give you a masterful lesson fonta and Mephisto end locked in a balloon as Shinra Durarara x2? Readers will be divided by any of them. Just imagine with these minuscule outfits and latex antifases, the whips ... Shiro how lucky you are, at that time had not yet 50 Shades of Grey to Mephisto use it against you. Thanks for update and do not forget to take your vitamins Dimwit that they will do so much work to do.
luzmela1 chapter 23 . 2/15
Really I dont know about the Lupercalia festival and I have searched about it in internet before posting. Yes, I can see Mephisto participating in this festival.

I know that this has no relation with the release in theatres of one movie about a bestseller about a Cinderella and a prince mixed with sadomasochism but as I have been reading a lot of reviews about this movie since its premiere in Berlin with the global conclusion that it is boring and very bad, (bad is a euphemism to express what the critics say) I have convinced my husband that in place of watching this commercial movie, we can pass all the afternoon playing Assassin Creed. Yes, it is a strange plan for Valentine but we are a strange couple too.

The scene of the beginning with Shiro remembering the twins building not an ordinary snow man but a Weedle (ok, I confess I have no idea what a Weedle is) .Yukio leading the construction of the Weedle and Rin following his instructions with a smile.

It is so tender how Shiro is a lovely father with the twins. Calling them mochis (third time I should look in internet what mochis are) Yes, they are like rice grains, sweet rice grains [Yukio because he needed to be wrapped tightly in a baby blanket to feel safe and calm down enough to sleep (plus it looked very sweet when he was) and Rin because he stuck to his brother like glue (and of course, he was very sweet too] I am imagining the scene with the two slept babies together and I put a silly face while saying “oh, how sweet” It is no strange that Shiro has become a proud father with these two cutes kids.

Two kids that love so much their father. And energetic Rin and a gentle Yukio. The way they greet his father when he collects them at school shows their personalities.

And then the trip. A trip that can make Rin loves school but an expensive trip that one religious monastery can afford. And Yukio always sacrificing for his brother and the reaction of Rin about renouncing this wonderful trip because he doesnt want to be separated of Yukio.

And then, Shiro knows that there is an exit, a non desirable exit but one fast.

Oh, Mephisto, how could you be so mean? “Madam, I am a demon” “But you call yourself a knight” “ And I am, but a strategist cant lose any opportunity” “Ok, ok, prince of chaos, I agree”

After this exercise of praise I can say that Mephisto is really hateful in these lines [“any particular board games you intend to play with the twins during their home stay? (…) I just might join in”] I am waiting that he adds: “ the twins are going to cry with you tell them that they cant go to the trip” What a genius he is when he is manipulating people!

This profetical sentence has made me feel shivers: [“That kid will be death of me”] Oh, Shiro.
Please, I need that you draw Mephisto with latex lingerie and a whip. (I have a cinema mind today and I am guessing that Mephisto will be love to be the protagonist of “ Horror Picture Show”)

But you are perverted, Dimwit. You write and then you told that that this is only the beginning and that if we want to know what happens next, we need to wait and see for a continuation in a side that allows MA. Tempting, hmm and I cant resist temptations.

Beside what wonderful news, Memoriae in progress, and the announce of “After the End, before the Beginning” Really you made my valentine. So much better that chocolate and you know how much I love Schokolade.

I wish that you will celebrate Valentine with your girlfriend when she returns, and… WHAT! Porn and optimal toothbrushing technique demonstration?
optimustaud chapter 23 . 2/15
XDD Shiro really should have seen that one coming. Ahhh Dimwit you are killing me. LOL
Viciousxkobain chapter 23 . 2/15
This was a great surprise for valentines day 3 I can't wait to see what's in store for poor Shiro (I'll have to get on over to ao3)
Guest ch 11 chapter 23 . 2/14
The fact that you took the time to respond to me so kindly on both of your updates is sweet. I'm glad you appreciate that you inspired something (altruistically or not), you've inspired me to write more than I will likely to be willing to admit (TEOTB canon related and otherwise). As for my little continuation of the Sorrows of the Young Hohenzollern, that wouldn't have been the first or the last thing I wrote concerning TEOTB ;), perhaps one day (soon?) I will get up the nerve to post them for you to see. Will you be flattered by such dedications? As someone whose opinion I highly value, your critique or commentary would be both to be feared and revered. I hope it also shows you a little reason to keep going with your projects, just in case you ever need it, you know there are people out there you've impacted and inspired deeply.

