Reviews for The Power of the Press
Deathmvp chapter 9 . 4/13
Thank you for posting this epic story here. It is very diffrent then others I have read and is done very well. Thank you.
Saissa chapter 9 . 4/1
Re the Quibbler article dated 3 April 1998
I am not familiar with Keebler cookies at all. I am familiar with Lucky Charms and Disney.
I think Percy Weasley's statement that the Muggles can do whatever they wish as long as it doesn't hurt the Wizarding world, is totally correct.

This was a GREAT story. I would love to read a sequel come day.
Saissa chapter 8 . 4/1
Gender Bender Powder? LOL That was hilarious!
Saissa chapter 5 . 3/31
Tonks and the weather in Fiji - 85 degrees (fahrenheit) is NOT frigid. In Brit Speak, this is 29 degrees celcius - which is quite warm. Cool for the tropics in winter maybe, but still warm.
Blazeb79 chapter 9 . 3/26
Good story!
bleeb90 chapter 9 . 3/21
Lovely story, and lovely disclaimers as well! Kudo's to you for finding an original way of killing Voldemort, btw. Truly an enjoyable read!
at-nightfall chapter 8 . 3/20
1) You are making the climate in the UK colder than it is. Don't expect more than a few cm of snow in November, or December, and it will not stay. The British isles have a very temperate oceanic climate. Expect lots of rain and high wind. Expect several rain storms during November and December (and the rest of the winter). There can be a spell of cold with snow and ice during January or February, but don't expect it to stay longer than three weeks. The gulf stream is a very good warm water heating system for Europe, and the UK are the first in line to reap its benefits.
at-nightfall chapter 7 . 3/20
1) They are in the UK. To make an entrance they should us a Daimler (as in upscale Jaguar) or a Rolls-Royce with a driver. A stretch limousine is very impractical in the UK.
at-nightfall chapter 6 . 3/20
1) both London and Oxford are mainly build from stone buildings. The newer ones even have concrete floors. The wallpaper, table cloth and upholstered furniture will still burn; but the wooden beams can stand more than half an hour of fire.
The ruins in Oxford sound worse than the ones in Germany after a WW2 bombing run. And those in Germany used a lot more wood than the ones in the UK.

2) Cindy's documents should be in her strong box at the bank or her fire safe. These fire safes are good for three hours of fire for paper records. But only 30 minutes for magnetic media.
To me loosing my books would matter the most.

3) With the amount of damage to the houses you describe the police and the fire inspectors (or their British equivalents) should be looking heavily into the two fires. Oblivating wouldn't help to much with a whole block of burned out buildings.

4) If Cindy is really into astronomy Harry should build her a concrete mounting block, or at least a concrete foundation for her telescope.

5) the backseat comment doesn't fit into UK culture to well. In the UK, you can get your drivers license for a car after you are 18. Students at the Universities in Oxford and Cambridge are not allowed to own cars. (As in having them around in the town.) Owning your own car before you have a reasonable well paid job is rare.
at-nightfall chapter 5 . 3/20
1) In regards to sexuality your teenagers sound like US teenagers, not like British.
I am from North Germany. Here the "No sex before marriage" slogan put you into one of the overly religious subcultures (or you are from a Turkish family, where it only holds for the girls).

2) no sort of bicycle allows you to go cross country without roads. You need at least a well defined path. Here a mountain bike or a racing bike are considered much different from an every day bicycle. An every day bicycle always has lights, a luggage rack and mudguards. The mudguards are very much needed to keep your clothes clean in German or British climate.

3) Why should the Malfoys die out? Narzissa can get pregnant by Lucius, or acquire Draco's sperm and hire a contract mother. Even the body of a kissed Lucius should be good for some sperm.
sissy2757 chapter 9 . 3/10
Love it. Nearly shallower my tongue when I read Snaps saying "What is that mysterious ticking sound." I was hoping to see "Snape, Snape, Severus Snape " next. Potter Pals love it.
snapeswidow chapter 1 . 3/2
Came across this in a Facebook group and thought I'd give it a read. So far so good! I'm a fellow Dumbledore basher and love what you've done with him. I laughed a bit too long and hard at his getting killed like a Muggle. Poetic justice if you ask me, seeing as how Harry believed that's how his parents died.
delilahlefey chapter 9 . 2/24
Right so, I am a huge fan and while I hesitate to review due to the threats of bodily harm I will endeavor to do so anyway. This story was amazing, I couldn't put it down. I am also in love with sunset and sunrise those two having made it to my top three list of favorite stories ever. Thank you bob and alyx and beta's for putting all the time and work into the fantastic stories you post. Thank you
missgsmith51 chapter 4 . 2/5
Why is Lavender so obsessed with Hermione's love life? It sounds a little sick, if you ask me. I think McGonagall needs to have her checked for compulsion potions or charms. After all, Umbridge was caught with all of those potions. What if she or someone else used a potion or spell on her? Really, Lavender is not right in her mind. McGonagall needs to address this.
nightwing27 chapter 9 . 1/22
good thing in my story snape will meet his end in the start of the new chapters in the past the 1st of 8 chapters plan and chapter 9 in total of the 16 chapters plan for the first plan story 16 chapters being the first round and then another 16 chapters of travling to places of piece and loving no battles
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