Reviews for Monsters Under the Bed
cherrygurl1225 chapter 1 . 12/26/2012
OMG, I was not expecting this at all! Such an awesome Hanukkah/Christmas/birthday gift! YAY! OH, SO PERFECT. I GET TRU AND JACK SEXY HOT FUN TIMES FOR MY BIRTHDAY! YES YES YES! :P

Ah, once again, your writing pulls me right in! This fic makes me miss "Blood of a Stranger" and "Aftermath" and even "Mutual" (which is still one of my all-time favorite fics from you). I think it's because I love your vision for Tru and Jack. I love how you seem to capture them both in spirit and metaphor. The whole "fire to her bed" imagery is SO perfect because it is SO THEM. He IS her fire (whether he cares to admit it or not) and there's a fire that burns within them, between them, yet there's also this complete sense of illicit trust that they have. I say illicit because Richard and Davis would not approve and they KNOW they shouldn't trust one another, but it's just THERE and just THEM.

I have this beautiful image of them "burning up" while they're having sex! It's kind of crazy! But with your beautiful, poetic language, you are able to capture the exact essence of who they are, of what they are in so few words - much less than I would ever be able to. It's kind of incredible, really. I love that once they are on "fire" that there is no deception between them, that they just trust each other and can allow themselves to be open, vulnerable, exposed. Screw Fate. Who cares about Fate?!

"Jack has always been honest—deception was the unfortunate consequence of duplicity, but in talking of his calling he had always maintained its importance." - This is basically the essence of Jack's character and also shows how conflicted he is. I LOVE THIS.

"When they make love, it begins again and the flames burn higher into the night. Their union is forbidden, a dangerous disturbance in the cosmic design but that doesn't stop them. They'll deal with the monsters under the bed in the morning." - Yup, you've just embodied why these two are my favorite pairing EVER. THIS. ALL OF THIS. They disturb the cosmic balance, but they don't give a f*ck and do it anyway! I wonder what monsters lurk under the bed... Hmmm...

Thank you so much for this, Liz! *squish*

I will be writing more Tru/Jack, btw. I have more hurt/comfort bingo prompts to fill and writing "Holding On" made me realize how much I miss those crazy kids. I'm so glad you liked my fic and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

I will also respond to your PM since it is long overdue. My next semester doesn't start until January 22nd, so I'm hoping to get to it before then. :)