Concerning entirely different things, as much as I look forward to each update in the main series and the spin-offs placed here, I am sure I will look forward to your latest branches of the story as well, and I wish you luck in all your endeavors regarding them. Let it be known that while I can be shy and read quietly for such a long time, I also feel the need to MAKE it known every so often that your hard work is greatly appreciated.


(If you so desire a name for me, perhaps you can call me "Zy".)
amethystfirechik chapter 22 . 2/13
Omgee! I can't stop laughing. I didn't know that drilling a tooth could be so erotic, lol. Mephisto's actions to the poem though is priceless.
loogoo chapter 22 . 2/11
Such a nice household scene. I love the part where Sir Pheles falls off the bed
luzmela1 chapter 22 . 2/11
I have totally fallen in the trap. A trap for pervert minds, isnt it? I have considered myself very clever reading between lines. Ah, Luzmela, your hot imagination has cheated you. [No resistance greets me, no groans of pain to deter the steady rhythm of my movements I had never imagined… Darling, I’ m going deeper] Really all the words has double meaning he he

Congratulations Dimwit! You have told me that after you feel yourself a real dentist but you were one before with all these good advices And therefore I am sure that Shiro and Mephisto think the same after their dental revision.

I am guessing… do you have composed this poem in three days? Oh, my! I am bowing down before you. It took me half a year once to write a couplet.

I am imagining Mephisto on bed in the first scene with the silver tray and the note and I am thinking how many romanticism we have lost with internet. Do you imagine that instead of all the emails and several messages that we read while taking breakfast we should read letters and missives? Imagine how many paper,,, but this is not a sad feeling of having this information in the computer or in the mobile phone. Just think how many trees have been saved.

Ok, my bad habits again. Focus, Luzmela, focus.

Mephisto has a lot of patience [ten years of getting teased and taunted and declining Sir Pheles’ advances has taken to actually experimenting practically with his…suggestions] After the story finished, I can feel how disappointed Mephisto will be with your prawn, Dimwit. You knew that he was so happy that he wont stop to think that Shiro wouldn’t make it so easy. I love how you described the reaction of Mephisto when he realized of the true [An urge overcame him then, to snap his fingers and turn into something small that could slip out of sight unnoticed] It is strange to see Mephisto failing and this reaction so human but he is so cute. Poor Mephisto, being the puppet of Dimwit and Fulmine. Ha ha But I think that Shiro loves it somehow. He loves a good prank and I am guessing if someone can win these two devils in these matters this one should be Shiro.

Besisdes Shiro is not an ordinary priest. He is missing [someone that snuggled up against him on the futon and kissed him in the morning] and all these porn manga, and these memories about the granddaughter of Mephisto. Chastity is not very well practiced by Shiro.

I have remarked the exclamation he did when the awaking kiss brought him from his doze : [Jesus-fucking – Christ ] I will take this way of cursing totally canon. A mad priest will curse like this way for sure.

Al the scene of the cooking is so full of suggestions about how much they knew each other.

[“Do you have to,,,?” “This aint your office, Princess. My place, my rules” (…) “A little on the sweet side, am I right?” “I know you have green fingers”

Mephisto, tell us the true, you really wanted to snap your fingers to redecorate the room. His mental note about asking Amaimon about Gehennian plants was so cute, and then “any particular colour you’d like on a plant?” Who is the housewife, who?

[Under the murmured conversation between the stove and the hissing omelette, there was something more than the familiar jokes they tossed at each other] Yes, it so evident. The way Shiro let show his neck , the way Mephisto can help to stare, and how much Mephisto uses every opportunity [“That I dont mind at all. Is it easier for you to leave the closet if I dress like a woman, Shiro?”

The end with all that chat of two old friends is so charming.

