Reviews for Take Two Round Two
harlequin320 chapter 17 . 6/17
and I'm finally caught up again ... damn, I really fell behind, but no more, nice bunch of chapters, looking forward to more to come, keep up the good work
Arniecar145 chapter 17 . 6/11
woah, pretty heavy. I disappear for over a year and this is what I find. Wow. Just Wow. Really good chapters. I think the character deaths would be more powerful and meaningful if you didn't announce that they were gonna happen lol. But oh well what can you do. It was still meaningful regardless.
Guest chapter 17 . 6/10
Well damn. It took me quite a while to catch up to current writing but what a place to leave off! The follow up death scene for Gai made me shed a single tear, and that requires a lot from me. I have experienced the death of loved ones amongst other hardships, so me shedding a tear over the death of a fictional character implies that you nailed it spot on. Great job!
Guest chapter 17 . 6/9
Update please I really love this story and the
one before it once again UPDATE
somethingrandom101 chapter 10 . 6/8
i lost it at the "hey look, a free baby!" bit! please make that REAL SOMEBODY!
Guest chapter 13 . 6/6
Can Ino getting Choji hopped up on adreniline be a reoccurring thing in comical situations?
Demonfan50 chapter 5 . 6/6
Your as insane as ghost and naruto. Even a average chunin could make superman look like a punching bag hero's from dc and such are weak compared to just about any other place. putting him with SS4 vegeto is an insult goku when he beat vegeta the first time could kill him with one punch.
StammRoar chapter 8 . 6/4
Herp Derp and review 1
Guest chapter 17 . 6/1
Twice, I have read from beginning ( YAWALEH) to current end ( chapter 17 TTRT) twice. I have loved every body
StammRoar chapter 1 . 6/1
Since this one isn't completed, I'll try to do a review for every chapter, if only to boost your views because I vastly enjoy your work.

The suspense of a homecoming is well done but not over the top.
larryjc chapter 17 . 5/29
Gai's death is sad. Though he had a chance to say goodbye. Something that doesn't happen often.
Guest chapter 17 . 5/25
For a certain time I thought you weren't going to write anything but comedy and action but this chapter proved me wrong. It was simply sublime how you orchastred it and while I am sad to see Gai gone (he always was one of my favorite character, always so out of place in a ninja world), I must congratulate you on your magnificient work.

P.S. Sorry for the errors, english isn't my mother tongue.
larryjc chapter 8 . 5/24
So, without sage mode or Kurama's chakra, Naruto can still bust out those big moves and win against a very much upgraded Haku and Zabuza. This makes this fic less interesting. The villan is the one that should be all powerful and therefore pose a challenge for the hero. With what happened here, I can't think of an Akatsuki member that will last 5 minutes against Naruto. Then the Akatsuki will have to be upgraded, then the world in this fic will look like a new different story unrelated to Naruto. There was a major fight and all Naruto used from his canon jutsu was shadow clones. Even the FRS he used is not the one we all know. This story has gone way over its head in terms of power. The last time I can remember enjoying Naruto's fight was against Hinata in the exams because there seemed to be a possibility of him losing.
The only reason I will go on reading this is because of Zabuza/Mei and Naruto/Hinata.

So, what sort of opponents will require Naruto to use Kurama's chakra and/or Sage mode?
Lord Arashikaze chapter 17 . 5/16
So freaking good! I swear this and YAWALEH are the best stories on
Kayla 44 chapter 17 . 5/11
This story is amazing and I love it.
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