Reviews for Take Two Round Two
Oprstuw chapter 23 . 6/29
Ushiromiya Rudolph chapter 46 . 6/28
I'm in favor of completing FFD! But you do whatever you want cause you're the big boss
ChimamireNoBara22 chapter 46 . 6/21
This fanfic is so good! It has a really unique storyline that's actually fleshed out fully and the OCs play a major, yet sidelined, role in the overall world. Really, this is amazing :D I can't wait to see where you go with the rest of the story!
*I shall not worship the Log...the Log is a lie!*
Between Calm and Storm chapter 46 . 6/21
One of the best things about this fic, besides the humor and detail. Is how complex and layered you make the fights. You managed to make strategic large-scale battles with multiple extremely powerful beings and not have it be giant energy blasts and nukes.
WG-Writer chapter 46 . 6/17
I have to say its an enjoyable read as is always. I wish I could say more but aside from simply saying that it would detract from the simple truth that I always look forward to your updates.
ChimamireNoBara22 chapter 21 . 6/13
Holy shit...just...shit...
Great writing! Horrific mindfuck.
I'm just going to go curl up in a corner for a bit to mentally compute that the slap-happy-perverted-dork Ghost and the terrifying-I-will-kill-without-discrimination-and-not-bat-an-eyelash Ghost are one in the same. I wonder how Anko and Hana will react...
Soooooooo chapter 46 . 6/10
What would happen if another sentient omniverse dragon came along, this one decidedly Male, interested in Zuzushi and the attraction became mutual? Do a bunch of the universes...go white?
ChimamireNoBara22 chapter 12 . 6/8
Shino is amazing. I love him and his mild OOC moment XD The timing was perfection!
kishinaract chapter 46 . 6/6
yet another beautiful chapter! i cant wait to see what more you have planned for us all! thank you great Fang!
Dragon VS Phoenix chapter 46 . 6/5
/facepalm, of fucking course you would use team 4 stars stuff in your omake, why did i expect anything else.
FFD fan chapter 46 . 6/3
I miss FFD, have no care at all for DxD, and this naruto story's gone so long I'm beginning to lose interest, but FFD is just starting to get interesting again now that it's post grail war and back to moonlit world stuff, even if its only 15 chapters or so left I'd love to see a spin off maybe involving the fgo plot in the future.
Sarcasm Sage 626 chapter 46 . 6/3
Well damn. I didn’t think my mind could be bow by this story any more than it was, and then you showed us this chapter. Seeing the sheer SCALE of all the different worlds out there really drives home how outclassed the ninjas are in the grand scheme of things, which I suppose drives Naruto’s point home. Still, no wonder he’s so mentally drained if he’s had to adapt to all that crap over the years. The reveal of Zuzushi’s true form (or whatever the observers could comprehend of it on the glimpse) after all of that was a great way to sell the sheer enormity of the Demon Dragon God Thing. Anything capable of creating multiverses by EXISTING is absolutely ducking terrifying.
Kaguya’s gift partial look y screws over Naruto, even if it may help him out in the long run, see what you mean by others screwing him over even when they try to help him. Not sure if you watch it, but would that time space trick Naruto pulls be more in line with a Reality from Fate, or a Domain Expansion from Jujutsu Kaisen?
Meanwhile, Dina deposits more about the Oogakari’s backstories (mainly Ghost) and it’s interesting to hear more details. Ghosts fourth wife sounds a combination of awesome and terrifying to face, though I’m curious if she’s from an actual series or an OC. The fact that the Oogakari all go to see a shrink regularly is weirdly in line with their MO. Insanity, but regulated to be constructive or an an outlet. Or as Ghost once put it, sacrifice a bit of your sanity to preserve the rest. Whole I’m looking forward to more FFD, I hope you don’t feel the need to rush either. You do you and deliver the ending you fell your story deserves.
And I agree, Gear 5 was an absolute masterful reveal. All hail Goda!
Guest chapter 46 . 6/2
You've been working on FFD for over a decade, it might be for the best to get it out of the way
VantaLightning chapter 46 . 6/1
Spent a week rereading both these stories just so I could read chapter 40-46 and actually enjoy it. Totally worth itAlthough that's more than 2.2M words. How long do you wanna make this story?
Thatguy2502 chapter 46 . 6/1
To be completely honest I always get excited around the time you usually post. I check several times a day to see if a new chapter is up. Though I only read TTRT as I haven't seen either FATE or DxD. I may have to though if you are going to focus 10-15ish chapters in a row on one of them. That'd be, what, two and a half years before we might get a new chapter of TTRT? Gonna suck for fans like me, but do what you have to. I'll be here waiting when you get back to it. Still my favorite author on FF.
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