I am looking forward for the next movement of Dimwit and Fulmine. A new prank to Shiro that he can guess and stop?
Yoko-Zuki10 chapter 22 . 2/10
You are great ! people have no idea how hard it is to compose a poem that fits perfect (deliciously hilarious) Head through which accurate thrust three languages and not lose charm or twice misleading sense ... Until Mephisto fall as a child thinking that was an erotic poem ! but the key to suspect that was not what it looked like and then to read the end in tears laughing my point products, Yes was this: "And our resilience, I worship it unfazed by my clumsy novice technique"; Because a sexual novice has no resilience unless you are least half demon, but in other circumstances it can clearly notice ! So I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart for making your first exttraccion painless caries. I applaud you for playing with our minds together with Mephisto. (YESS all have a little perverted thoughts when we read of that pair). But I have to raise a protest on two things: Shiro you are a damn, miserable seducer. Not only has triggered Mephistos pheromones with that kind of kitchen Hot ! So do not complain because Mephisto wants to fall on yours if you make it so tempting offers. Second complaint to Mephisto: as a lawyer I am, come and kneel on grains of corn and ask forgiveness for their blasphemous thought of internally not want to use protection. Have you any idea how expensive it will go all minimephistos to stop by there? You know that however "King of Time" which is the DNA betray you like?All manga and anime that you will miss out to be changing diapers once their mothers tired of not getting the juicy share food ... let those children in your charge, to experience love with a young boyfriend ! ! (Sorry to be so harsh but I see it every day Mephy- chan).
Returning to the author ... Mephisto will be very angry when some genius to tell that the poem is about, and that not only fell into a joke but two (oh, I love that part). Part of the great love of her granddaughters I'm dying to see it and it will be a little worm of curiosity that woodworm me inside. Although the actual reason of incest taboo is no inbreeding and possibility of sick children. so if your older granddaughters decided to enjoy her beloved grandfather and priest / cook hot (curse Why as I write I imagine Shiro just the apron? ? NOO why I am not one of the granddaughters of Mephisto?). I must confess sinner can not finish my own fanfic I show that Mephisto has "sister resort" (and all the unimaginable) or parody Mephisto be the true king of the throne of Love. Thanks for update.
Fox Populi chapter 22 . 2/10
Okay, reading this went more or less as follows:
"What. No no, WHAT. WHAT. Ew... Seriously?! Oh come on... WHAT?!" *little pause* *FIST PUMP at the word "Shiro"* and then stretched into a grin that stayed on the rest of the chapter :P
Guest chapter 11 . 1/31
Always love this series, this bit and the mains have been read in the multiples since I adore them so. This chapter I will specifically comment on because you do a fantastic job of hurting my heart with it, and I once wrote a small sort of continuation to it. I hope you are flattered rather than offended. Not to worry, I never posted it anywhere or claimed it as my own, and won't post without credit. I just thought you might like to know. I look forward to your updates, and I hope all is going well.
Fireminer chapter 21 . 12/20/2014
The more elaborate your plan is in theory, the more chance it would screw up.
luzmela1 chapter 21 . 12/13/2014
Oh, Dimwit, how could you made this chapter so unexpectedly surprising? I was guessing what the revenge of Mephisto will be but I cant never suspect of this work of avant-garde in which the characters take the world and knowing that they are only characters try to break with the control they have by God Dimwit. They, in particular Mephisto, will fight against their fate.
And, then, the story goes ahead, and more Gods appears because you have made that Mephisto talks and mixes different stories, they can travel between universes, (well we know that Samael can do it easily) and indeed they have visited an alternative reality in which the lustful dreams of Samael has come true already.
I must confess I am bit scared because in other review in other story I have knelt before Mephisto for one sentence of him that I considered sublime. Perhaps Mephisto has interpreted that as I have given my soul to him because I have confessed weakness about Sammy..ah, sorry, sorry, about Samael, (I am afraid I have made a terrible mistake sugarcoating him)
Mephisto is breaking not the fourth wall, but the fourth reality reveling his masterstroke with the Sucubus… Is all this a plan ideated by Mephisto or a plot invented by God Dimwit with the complicity of Fulmine and they both have made him believe that really was his plan or actually the Goddesses believe that the plot is theirs although it has been created by Mephisto.
In the middle of this, Shiro has the mouth half asleep by the anesthesia (Really Shiro you doesn’t want anesthesia? You are too much “macho” or a complete idiot?) but I think that what he really matters is the dilemma between choosing lose his teeth of quitting smoking.
[“Yes, gifts were coming early this December”]
Oh, Samael, then is it true? The creation of Dr Imwitt was all part of your plan?
“You doubt? You have prostrated before my magnificence, I am a God too, I am Hermes!”
“Sammy, shut up. I prefer when God Dimwit writes your dialogues, she can convert your ego in something useful and your words wont be more a lot of crap..”
“Oh, I beg your pardon, but this is my review, you cant appear here and to manipulate it”
Oh, my God, this smirk! It is so scaring. It is great!
“Do you see little lion? I am irresistible for my fans!”
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