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girlworthfightingfor chapter 172 . 9/30/2015
Sorry I didn't review last chapter. I just got really busy. Anywho, the part about the necklaces made in district three was a nice touch. These heart to hearts with Electra kind of remind of when you talk with that one aunt that doesn't really know when to stop talking but your conversations are the best. The bit with the phones though! I had to put down my phone there cause it just made me really happy that Seneca actually went through with it!
girlworthfightingfor chapter 169 . 9/25/2015
For some reason, I felt very empowered when Stephanie punched Ellen. I don't know why. Also, I like how we were got to know a little bit about how Stephanie's life was before the reaping. I mean, we already knew a little but the tiny details make it way more real feeling. Even if it's based off a book.
Silver Fletcher chapter 168 . 9/25/2015
Wow! I have to say these are three of the best chapters yet! I mean there were so many aspects of the chapters to enjoy; just like Stephanie and Seneca's relationship. I think I've realised now why I changed to a Stephanie/Seneca shipper; because Stephanie and Haymitch together is nice and all, but Seneca and Stephanie it's that idea of forbidden love that makes it all the more exciting! I mean Stephanie literally can't help but be attracted to Seneca as clearly evidenced in these chapters! The humour and Seneca's unrelenting teasing was brilliant also. And as much as I was fist-pumping the air with that first kiss, I think the second kiss at the end of Chapter 168 was even better. Because it showed a taste of everything that should have divided them - 'Capitol & District' - and yet they still couldn't help but kiss! Keep up the fantastic work!
girlworthfightingfor chapter 168 . 9/24/2015
Favorite. Three. Chapters. EVER. Oh. My. Gosh. There was romance and feelings and kissing an smirking and just amazing! There were so many feels that came with these chapters. Sometimes I give praise of the storyline or a particular part that was interesting. Sometimes I'll give a suggestion. Yeah... These chapters, all I want to talk about it how I loved the Stephanie/Seneca scenes! So basically all of them. Good chapters! *reads them over again* ok. Sorry for that fangirl attack. Til next chapter.
Silver Fletcher chapter 165 . 9/24/2015
Loving the progress...I must say you have completely won me over from a Haymitch/Stephanie shipper to a Seneca/Stephanie shipper. But I can't help but feel sorry for Haymitch and I have a feeling that things between Stephanie and Haymitch are going to get tricky. Keep up the great work!
girlworthfightingfor chapter 165 . 9/23/2015
Well THAT was unexpected. But a good unexpected. Like, REALLY good. I was kinda hoping and praying last chapter that it would be Seneca. I liked how she was dealing with her new found attraction. That was actually really funny! Until next chapter.
girlworthfightingfor chapter 164 . 9/22/2015
Yay! I'm so glad this story is back! Attraction. Yeah, I'm good with that. Cause attraction can lead to... Something. But yeah, I really like these chapters. Even thought I don't ship Stephanie/Haymitch, I was happy that they don't have any major bad air between them. For now. : you never know with them. Ellen's comment about the tension between Seneca and Stephanie during her apology! Could not have asked for a better line. Can't wait for the next chapter!
girlworthfightingfor chapter 156 . 8/18/2015
It's been a while since the last update and I just wanna know when or if you're going to update. I don't want to be pushy or anything cause you're probably busy. Just curious. Thanks.
girlworthfightingfor chapter 158 . 5/31/2015
BOTH. Both. both. Eugh. **waits for them to make out while she apologizes** I will wait for this. Anyways. This next chapter is gonna kill me. The shipping is going good all things considered. SHE LITERALLY JUST SAID SHE HAD FEELINGS FOR HIM. This is good. Very good. But at the same time. Everything else is going on and it's just so much ship. Idk. And it feels like she's kind of let go of the idea of being with Haymitch, almost. Next chapter though. I don't know if I'll survive but I must. For the ship.
girlworthfightingfor chapter 157 . 5/28/2015
Well at least she's not dead. For a minute there I thought that this would be her last party. Ever. Anyways. Smug (and maybe a little protective) Seneca is back! Impeccable timing too I must say. Let me just say, King is officially the scariest character. I feel like there's gonna be an intense game maker stare off to old western stare off music. Idk. I can see that happening though. I love haymitch but the fact that she looked past him and to Seneca got to my little shipping heart! I just hope she survives!
girlworthfightingfor chapter 155 . 5/27/2015
AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! The cliffhanger! Honestly, I don't think anyone likes Wirin. Especially since he did that to Electra! I feel like I should've known that it was Wirin, or maybe Sharpe or whoever, that did that to her but it still came as a surprise to me. I'm kind of nervous for how Seneca is going to react when he finds out what happened to Stephanie. This isn't going to be safe. I can tell the games are getting closer and it makes me so nervous. I don't want Stephanie to die! But this story will go as you've planned it...
guest chapter 152 . 5/27/2015
i am so happy you updated. i was getting worried you had abandoned this awesome story!
girlworthfightingfor chapter 152 . 5/25/2015
I completely forgot about exams and how I'm not the only one who has them. Oops. Anyways. I totally understand that you don't have much time but I'm glad to hear that this story isn't going to be abandoned. About these 4 chapters, 1) I felt so much sympathy for Seneca when he was told that Stephanie is dying. 2) was there a little disappointment when Stephanie didn't see Seneca? Hmm... 3) Wirin and Sharpe are so evil though it's so frustrating. Every story needs a villain but the scheming.. Ugh. 4) King is creeping me out... Just saying.
girlworthfightingfor chapter 146 . 5/25/2015
Please don't abandon this story
asunatiger chapter 148 . 5/6/2015
Please feel me there is more coming, you can't end the book like this!
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